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Message from GeneBernardinoLawl :
"You thought that event was cancelled. But it's returned, so stay tuned for more than 5 episodes."

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 AGK's Morbid Halloween Madness 2017 is a holiday event based on more than 5 AGK episodes. It's made by the AGK maker: PVMAGKVIDEOS

The first event was introduced in 2015. PVM did 5 episodes based on some spooktacular atmosphere. Sadly the very orginal episode are not be found as they where later remade from memory scratch.

It is said in a spotlighted news, that this year will have more than 5 episodes and a halloween special of The newest series that are going to continue as well. ( The Misadventures of Leopold Slikk )

Refrain to: 2015's Morbid madness; /link/


This is a schedule based on this halloween event. It's said it will be different this year. The episodes are listed and scheduled as followed:

# Episode Name Release Date
1 AGK plays Woah.exe 4 October 2017
??? AGK watches Scary Videos 2 (DELAYED) ???
2 AGK plays Haruhi no Tomadoi 8 October 2017
3 AGK plays Luigi's Mansion 15 October 2017
??? AGK plays 5 Nights at AGK Studio V 25 October 2017
??? AGK plays Toy Story.exe 30 October 2017
??? The Misadventures of Leopold Slikk

~Halloween Special Episode~

31 October 2017


There are a few snapshots available ( Uploaded by PVMAGKVIDEOS )