Dante is the second son of Sparda from the game, Devil May Cry, and he is the half human and a half demon. He is also the demon slayer, and he's friends with Ratchet, Noah, Leopold, and Lara Croft from the Atarster's AGK Series. Dante is first appeared in Episode 1: AGK Records His Father at Work, at Noah's house, Dante and his friends watches the funny video about Harold that Leopold recorded on him. He also made his appearances in some episodes, and he is voiced by Adult Male US Voice #7 from Speakonia, he is currently voiced by Atarster. 

He is one of Atarster's favorite video game characters. 

== Other Versions of Dante ==

In Atarster's AGK Series Episode 8: AGK's Babysitter, Toon Dante babysits Leopold, but he is going to kill Leopold, and DmC Dante also appears in this episode.

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