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AGKLegend1733 is a parodist who makes AGK videos.

HistoryHistory regarding the parodist.


Leopold Slikk

Refused To Go To School And Keyboard Crusher

Harold Slikk

Leopold's Aggressive Dad

Mary Slikk

Leopold's Mom Does Not Beat Him Up, Only Give Him Groundings

Leonard Slikk

AGK'S Brother

Leonidas Slikk

AGK'S Dumbest Brother

Adolf Hitler

The One of Leopold's Principal (Will Be Appeared In AGK Episode 21)

Mr Fuxkidz

Leopold's Teacher

Leorich Slikk

AGK'S Nice Brother Will Start Appearing From Episode 69


Leopold's Very Extremely Enemy That It Can Appear In Episode 97

Jake Randolf

Leopold's Best Friend, Will Start Appearing At Episode 76


# Title Status
1 AGK Goes To School

2 AGK Gets Revenge On His School
3 AGK plays Scary maze Game
4 AGK Plays SMB
5 AGK Plays Counter Terrorist

Episodes List

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6. AGK'S New School

7. AGK Pranks His Dad

8. AGK vs ASK

9. AGK'S Dad Gets Bieber Fever

10. AGK And The Big Storm And Tornado


11. AGK Takes the Stupid Quiz

12. AGK vs Gio Compario

13. AGK Gets a virus

14. AGK Watches GFE

15. AGK Cuts School

16. AGK vs KN65 Part I

17. AGK vs KN65 Part II

18. AGK Watches iMichael

19. AGK Has A Lockdown

20. AGK Plays Super Mario World


21. AGK'S New Principal

22. AGK Escapes The Juvey

23. AGK Writes An Essay

24. AGK vs Stephen Quire

25. AGK Goes on Chat Roulette

26. AGK Plays Granny Chapter Two

27. AGK Plays Lester The Unlikely

28. AGK Plays SMB2

29. AGK Watches Suicidemouse.avi

30. AGK Finds Out About K-POP


31. AGK Plays Ratatouille Part I

32. AGK Plays Ratatouille Part II

33. AGK Plays Tiny Toons Adventures

34. AGK Kills The Angry Homo Kid

35. AGK Goes To Jail

36. AGK Plays Action 52

37. AGK Watches Fred

38. AGK Plays WW2 Battle Simulator

39. Hitler Bans K-POP + AGK Bans K-POP

40. AGK Plays Metal Gear

ACT I: AGK Rebooted

41. AGK vs Metal Sonic

42. AGK Gets Beaten Up By Townies AGKM

43. AGK Gets Revenge On Townies AGKM

44. AGK Retakes The Stupid Quiz

45. AGK Goes To Haunted Mansion

46. AGK Installs Windows 8

47. AGK Tries Online Dating

48. AGK vs AJK

49. AGK Plays Kung Fu

50. AGK Goes To Hell

ACT II: Inglorious Arrives To Germany

51. AGK Gets Impostered On YouTube

52. AGK Tries to Troll AGKsVideos 95

53. AGK Begins Summer

54. AGK'S Homework

55. AGK Watches Fat Kids On YouTube

56. AGK Goes To Little Caesars

57. AGK Returns to School (Cancelled)

58. AGK Plays QWOP

59. AGK Watches Gingers Do Have Souls

60. AGK Plays Mega Man (Cancelled)

61. AGK Plays Action 52 (Remake)

62. AGK Plays Action 52 Part II

63. AGK Gets A Virus In Google

64. AGK Gets A Job And Gets A New Computer

65. AGK Has A Good Dream

ACT III: The Warcraft III Remnants

66. AGK Makes A YTP

67. AGK Goes To Taco Bell

68. AGK Watches Angry Computers

69. AGK Gets Revenge On His Dad

70. AGK'S Birthday

71. AGK Watches Happy Tree Friends

72. AGK Does His Assignment

73. AGK Gets Rickroll'd

74. AGK Plays Sonic.exe

75. AGK Plays Donkey Kong

76. AGK'S Dad Returns

77. AGK Gets Tortured By Ran Ran Ruu

78. AGK vs His Dad (Cancelled)

79. AGK Goes To GameStop (Cancelled)

80. AGK Has A Crazy Dream (Cancelled)

ACT IV: An Filthy Mind, And Other Domain (Abandoned)


Inglorious Hitler - Twin of Adolf Hitler

Señor Escudero - Henchman

Sarah Slikk - AGK'S Sister

Ronald Ramirez - AGK'S Friend

Don Ramirez - ADK'S Aggressive Father

Ex-Major Cordova - Second Henchman

Snowers.exe - Leopold's Very Extremely Enemy

ACT V: The Fall And Rise of AGK (Cancelled)

101. AGK Plays Hospice

102. AGK And The Exams

103. AGK'S Madness

104. AGK Ends Up The Bargain

105. AGK vs Fred Figglehorn

106. Angry Homo Kid Returns

107. AGK'S Returns

108. AGK Gets Drunk

109. AGK Does Drugs In School

110. AGK Sells CD Disk

111. AGK'S Trilogy: The Prepare (Part I)

112. AGK'S Trilogy: Strike Back (Part II)

113. AGK'S Trilogy: War Attack (Part III)

114. AGK Gets Late In School

115. AGK Opens A Drink Stand

116. AGK Tries Crystal Pepsi

117. AGK Tags The Wall

118. AGK Breaks Up

119. AGK Plays Slendytubbies

120. AGK vs Tyler Winter

121. AGK Vandalizes The School

122. AGK vs Trap Town NCS

123. AGK Goes To Tenements

124. AGK Goes To Krusty Krab

125. AGK Blows Up Justin Bieber's Compound

126. AGK vs Justin Bieber's Union Strike

127. AGK Plays Red Dead Redemption 2

128. AGK Tags Over The City Hall

129. AGK vs Spider

130. AGK and The Football Team Burning

131. AGK Travels To Asylum

Act V Part II: For Revenge And Vengeance (Cancelled)

132. AGK Joins The Townies

133. AGK Delivers A Package

134. AGK Does Revenge on Coach Lupus

135. AGK Goes To A Docks

136. AGK Steals A Bike

137. AGK Betrays Those Townies

138. AGK Gets Expelled From School Again

139. AGK vs Townies Part I

140. AGK vs Townies Part II

141. AGK vs Snowers.exe Part I

142. AGK vs Snowers.exe Part II

143. AGK'S School Returns

Episodes 70-75 Comparison To KillerNinja65


70. AGK Goes To White Castle

71. AGK Gets Beaten Up By Tom Chang

72. AGK Gets Revenge On Tom Chang

73. AGK Cheats On A Test

74. AGK Plays Slender

75. AGK Goes To Domino's Pizza


70. AGK'S Birthday

71. AGK Watches Happy Tree Friends

72. AGK Does His Assignment

73. AGK Gets Rickroll'd

74. AGK Plays Sonic.exe

75. AGK Plays Donkey Kong

Act VI: AGK Deluxe (Cancelled)

  1. AGK Goes To School
  2. AGK And The Fake Emulator
  3. AGK Gets False Flagged
  4. AGK vs ADK
  5. AGK'S Computer Gets Broken
  6. AGK Watches Bieber Fails
  7. AGK Watches Stop Calling Me A Homo
  8. AGK Watches Another Homo Video
  9. AGK And The Quiz
  10. AGK Watches YouTube In School
  11. AGK Watches Bieber Fails Again...

What I Like

HowToBasic Videos


Angry Grandpa

Angry Video Game Nerd


AGKWarcraftIII - my Friend of Mine

Hilarious Videos

What I Hate Spam Bots And Other

Trap Town NCS

Tyler Winter


Being Trolled

Being Spam



Being Pranked

Bass Town HTC

Bass Town NCS