Episode Transcript

AGK's Stupid Nightmare is an AGK episode made by AzUrArInG.



Leopold is seen filled with joy as he's finally out of his shower late at night, however Harold Slikk, his dad, demands him to go to bed so that way Harold himself can have some beauty sleep, however Leopold refuses and mocks his own father, resulting him to get beaten up by Harold, which Harold knocks him out.

After Leopold gets knocked out, he is then in a dream and encounters Baldi (voiced by AzUrArInG himself) who tells Leopold that he will die after failing one of his math questions (even though Leopold did absolutely nothing to Baldi), causing Leopold to runs away with fear.

He eventually encounters Atarster himself (also voiced by AzUrArInG in a mocking like manner) which Leopold then tells Atarster that he's an asshole, before walking away.

Leopold then tries finding a way to get out, but then two characters, The Redman (Just the Undying model renamed) and Red Ball, fall down to destroy Leopold, which Leopold then runs away from them.

Leopold gets extremely tired, wishing to get out of here, but then a Troll Face comes out of nowhere, causing Leopold to be so terrified, which results him to waking up at day time by screaming extremely loudly, as well at it being very high pitch.

Harold Slikk then gets extremely pissed off at Leopold for ruining his beauty sleep, which results him to beating Leopold up again.

Programs Used

  • PowerDirector 16
  • Anime Studio Pro 11

Music Used

  • Silver Surfer NES Theme
  • Lurking Shadows - Myuu
  • Absention - Odonis Odonis


  • Some of the grammar in the video is incorrect.
  • Some of the clips have audio playing but doesn't have eyes or mouth showing their expressions most of the time.
  • Atarster's normal teeth can be seen while he's talking, this is mainly due to some of the images that AzUrArInG downloaded didn't work for anything when he tried using a model without a mouth or some other AGK models that AzUrArInG tried using.
  • Whenever AGK moves, his arms or legs aren't moving, this is mainly due to PowerDirector not having an easy way to move GIFs, as well as PowerDirector only allowing a limit of how long the GIF really is, and with Anime Studio Pro 11 is mainly because whenever AzUrArInG tried importing a GIF onto Anime Studio Pro 11, it just comes off as an regular image instead of a moving GIF like he wanted it to have happen.


  • This is the first episode of AzUrArInG's AGK series to feature Baldi, who would eventually become a supporting antagonist to Leopold throughout the series.
  • This is the first AGK episode of AzUrArInG's AGK series to have him mock Atarster.
  • This is the first episode of AzUrArInG's AGK series to have AzUrArInG himself do some of the voices, as he voiced Baldi and Atarster in this episode.
  • This is the first time Red Ball, an object show character created by AzUrArInG himself, appears in an AGK episode by AzUrArInG.
    • Making this the first time that an object character appears in an AGK episode by AzUrArInG.
  • This marks the first time The Red Man appears in an AGK episode by AzUrArInG, although his model is actually the Undying model from FNATI (Five Nights at Treasure Island), which was an very old FNAF fan-game made back in late 2014.
    • Although the Atarster's voice was done in a mocketry like voice unlike Baldi.
  • The episode was actually produced after AGK fights Gex the Gecko and The Sinister Virus, in fact, originally AGK fights Gex the Gecko was planned to be the 16th episode, but this was changed later on.
  • This is the first AGK episode of AzUrArInG's AGK series to be made using two editors, PowerDirector 16, and Anime Studio Pro 11.
    • This is also the first time AzUrArInG used both editors to make this episode from his AGK series.
  • This is the first AGK episode of AzUrArInG's AGK series to be released after the virus occurred on his computer around late March and early April of 2019.
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