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AGKRegalEntertainment is a AGK82 & CrashFan96's inspired parodist who makes AGK episodes,and Warcraft 3 videos since 2019.


Current: AGKRegalEntertainment (Jan 2, 2021 - present)

Former: AGKsVideos Gaming (Jul 18 - Dec 15, 2019), AGK's Videos (May 28 - Jul 18, 2019), AGKRetro138 (Dec 15, 2019 - Mar 1, 2020), AGKWarcraftIII (Mar 1, 2020 - Jan 2, 2021)


Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • Mary Slikk - Leopold's mother
  • Leopold Slikk Jr. - Leopold's elder brother
  • Ronald Ramirez - Leopold's neighbor
  • Kaeru Otoko​​as Leopold's neighbor 2
  • Danny Randolf - ​as Leonard's best friend (Inspired by AGKandvideomaker2000)
  • Akuma Otoko - as Kaeru's Dad
  • Stefan Kaczynski - ​ Leopold's friend 1
  • Leorich Slikk - ​Leopold's nicest brother
  • Sarah Slikk - Leopold's sister (Inspired by AGKandvideomaker2000)
  • Barry Slikk - Leopold's grandfather
  • Dog Slikk - Harold's brother
  • Mark Jr., John, and Marc - Harold's friends
  • Hagibis Slikk - Leopold's old brother 2
  • Hiroshi Otoko - Akuma's brother
  • Alfred Slikk - Leopold's best friend's other friend (voiced by Microsoft Sam, and looks Christopher De Leon)
  • Shin Taeil - Leopold, Jake, Ronald, & Kaeru's friend
  • Nick Wang (a.k.a Angry Chinese Kid) - Leopold's neighbor 3
  • Jackal Randolf - Dog's best friend

Hitler and his others (inspired by Videoman1443)

  • Adolf Hitler - Leader of the Nazis/Leopold's friend
  • Hans Krebs - Henchman of Hitler
  • Wilhelm Burgdorf - Henchman of Hitler
  • Wilhelm Keitel - Henchman of Hitler
  • Heinrich Himmler - Henchman of HItler
  • Alfred Jodl - Henchman of Hitler
  • Otto Gunsche - Henchman of Hitler
  • Joseph Goebbels - Henchman of Hitler
  • Hermann Fegelein - Hitler's arch enemy (sometimes)/Leopold's friend
  • Señor Escudero -  Henchman of Hitler/Leopold's friend (from the movie, Manila Boy)
  • Ex-Major Cordova -  Henchman of Hitler (from the movie, Palaban)
  • Franco Peret - Henchman of Señor Escudero (from the movie, Garapal)

  • Enemies characters

- Leon Fokin (a.k.a Angry Office Man) as Sasha's father, Mark Diesel, Harold, and Dog's enemy - Mary Slikk.EXE - Sonic.EXE

  • Upcoming characters

- Ogawa Otoko as AJK's brother

- Bobby Barbers - Henchman of Señor Escudero (movie from Bobby Barbers: Parak)


Here it is what if AGK series! :)

- AGK Series & Shorts

- Neo-classic AGK videos

- AGK's Dad Series

- The classic of AGK's Dad videos

- The AGK's Dad Show

- AGK Special (Birthday, Christmas, etc)

Angry German Kid Show (Episodes)

# Title Uploaded Notice
1 Angry German Kid: Pilot Episode coming soon
2 Angry German Kid Meets Jake coming soon
3 Angry German Kid Watches Pangako Sa'yo Movie (short) coming soon
4 Angry German Kid's HTF Dream coming soon
5 Angry German Kid Goes To KFC coming soon
6 Angry German Kid Meets Flippy coming soon
7 Angry German Kid & Flippy vs. Officer Guard coming soon
8 Angry German Kid Plays With Flippy coming soon
9 Angry German Kid Goes To Camping coming soon Featuring as Jake, Ronald, Kaeru, Leorich, Sarah, Stefan, AGK's Dad best friend and Flippy
10 Angry German Kid Goes To Flippy's House coming soon
11 Angry German Kid Meets Happy Tree Friends coming soon Featuring as Cuddles, Giggles, Petunia, Toothy, and more.

Angry German Kid Shorts

# Title Uploaded
1 Angry German Kid Reacts To Ramon Revilla Sr.'s Death Jun 30, 2020
2 Angry German Kid Reacts To Lloyd Cafe Cadena's Death Sep 6, 2020

Flippy in Action (Episodes)

Flippy in Action is a Noah Origins inspired by CrashFan96.

# Title Uploaded
1 Flippy in Action: Pilot coming soon
2 Flippy in Action: The First Attack coming soon
3 Flippy in Action: Our Philippines Trip coming soon
4 Flippy in Action: The New House coming soon
5 Flippy in Action: Meet Mouse Ka-Boom coming soon
6 Flippy in Action: The Plan coming soon
7 Flippy in Action: Here Comes Giggles coming soon
8 Flippy in Action: Metal Slug Soldiers coming soon



  • The new characters (Dog Slikk, Hagibis Slikk, Marc, John, Marc, Alfred Slikk, and Shin Taeil)
  • Also new Hitler's henchmen characters (Señor Escudero, and Ex-Major Cordova)
  • New Friends/Allies characters (Metal Slug Rebel Soldiers, Allen Jr., and more)
  • New Enemies characters (Angry Office Man, Mary Slikk.EXE, and more)
  • Philippines are added in AGK Shorts, and more.