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jmpl|CrizerPL. "Do you think you have seen everything? Do you think that on the Internet, humor can no longer be more coarse and chunky? Turn on productions from my channel and you will change your mind. If not - contact your doctor or pharmacist and put the recording from the conversation on YT. (I'll be happy to listen) "


CrizerPL - Polish parody creator associated with the adventures of Leopold and Adolf Hitler. As at June 10, 2019, it has 4,814 overall views and 840 subscribers. He lives in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, probably Gdańsk.


  • Leopold Slikk - A main protagonist.
  • Beczken von Smalzen (aka Kópa tłuszczó) - Leopold's friend.
  • Adolf Hitler - Leopold's grandfather.
  • Hermann Fegelein - Adolf Hitler's enemy.
  • Otto Günsche - Adolf Hitler's informant.
  • Tatiana Spasłożopnaja - presenter of the Russian station TSF 24.

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