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Ronald Ramirez (IPA: /roˈnald ramiˈɾeθ/) also known as the Angry Dominican Kid (ADK), is a Dominican computer player. He has appeared in several AGK series, and he is the protagonist of his own separate Angry Dominican Kid series.


Arczi008's AGK Series

My Name is Roman. Leopold's friend.

CrizerPL's AGK Series

My Name is Beczken von Smalzen. Leopold's friend.

Leopold vs. Microsoft

My Name is Angry Dominican Kid. Leopold's ally. Tumbung:Characters Tumbung:Angry Kids Tumbung:Allies Tumbung:Antagonists Tumbung:Anti-Tynons Tumbung:Deceased Tumbung:Deuteragonists Tumbung:Family Friends Tumbung:Protagonists Tumbung:Ramirez Family Tumbung:Reformed Characters Tumbung:Storm Zolom Crews Tumbung:Supporting characters Tumbung:Tritagonists Tumbung:Un-Deceased Tumbung:Campers Tumbung:Dominican Republic characters Tumbung:Minor Characters Tumbung:Arczi008's AGK Series Tumbung:CrizerPL's AGK Series Tumbung:Leopold vs. Microsoft