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jmpl|Arczi008. Arczi008 - Polish creator of films that are parodies of Leopold's adventures, the most famous Polish parodist associated with films from AGK. As at October 14, 2019, it has 4,274,715 total views and 30,350 subscribers, which makes it the most-subscribed Leopolder in the world.


  • Leopold Lois Vandal - A main protagonist.
  • Alfons Ballstouchen - Leopold's best friend.
  • Grandmother - Leopold's grandmother.
  • Chiniec - Leopold's neighbor.
  • Stara - Leopold's mother.
  • Franek - Leopold's friend.
  • Roman - Leopold's friend.
  • Edmunt - Leopold's friend.
  • Kazik - a local menel.
  • The Tunak Brothers - a sect whose members want to destroy Leopold.
  • Pumice Fan - a man addicted to pumice, which often appears on the Leopold monitor.
  • Alien "OhmiZiy" from the Planet "Yxxa" - an alien whom Leopold stole an apple from.

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