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AGKC13 Videos (formerly known as Cansin13) is a highly-popular AGK Parodist since 2014 who has remade parodies made by other famous parodists (like AGK82 and TheKewlOne96). Thus he gets a fair number of subscribers.

His latest parodies are considered to be mostly original.

In September 2015, he announced his retirement, which caused strong reaction from his fans. He came back to finish episode 95.

He announced that he retired AGK, stating that people were plagiarizing his content countless number of times.

In 2019, he has returned with a reboot of the Series.


On December 12th, he posted a video in his youtube channel about an old episode of PVMAGKVIDEOS titled "AGK's Nightmare."

On January 25th 2016, he deleted his AGK wikia page on the official Angry German Kid wiki and his AGK episodes were not available in his YouTube playlists, but were reuploaded by Kobra1998 in his playlist. Although some of his videos and movie parts remain lost, his AGK page came back and was redirected.

After deleting his AGK Videos, he later changed his channel name to Reimaginanimate Studios, but in the summer of 2016, he changed the channel name again to INACTIVE ACCOUNT. This was later changed to LeopoldHitlerMania by fall. He finally closed down the account by early 2017.

As time flew by, he learned from all of his mistakes. Since the following year, he announced his return to making AGK.

Old Series


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Harold Slikk
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Jake Randolf
  • Mary Slikk
  • Leonard Slikk
  • Leonidas Slikk
  • Hermann Fegelein
  • Mrs. Sukscox
  • Principal Diknoz
  • Rick Astley
  • Justin Bieber
  • Ronald McDonald
  • Randy Randolf
  • Sonic.exe
  • Barry Slikk


  • Kaeru Otoko
  • Akuma Otoko
  • Emily Mason
  • Captain PS
  • Chespin
  • Oshawott
  • Ronald Ramirez
  • My Melody
  • Kuromi
  • Hamtaro

List of Old Episodes (2014 - 2015)

Title Episodes
1 AGK Plays Sonic.exe 1st February 2014
2 AGK Gets Prank Messages 6th February 2014
3 AGK and the Thunderstorm 8th February 2014
4 AGK has a Nightmare 9th February 2014
5 AGK Goes to School 17th February 2014
6 AGK Plays Scary Maze Game 17th February 2014
7 AGK Plays Cat Mario 18th February 2014
8 AGK Goes on Username 666 18th February 2014
9 AGK's Ultimate Nightmare 18th February 2014
10 AGK Does a Math Test 1st March 2014
11 AGK Goes to McDonalds 2nd March 2014
12 AGK Cuts School 6th March 2014
13 AGK Watches Zelda CD-i Cutscenes Part 1/2 9th March 2014
14 AGK Watches Zelda CD-i Cutscenes Part 2/2 10th March 2014
15 AGK Plays David 11th March 2014
16 AGK Plays Lost Silver 14th March 2014
17 AGK has a Good Dream 17th March 2014
18 AGK Plays Silver Surfer 22nd March 2014
19 AGK Makes a Youtube Poop 22nd March 2014
20 AGK Gets Rickroll'd 30th March 2014
21 AGK's New Teacher 30th March 2014
22 AGK Plays Sonic 2.exe 30th March 2014
23 AGK has a Power Cut 5th April 2014
24 AGK Plays Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde 5th April 2014
25 AGK watches Angry Video Game Nerd 6th April 2014
26 AGK Gets Revenge on his Dad 6th April 2014
27 AGK Plays Donkey Kong 7th April 2014
28 AGK vs Corrupted Rabbit 8th April 2014
29 AGK takes a Stupid Quiz 10th April 2014
30 AGK's Dad Returns 12th April 2014
31 AGK vs The Fly 15th April 2014
32 AGK Gets Abducted by Aliens 18th April 2014
33 AGK watches Barney 19th April 2014
34 AGK and Jake vs B.J and Riff 20th April 2014
35 AGK Plays Action 52 23rd April 2014
36 AGK Goes to Hell 24th April 2014
37 AGK Accidentally goes on 26th April 2014
38 AGK buys a new Computer 27th April 2014
39 AGK Goes to Jakes Party 27th April 2014
40 AGK and Jake vs B.J and Riff Again 5th May 2014
41 AGK's Babysitter 14th May 2014
42 AGK sees himself on Youtube 17th May 2014
43 AGK Plays Sally.exe 18th May 2014
44 AGK Goes Camping 27th May 2014
45 AGK watches Greatest Freakout Ever 31st May 2014
46 AGK Plays Lester the Unlikely 7th June 2014
47 AGK Gets Annoyed by Mario Head 9th June 2014
48 AGK Gets a Detention 14th June 2014
49 AGK Gets his Youtube Account Suspended 15th June 2014
50 AGK and the Tornado 16th June 2014
51 AGK watches Suicidemouse.avi 21st June 2014
52 AGK vs Baby Bop 22nd June 2014
53 AGK has a Crazy Dream 26th June 2014
54 AGK Plays Sonic Adventure 7 27th June 2014
55 AGK has Constipation 29th June 2014
56 AGK Gets Tortured by Ran Ran Ru 29th June 2014
57 AGK vs his Dad Again 7th July 2014
58 AGK Plays The Impossible Quiz 10th July 2014
59 AGK's Dream Adventure 23rd July 2014
60 AGK vs Barney 1st August 2014
61 AGK Retakes the Stupid Quiz Cancelled
62 AGK Goes to the Hospital 31st August 2014
63 AGK meets Annoying Orange 18th September 2014
64 AGK Visits Work 27th September 2014
65 AGK watches Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life 27th September 2014
66 AGK watches Microsoft Windows Commercials 8th October 2014
67 AGK Plays Flappy Bird 10th October 2014
68 AGK vs Flappy Bird 19th October 2014
69 AGK Plays The Impossible Quiz 2 19th October 2014
70 AGK Plays Insanity.exe 19th October 2014
71 AGK Babysits his Brothers Part 1/3 21st October 2014
72 AGK Babysits his Brothers Part 2/3 28th October 2014
73 AGK Babysits his Brothers Part 3/3 1st November 2014
74 AGK Goes back to School 8th November 2014
75 AGK Pretends to be Sick 8th November 2014
76 AGK vs Stephen Quire Part 1/2 15th November 2014
77 AGK vs Stephen Quire Part 2/2 20th November 2014
78 AGK Goes to KFC 24th November 2014
79 AGK Gets stuck in the Old Restroom 29th November 2014
80 AGK vs Baby Bop Again 5th December 2014
81 AGK Lost in Space Part 1/3 30th January 2015
82 AGK Lost in Space Part 2/3 14th March 2015
83 AGK Lost in Space Part 3/3 27th March 2015
84 AGK Plays Galaga 5th April 2015
85 AGK's Birthday 15th April 2015
86 AGK Plays Slender 16th April 2015
87 AGK Plays Imscared 25th April 2015
88 AGK Plays Sanatorium 11th May 2015
89 AGK Gets Stalked by Slenderman 13th May 2015
90 AGK and his Grandfather 24th May 2015
91 AGK Plays MARIO 25th May 2015
92 AGK vs Sonic.exe Part 1/3 31st May 2015
93 AGK vs Sonic.exe Part 2/3 1st July 2015
94 AGK vs Sonic.exe Part 3/3 19th July 2015
95 AGK Pulls the School Fire Alarm 26th September 2015
96 AGK Against Leonard Cancelled
97 AGK Gets Traveled in Time Part 1/3 Cancelled
98 AGK Gets Traveled in Time Part 2/3 Cancelled
99 AGK Gets Traveled in Time Part 3/3 Cancelled
100 Angry German Kid's 2012 Cancelled
101 AGK Meets Angry Japanese Kid Cancelled
102 AGK Gets Diarrhea Cancelled
103 AGK Opens a Time Capsule Early Cancelled
104 AGK Meets Hamtaro Cancelled
105 AGK and AJK has a Lockdown drill Cancelled
106 AGK Tries to Upgrade his PC Cancelled
107 AGK Goes on Another YouTube Cancelled
108 AGK's Deadly Nightmare Cancelled
109 AGK Stays late at School Cancelled
110 AGK & AJK Looks at Sexy Pokemon Pics Cancelled
111 AGK and the Wrath of the Cats Cancelled
112 AGK and the Mystery of Long John Cancelled
113 AGK Lost in the Jungle Part 1/4 Cancelled
114 AGK Lost in the Jungle Part 2/4 Cancelled
115 AGK Lost in the Jungle Part 3/4 Cancelled
116 AGK Lost in the Jungle Part 4/4 Cancelled
117 AGK Goes to P.E Cancelled
118 AGK Plays HEDGEHOG.exe Cancelled
119 AGK Plays Happymouse.exe Cancelled
120 AGK Accidentally destroys Dad's Car Cancelled
121 AGK Goes to Toy's R Us Cancelled
122 AGK Pranks his Family Cancelled
123 AGK Plays Yoshi.exe Cancelled
124 AGK Plays Hospice Cancelled
125 AGK Plays Haunted Majora's Mask Cancelled
126 AGK Gets Stuck in the Mud Cancelled
127 AGK Goes Swimming Cancelled
128 AGK has a Girlfriend Cancelled
129 AGK Visits Emily's House Cancelled
130 AGK Watches Justin Bieber YTP's Cancelled
131 AGK Tries Coca Cola Life Cancelled
132 AGK's Girlfriend vs Jake and Kaeru Cancelled
133 AGK Plays Luna Game Cancelled
134 AGK's Grandpa Returns Cancelled
135 AGK Plays Give up Cancelled
136 AGK Get's Haunted by Espurr Cancelled
137 AGK Get's more Prank Messages Cancelled
138 AGK Plays Can your Pet? Cancelled
139 AGK Sleepwalking Cancelled
140 Journey to the Center of AGK Cancelled
141 AGK Goes to Taco Bell Cancelled
142 AGK Goes to Jail Cancelled
143 AGK Escapes from Jail Cancelled
144 AGK Plays Angry German Kid.exe Cancelled
145 AGK Plays Fegelein.exe Cancelled
146 AGK Plays Slender The Arrival Cancelled
147 AGK Watches Candle Cove Cancelled
148 AGK Watches Viral Videos Cancelled
149 AGK Plays Minecraft Cancelled
150 AGK and AJK go to Jake's Party Cancelled
151 AGK vs Barney Again Cancelled
152 AGK's Trip to Japan Part 1/3 Cancelled
153 AGK's Trip to Japan Part 2/3 Cancelled
154 AGK's Trip to Japan Part 3/3 Cancelled
155 AGK vs The Exorcist Part 1/2 Cancelled
156 AGK vs The Exorcist Part 2/2 Cancelled
157 AGK Plays Sonic 1 Harder Levels Cancelled
158 AGK Goes Wrestling Cancelled
159 AGK Goes to Comic Con Cancelled
160 AGK Goes to the Hospital again Cancelled
161 AGK watches ME!ME!ME! Cancelled
162 AGK Plays Uhcakip.exe Part 1/2 Cancelled
163 AGK Plays Uhcakip.exe Part 2/2 Cancelled
164 AGK Plays Angry German Kid.unzipped Cancelled
165 AGK Plays Nightmare House Cancelled
166 AGK Goes to Tamagotchi Planet Part 1/4 Cancelled
167 AGK Goes to Tamagotchi Planet Part 2/4 Cancelled
168 AGK Goes to Tamagotchi Planet Part 3/4 Cancelled
169 AGK Goes to Tamagotchi Planet Part 4/4 Cancelled
170 The End of AGK's Life (Final Episode) Cancelled

AGK Movie Remakes

1st Movie:

Part 1 12th July 2014
Part 2 13th July 2014
Part 3 15th July 2014
Part 4 19th July 2014

2nd Movie:

Part 1 7th April 2015
Part 2 Cancelled
Part 3 Cancelled

Comparison to AGK82

AngryGermanKid82 Cansin13
Leopold receives prank messages from his cell phone. Leopold gets them from his mailbox.
Leopold's seat on his classroom faces left. Leopold's seat on his classroom faces right.
AGK82 has planned for Leopold playing the Cat Mario game in episode 74 but he eventually cancelled it. Leopold actually played it.
Leopold's math test only consists of numbers. Leopold's math test consists of algebras.
Leopold insulted his dad only twice (once in episode 32 and once in episode 60) Leopold insults his dad countless number of times.
Leopold has to attend the assembly on the day he cuts school. Leopold has to do his worksheet on the day he cuts school.
Leopold gets RickRoll'd alone. Leopold gets RickRoll'd along with his dad on April Fools day.
Leopold watches the AVGN shit on Bugs Bunny after his dad is arrested. Leopold watches it before being busted by his dad.
Leopold's computer is crashed by Microsoft Sam. Leopold's computer is crashed by malware.
Hitler has a fold-type phone. Hitler has an iPhone.
Only Leopold and his parents go camping. Leonard, Leonidas, Hitler and Günsche are also seen in the camping site.
Leopold plays Sonic during detention. Leopold plays FegaMan during detention.
Leopold babysits his brothers after watching Suicide Mouse. Leopold babysits his brothers far after watching Suicide Mouse.
The terminator robots are actually Sukscox andDiknoz. The terminators have no relations with Sukscox and Diknoz as they are alive throughout the series.
Hitler is the only substitute teacher. Diknoz is another substitute teacher besides Hitler.
Leopold fights Stephen because he tells on him for watching porn during detention. Leopold fights Stephen just because he is annoying.
Nothing happens after Leopold smashes his keyboard on his birthday. Leopold insults his dad and gets beaten up on his birthday.
Leopold's grandfather is absent. Leopold has his grandfather arrested.

New Series

Back in 2018, AGKC13 was planning to make a return to the AGK Series with a reboot. In this reboot, Leopold will be more agressive, Villians like BJ and Riff aren't going to be present (Physically or Verbally) and the series's style is going to be more traditional to parodists like PVMAGKVIDEOS and AngryGermanKid82. It's also confirmed that AGKandvideomaker2000 is going to assist in the making of this series as well. The upload rate for the episodes will be relatively slower than the old ones. The Reboot officially began in 2019.

AGKC13 confirmed that Sonic.exe from the Old Series will return in the Reboot, but his appearance is unknown and whether the voice actor who voiced as Sonic.exe would reprise his Role.

Changes in the Reboot.

  • As Mentioned before, BJ & Riff are no longer in this Series.
  • Characters no longer have full bodies, now back to the Classic Styles.
  • RPG Styled Fights will now be Replaced to Super Smash Bros Styled Fights.
  • A New Home setting now based off from PVMAGKVIDEOS's AGK's Home.
  • Some of the Old Episodes will be remade in the Reboot but changed up slightly.
  • Some Episodes that never got made in the Old Series will be in the Reboot but only some of them.
  • Mouth Animations Removed.
  • AGK's 2012 will not be in this Reboot. Due to being impossible to make and Story problems.
  • Musics will now be from Other Franchises rather than being only from Sonic. The Musics in the Reboot will be for Example Pokémon, Splatoon, Persona, etc
  • No Longer takes AGK Requests from Random People, now he only takes Requests from his Closest Friends.

Not only he's rebooting his AGK Series, but slight chances he would make Downfall Parodies too.

Main Characters (Both AGK & Downfall)

  • Leopold Slikk The Main Protagonist of the Series. His Anger is out of control & he only cares about the things he cares about, such as playing UT. And he likes to Fight sometimes.
  • Jake Randolf Leopold's Best Friend who will Help him on some Good & Bad things. Example being he Helped Leopold Escape out of Prison.
  • Kaeru Otoko Leopold's 2nd Friend who has the same abilities as Leopold, except with a few differences. Before they became Friends, they didn't get along.
  • Leonard Slikk Leopold's Annoying Brother who never stops bothering Leopold.
  • Leonidas Slikk Leopold's 2nd Annoying Brother is completely Crazy and he gets along with Leonard.
  • Harold Slikk Leopold's Dad that is always being Dangerous to Leopold. Also keeps having a Hard Time at Work when Jake's Dad (Randy) distracts him.
  • Adolf Hitler

Other Characters

  • Mary Slikk Leopold's Mother who is a Minor Character.
  • Barry Slikk
  • Mrs. Sukscox Leopold's Teacher who always teaches the Students all the Time. Her Full View is Unknown.
  • Principal Diknoz Leopold's Principal who keeps on Suspending him for doing Bad Stuff at School.
  • Randy Randolf Jake's Dad who is also a Minor Character like Mary Slikk. He only appears as a Cameo in Harold's Office.
  • Hermann Fegelein
  • Otto Günsche
  • Alfred Jodl
  • Hans Krebs
  • Joseph Goebbels
  • Hermann Göring He just wants to have McDonalds.
  • Officer Sam Based off from PVMAGKVIDEOS. He is one of the Police Commanders of the Police Station who wants to Keep Leopold in Prison for a Long Time.
  • Officer Mike Based off from PVMAGKVIDEOS. He is Officer Sam's Lazy Assistant who always asks Random Questions to Sam which can get on his Nerves.

Episodes (Reboot 2019 - Present)

Series 1

Number Title Description Date Story by Written by Status
1 AGK Plays Sonic.exe Leopold wants to play some Games on his PC today, but he found a odd looking game called "Sonic.exe". He decided to give that Game a Try...but he encountered something....very bad. 4th June 2019 AGKC13 Videos AGKC13 Videos Complete
2 AGK Goes to School Leopold hates School, but he has to go there anyway and he is always having bad days at School, he is playing games rather than doing work and gets into trouble like always. 8th June 2019 AGKC13 Videos AGKC13 Videos Complete
3 AGK Watches Himself - AGK82 After 5 Weeks of Leopold being Grounded. He is now back to his Free Time. Though he decided to watch some Angry People on YouTube. However he encountered something very familiar... 15th June 2019 AGKC13 Videos AGKC13 Videos Complete
4 AGK & The Thunderstorm Leopold completely refuses to go to Bed. And his Stupid Dad forces him to go to Bed anyway. Leopold can't even sleep because he just wants to play his Favorite Games like he always does, because he's Angry Fricking German Kid. However..during his Sleep..a Thunderstorm is going on outside..And he starts raging about it. 31st October 2019

Remastered Ver.: TBA

AGKC13 Videos AGKC13 Videos Original: Complete

Remaster: Planned

5 AGK Vs The Fly After that terrible Thunderstorm Leopold struggles with, he can finally relax & play on his PC, however his room felt hot so he decided to open a window...But...something small flew into his Room, and he started to get annoyed with it. 10th January 2020 AGKC13 Videos AGKC13 Videos Complete
6 AGK Gets Rick Roll'd Leopold decided to do some stuff that he usually does, however.. he began to get Rick Roll'd everywhere... and he's not having a Good time with it. 27th April 2020 AGKC13 Videos AGKAVM2000 Complete
7 AGK Goes to McDonalds Leopold sees an Advert that McSausage Eggs are now on the Menu at McDonalds. He got way too excited he went over to McDonalds to Order some. But..will he? 27th April 2020 AGKC13 Videos AGKC13 Videos Complete
8 AGK Escapes Out of Prison After Leopold Got Sent into Jail by causing a Massive Outrage at McDonalds. He tries to call his Friend to get him out of Prison. Though will he? 10th July 2020 AGKC13 Videos AGKC13 Videos Complete
9 AGK Plays Syobon Action (Cat Mario) Leopold decides to Play more Unreal Tournament. Of Course. But all of a Sudden the Internet got Cut off, and Leopold is Pretty much Pissed off. So he decided to look for a Game on his Computer & he so happens to find & of the WORST Games in Existence.. 9th August 2020 AGKC13 Videos AGKC13


10 AGK Meets Angry Japanese Kid Leopold has met someone that looked similar to him. Except he came from Japan and Moved to Germany. Leopold & Kaeru don't seem to be getting along to each other and decided to face off who is the Best Angry Keyboard Smasher. 11th November 2020 AGKC13 Videos AGKC13 Videos Complete

Series 2

Number Title Description Date Story by Written by Status
11 AGK Plays Pokémon Lost Silver Leopold Slikk was very bored, because the Rainy Weather caused the Internet to slow down which made Unreal Tournament extremely hard to play. So instead Leopold decides to play with Leonard's Game Boy Color until he found himself a Game Boy Game in the attic and....something creepy happens.. 23rd June 2021 AGKC13 Videos AGKC13 Videos Complete
12 AGK Watches Himself - AGKandvideomaker2000 Leopold decided to watched more videos about himself since he watched AngryGermanKid82. He found a Channel named AGKandvideomaker2000, would he enjoy his Series? 31st October 2021 AGKC13 Videos AGKC13 Videos Complete
13 Unknown TBA Slow WIP
14 Unknown TBA Planned

Downfall Parodies

Title Description Date Video
Hitler tries to steal Rainbow Dash´s precious book Hitler wants to grab Rainbow Dash's Precious Book, however bad things were happening when he's trying to grab it.

This is a Recreation of AGKandvideomaker2000's Video.

20th January



Hitler tries to steal Rainbow Dash´s precious book

Hitler's Head Got Inflated Dolfy was trying to Impress Goebbels' Children with Balloons. But Fegelein seemed to have Inflated Hitler's Head with a Helium Tank. 8th April 2020

Hitler's Head Got Inflated

Hitler Informs He's Installed on Windows 11 Dolfy & Gunsche just got Installed on Windows 11. 9th August 2021 [1]

Episodes Trivia

  • Episode 8 in the reboot series is the first episode to be a premiere.
  • Kaeru was originally going to be in the original series (2014-2015) in Episode 101. But it was cancelled due to AGKC13's retirement. Kaeru finally made his official appearance in the reboot series in Episode 10 in 2020.
  • Mary Slikk so far hasn't made a proper appearance in the Reboot Series, she was only mentioned once in Episode 1. Right now her fate is unknown.
  • Episode 4 would be the first Episode to soon get a Remaster, AGKC13 didn't like how the original Episode 4 was nothing but a Black Screen throughout the whole Episode.
  • AGKC13 himself hated working on Episode 13. Reasons will be told once it's finished.


  • One of the few parodists to return from an established retirement. 4 Years.
  • One of the parodists that almost reached the 100 episode milestone.
  • AGKC13 is a fan of franchises like Pokémon and Splatoon.
  • One of the most influential parodists from the third generation.
  • While all of his videos has been reuploaded to Youtube, his remakes of TheKewlOne96's AGK movies are officially considered lost media.
  • For some reason, AGKC13 isn’t a fan of Ronald Ramirez. Despite him only appearing as cameos in the “AGK Watches Himself” Series. He doesn’t hate him though.
  • Some of the old concepts from his old series might make a return in the future
  • One of the few parodists to have 2 final episodes (Episode 94 and 95).
  • AGKC13 was a Camtasia user from 2013 - 2015. With the premiere of the first episode of the rebooted series, he has changed softwares from Camtasia to Vegas pro.
  • Even though he was involved in alot of controversies back in 2016, AGKC13 has never been dissasosiated from the AGK comunity due to him regreting doing of his actions afterwards, thus having other AGK makers accept his apology.
  • Acknowledged by TheAGKmisadventures and TheKewlOne96 (but in a quite mixed acknowledgement).
  • Isn't involved in the AGK discord server, but has an account
  • Has officially dissasociated from Atarster.
  • Officially associated with AGKandvideomaker2000.
  • Has a burning passion against the UTTP.
  • Disowned Episode 61 of his Old Series.
  • While he has a few more social media besides Youtube, AGKC13 prefers only giving them out to close friends and people he trusts (and we aren't giving them out either! So DON'T ASK!)