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jmpl|HUVDU Napletex. "Windows is a melody of the past

The future .. belongs to HUVDU Napletex. "

―First Napletex HUVDU system message

"Not only are these equality parades everywhere, it's also a fucking pedal operating system!"

EopLeopold Slikk

HUVDU Napletex - visually taken out of the German love-paraden fictitious operating system for personal computers, created by Crizer PL in 2015. The name of the system is a reference to the fictional football team RKS Huwdu appearing in the series Captain Bomba and Laserowy Wrath of the Spear.

Presence in parodies

This system debuted in the fifth episode of the Leopold series: Lost Tapes, which premiered on December 5, 2015. This system was launched when Leopold ordered the computer to run Windows. When the message appears and Leopold is surprised, the loading screen appears. Not satisfied with this fact, Leopold punches the keyboard with his fists. Like other operating systems, this one is also not friendly to Leopold or even Ronald, with whom he installed himself.

In the same episode, it was revealed that the system was created by Wehrmacht generals at the request of Adolf Hitler, who wanted to take revenge on pedal Günsche. It was also revealed that the 3-month work on the system consumed 69,000 German brands. This system also allows you to remotely control the computer on which it is installed (which Fegelein gladly used to troll Leopold).

The system can be installed in two ways:

from a removable disk, the method used by Adolf on 2 Leopold computers;

remotely, using the HUVDU Hacktool - System transferrer program, the method used by Fegelein (as the author of the program, the target was Ronald's computer) and Leopold (the target was Ronald's computer, but when entering the wrong IP address the system installed on Leopold's computer, which was shown in the eighth episode Leopold Szort).

Interesting facts

CrizerPL announced the creation of the HUVDU Napletex system in the form of a computer program written in C ++ as early as January 2016. To date, there is no information about the progress of work. Tumbung:Parody Universe