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This script is for Episode 79 of TaitoDragoKen's AGK Series. Written by TaitoDragoKen, Adrenaline21, & AGKandRockman2001, created by TaitoDragoKen.


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Harold Slikk
  • Leonard Slikk
  • Leonidas Slikk
  • Sarah Slikk
  • Sean Slikk
  • Mary Slikk
  • Leorich Slikk
  • Jake Randolf
  • Randy Randolf
  • Anna Randolf
  • Ronald Ramirez
  • Antonio Ramirez
  • Kaeru Otoko
  • Katsuke Otoko
  • Chitoru Mireiku
  • Makoto Mireiku
  • Pony video maker
  • Wheatley Yrahcaz
  • Haruhi Kamisaka
  • Anri Hiiragi


*TaitoDragoKen Intro*

*AGK Season 4 Opening*

*Episode 79: AGK Drives His Dad's Car*

Inspired by Adrenaline21's Case Breaker, Atarster, GeneBernardinoLawl/IcyAGKMaker2001, TheKewlOne96, AGKandvideomaker2000, and random Spongebob Episodes.

Leopold: Yesterday sucked. Being at Chuck E Cheese's was so damn annoying! I wanna play Unreal Tournament to get Chucky out of my head. (Realizes something) Wait a second, I have a permission, so that means I can take my dad's car out for a drive. *sinister laugh*

In the car

Leopold: Hell yeah! It's amazing to drive a car for the first time! I'm going to put some music.

Manuel - Gas Gas Gas (LOUD)

*tires screech*

Leopold: HOLY SHIT! NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOO!!!

*loud crash*

Leopold: Damn it...damn it...I cannot believe this. Blasting music in the car was a bad idea!! NOW MY DAD IS GOING TO FREAKIN' KILL ME WHEN HE SEES THIS!!!!

More to come soon...