AGK194exe is a upcoming YouTuber and as said, the world turns around AGK don't wants his parents to go in his room, which makes his parents sad.

About Leopold in the upcoming channel

In his NEW channel, Leopold lives in the year 1999 with his brothers Leonard and Leonidas, and his baby brother Felix Slikk. These characters are the same style from CrashFan96. Leopold has a messy room, just like teens from the 1990s. He has old stuff, like a IMAC G3 (technically runs Windows XP on it), a iPhone 2G, a GameBoy Advance (original, NOT SP), his original Walkman portable, no CD, a N64, a XBOX, and a VIZIO-Activia TV. If Leopold doesn't get what he wants, he wants to ''round-house kickup''. His parents think he is unstoppable. They stated that they wanted to put him to the Air Force academy so he can get dizzy and barf to learn his lesson, or either rehab for misbehaving students, but no matter what, he is just a kid with anger and tic problems (for many and foremost reasons). In his AGK world in the universe, both canon, Leopold states that it will only get worse if his parents ground him for 2-8 months. He describes it ''the main torture of childhood''.

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