"It's the year of our Lord, 1995. Once again invitations to Battle tournament have found their ways to the world's most powerful Warriors.

And their author is none other than the mysterious "TR!" Could the "TR" be that of Hüsnü, who supposedly blew himself up on his aircraft carrier a year ago?

Among the contestants for this year's tournament is the newly selected team of Rüzgar, Seto, and Koragg, who sent the Turkish Sports Team packing.

But what in the end is Rüzgar's scheme? What ambitions does Koragg cradle? And what evil designs for his old foe Leopold Slikk spur Seto Kaiba on?

These new challengers join all of the previous tournament's contestants-except the Turkish Sports Team, of course-both in battle and the all-consuming intrigue that forms the core of AGK 95."

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