"Leonard" redirects here. For other uses, see Leonard (disambiguation)Leonard Slikk (born January 14, 2001) is Leopold's younger brother. His parents love him more than their other children, except in WedgePee's Series. Leonard sometimes plays video games and loves things intended for adults and small babies such as Dora the Explorer, Barney and the It's A Small World ride at Disneyland.


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  1. Leonard dislikes
  2. Appearance
    1. AngryGermanKid82
    2. TheKewlOne96
    3. Videoman1443
    4. WedgePee
    5. NeinCatAGK
    6. GarrettComedian
    7. Mario167100
    8. Brian Chiem
    9. xx4REXDARKHUNTER4xx
    10. BlueNewton
    11. AGKandRockman2001
    12. Margaretka4356
    13. Ivan187
    14. Atarster
    15. AGKandvideomaker2000
    16. UsefulVideos
    17. DrLuigiGamer2001
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Leonard likesBearbeiten

  1. Bossing around Leopold and treating him like a slave.
  2. Playing PlayStation and/or Xbox video games like MW3.
  3. Installing random viruses on Leopold's computer.
  4. Destroying Leopold's toys when he was little (in Mammals17's series)
  5. Peeing all over bad guys (in SpongeHULK SquareBeast)
  6. Being nice to Leopold and his brothers (in BlueNewton's AGK Series)
  7. Baseball Games (in Atarster's AGK Series)
  8. Annoying Harold.
  9. Barney And Friends.
  10. Baby Shows.
  11. Fegelein (in AGK82'S Series)
  12. Watching Mickey Mouse (in AGKandRockman2001's AGK series)
  13. Watching Fredbear & Friends (in AGKandRockman2001's AGK series)
  14. Beating up Leorich (Sometimes in UsefulVideos's AGK Series)
  15. Being nice with Leorich (Sometimes in UsefulVideos's AGK Series)

 ==Leonard dislikes==

  1. Harold
  2. Leopold
  3. Annoying Leonidas & Harold.
  4. Leorich (In UsefulVideos's AGK Series)



Sometimes Leonard laughs at Leopold when he gets beaten up, if Leopold does something bad do him, and tells on Leopold. In episode 72 he teamed up with Fegelein to shut the robot Mrs. Sukscox down by infecting her with a virus.


Leonard likes to annoy Leopold and he has a much better grade compared to that of Leopold.

In episode 5 Leonard wanted to use Leopold's computer, ended up getting put into a trash can by Leopold. In episode 10, he and Leopold wrecked Harold's music player and got beaten up. In episode 13, Leonard crashed Leopold's PC and got beaten up. In episode 26, he got mad at Leopold for getting all F's on his report card. His last appearance is in episode 30. he appears back in AGK'S Christmas Special 2011


In episode 42, Leonard wears a Luigi-like cap with a propeller on it in order to distinguish him from Leopold (only episode to date with Leonard wearing a propeller cap).


It is revealed that he was named after Harold's third cousin, and he was born June 28, 2003. He was briefly married to Dina Hamilton, with whom he had a son, Andrew. (She was run over by a train at a level crossing just two months later.)


Leonard helps Eva Lee to escape The Yuri Mind Control and thankfully, Eva Lee did not become evil. She became friends with the Slikk family and then Leonard gets some hidden message form Sion Eltnam Atlasia. Afterwards, Leonard helps Fegelein.


Leonard told Leopold to stay in the house or he puts a virus on his computer.


Leonard is a clone of Leopold after his mother and father thought he died in a tornado, Leopold knows about this and doesn't tell his brother because clones don't got souls, Meaning that Leonard can't go to heaven when he dies.

Brian ChiemBearbeiten

In episode 78, Leonard got beaten up by Fegelein because he hates Vivian Chow. Although, he isn't dead, but still alive. He came back briefly in episode 125 to save Leopold so he doesn't get killed. In episode 142, he is killed by NORMHORROR, leaving his brother Leopold alive.


Leonard appears in episodes 8, 9, 10, S2 E7, S2 E8 and will make a return. Leonard HATES Leopold. Leonard is more well behaved, he gets better grades than Leopold and his life if probably better without him. He does like Leonidas though.


Leonard is Leopold's little brother and he is a nice brother to Leopold but he really hates his dad because of chores. He is really funny when he bought too many Mario heads in Scams Department Store and makes funny pranks to Leopold and Harold Slikk. But he really want's to stay home with Leopold because he doesn't go to school like Leopold does.

In BlueNewton's AGK previews of his episode: AGK babysits his brothers, Leonard's school called Mary Slikk that Leonard has attention problems. So Mary Slikk bought him prescription medication for ADHD for his attention problem. Leopold went into Leonard's room and shout his name. Leopold looked at Leonard and he was placid and Leonard however speaks like Stewie Griffin. More info for this paragraph coming soon.

In episode 45's special episode (Comic edition): Leonard asks Leonidas that he was working on a device and asks Leonidas to go to the multiverse. After Leonidas says yes they both travel but however take them both in the Mugman Universe. Leonard explains about the universe. But then Mugman asks them he wants to come but Leonard has to escape into the Mugman universe with Leonidas but Mugman accidentally came with them. Then they arrive to Doodle Toons universe with dat boi and Sheldon, Leonard however explain the Doodle Toons universe and he said who's inside the tea pot. Inside the tea pot was Jellybean, she wanted peace and quite. Leonard possibly have a crush on her but Leonidas asks him if he loves her but Leonard said he's not in love in Jellybean. Then they hear the elephant who makes noises then Jellybean heard the noises so Leonard told Leonidas to run but they jumped on Jellybeans roof. Jellybean rushed outside and ask the the elephant what's he's doing and she wants him to make noises somewhere else. After the elephant walks to a different area, Jellybean heard a voice up to her roof which was Leonidas saying to Leonard again if shes in love but Leonard tells him to be more quite. Then they both looked down and Jellybean looked up and she says hi to Leonard and Leonidas, but Leonard now has a crush on her.


Leonard first appeared in Episode 3. He sometimes likes to annoy Leopold, but he also likes to hang out with him.

In Episode 71, he refused having Leopold to babysit him because he destroyed his Mickey plushie and burned his Mickey Mouse DVDs. At the end of Episode 72, he & Leonidas got Leopold severely hurt after driving him insane. In Episode 73, Leopold got them in deep trouble.

He loves Tailsko as well. His best friends are Danny Randolf (Jake's little brother), Ronny Randolf (Ronald's little brother), Raesu Otoko (Kaeru's little brother), Leorich Laroche (Fabrice's little brother), Sim Von Kirk (Angry Sims Kid), Felix Thompson & Milo (Tailsko's little brothers) & Lester Smallwood (Leon's little brother). He has a crush on Hannah Smallwood.


He is born on March 7, 2003


In Episode 23, Leonard wakes up after being knocked out by Leopold on the Chirstmas special, and has a talk with him.


Leonard wears a luigi cap too just like Videoman1443's series, he is in New York, In Episode 18 Leopold was forced to babysit him, Leopold noticed last time when he watched Arthur.exe and got terrified, and so he decided to terrify Leonard. After that, he started crying. Then Leopold got beaten up and grounded. 


His first appearence is Episode 10: he got beaten up by Leopold, but forward to Episode 88: Leopold ruined Leonard's birthday and made him cry, Then Leonard ate icecream (maybe).


His first appearence is Episode 1 when Leorich annoyed Leonard and Leorich got beaten up by Leonard and Leorich got protected by Leopold away from Leonard. Leonard fights with Sonic.exe and wins. Leopold and Leorich listen some music that annoyed Leonard too much and goes insane because of that music trying to open the door to stop the music. In Episode 2, Leorich was screaming with Leopold and Leonard beat the crap out of Leorich! After the beating, Leorich wake up and he called Leonard a Dick, He look in the window because he saw something but he didn't see anything! Leorich decided to play with Leonard on Leopold's PS1.


Leonard Harrison Slikk Born in November 30th 2005 he trolls his brothers 3 times in a day with his antic skills like Fegelein. He also laugh when he gave his brother a BSOD which it will make Leopold very mad! He also yells and annoys Leopold alot with help of Leonidas. Leonard also had Pepper Spray for blinding Leopold's eyes which it will buy Leonard's time for calling 911 on Leopold for sibling abuse and Leopold cries for the police chasing him down.

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