AGK's Nightmare will be the 23rd episode of Adrenaline21's AGK Series. This story centers about Leopold's effort to try to escape from his nightmare by doing something.


After episode 22 ended, Leopold still had his nightmare from few days ago in the cafe while Adrenaline21 was still at school with Alisa and Vanessa. Because Leopold was impatient to wait Adrenaline21, Johnny and James tried to calm him down with their own way. Johnny finally succeeded to calm down Leopold with "Not to Try to Laugh Challenge".

Adrenaline21 brings his friends to the cafe to meet Leopold and his other crew members. Leopold is worried and tells him that if Adrenaline21 didn't come, it would be longer for him to wait. Adrenaline21 says that his school agenda was over at 4:00 PM. So, Leopold's crew members are ready to go to Berlin in year 2016.

In 2016, Leopold's crew have finally arrived at Berlin as the destination and its season is winter due to Germany was part of Northern Hemisphere countries. The hideous villain with long hair named Togsy was sent by Hitler to kill Leopold or his friends if they interrupted his plan.

Togsy arrives at Leopold's place as his plan to kill him and Leopold's other crew members feel uncomfortable as they don't want any enemies coming. When Leopold is nearly killed by Togsy, Jack arrives to save Leopold and interrupts Togsy.

Togsy prepares his fight against Leopold and Jack. Minutes later, Togsy enters into Leopold's body to put his dark power inside. Togsy tells Leopold that Leopold would go suicide tomorrow and he leaves.

Leopold's friends bring him to the spaceship as he was possessed by a great dark power and try to calm him down by taking a rest.

Inside Leopold's nightmare, Leopold sees his enemies that were defeated earlier and Leopold have to survive the horror inside his own nightmare until Sonic.exe and Togsy will have been finally defeated. After Togsy's defeat, Leopold kills Togsy with his Keyboard Laser and moments later, his own nightmare turned into a beautiful garden.

Back to reality, Leopold finally wakes up and he notices that Jack and Johnny are in front of him. They tell him that this time is now night, 9:00 PM and all of his crew have already eaten their dinner before him, so Leopold will eat his dinner alone.

Videos Used

  • Episode 22
  • Episode 1 Remake

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  • Sony Vegas Pro 11
  • Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2013




Script: AGK's Nightmare (A21 ver.)


  • This episode will be the most unique one because its plot follows to the storyline instead of regular cartoon episodes
  • There's a reference to Popeye in this episode.
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