Leopold Slikk.

“Come the fuck on! I want to play Unreal Tournament!!!!”
Leopold Slikk
“Sausage Eggs!”
―Leopold Slikk

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Leopold Slikk (IPA: /leːoːpɔlt slɪk/) is the main protagonist and character on the Angry German Kid parody universe, portrayed by Norman Kochanowski who appeared on one of his original videos, spelled as "PC Spielen"  in German translated as Play Computer Games.

Appearances[babak | sunting sumber]

Arczi008's AGK Series[babak | sunting sumber]

My Name is Leopold Lois Vandal. A main protagonist.

CrizerPL's AGK Series[babak | sunting sumber]

A main protagonist.

Leopold vs. Microsoft[babak | sunting sumber]

the main protagonist.

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