Norman Kochanowski

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“Was ist das denn? Oh mein Gott, was ist geschehen?! (What is that? Oh my God, what happened?!)”

―Leopold Slikk

“Sausage Eggs!”

―Leopold Slikk

Norman Kochanowski (mostly known as Leopold Slikk in parodies) is the portrayer and the real-life counterpart of the main protagonist in the Angry German Kid universe, Leopold Slikk.

He is mostly known as the Angry German Kid or Keyboard Crusher. He was born in Bergisches Land, Germany, originally thought to be Mannheim, Berlin. Norman gained popularity for his YouTube video, PC Spielen. He sent the skit to his local television station, Focus TV, with most viewers misunderstanding the video , implying that Norman was mentally deranged. He was a teenager aged 14 at the time the original video was made. In Germany, he was known as "Der Echte Gangster" ("The real gangster"). He is also known by other YouTubers who made parodies of him.

He (in the video) got really angry and started to smash his keyboard when his computer got slow when loading something or when he loses on Unreal Tournament, a game he really likes Tumbung:Characters Tumbung:Male Tumbung:Males Tumbung:AGK Series Tumbung:Leopold Slikk Tumbung:Protected pages Tumbung:Angry Kids Tumbung:Real-life Characters Tumbung:Anti-Hero

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