AGK's Morbid Halloween Madness is a Holiday 

event based on Five AGK Episodes sort of like Creepypasta stuff. It's made by the AGK Maker: PVMAGKVIDEOS

The Idea is to make 5 Episodes in the month: September to October.   Then he has enough time of making the Five AGK Morbid Halloween Episodes.


AGK Season 3 Update 2 Beta Previews!


This is a Shedule based on this Halloween event.

The Episodes are listed and Sheduled as followed:



Episode #31: AGK Plays Five Nights At Freddy's    

Premiere: October 1st

Episode #32: AGK Plays Yoshi.exe  

Premiere: October 7th

Episode #33: AGK Plays The Luna Games 

Premiere: October 14th

Episode #34: AGK Plays Haunted Majora's Mask  

Premiere: October 23th

Episode #35: AGK Watches The Wyoming Incident

Premiere: October 31th   ( HALLOWEEN )


There are a few Snapshots avaible ( Uploaded by PVMAGKVIDEOS )

2017 Reboot

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