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The movie opens at Leopold's Base. Ryu takes a mud shower and then travels into the woods to hang up signs to keep people away from his land. Rose decides to travel the country to see M. Bison to try to regain his privacy, but an energetic and talkative Donkey named Eeyore  who escaped from guards who went after him, and was saved by Christopher Robin, tags along. The two make it to Super Doggy's palace in Puppy City and come across a Cat tournament to decide who will rescue Princess Julia from a Lord's Castle surrounded by lava and protected by a Blue Eyes White Dragon so that Super Doggy may marry her. Leopold and Eeyore easily best the other Cats, and Super Doggy agrees to nullify his order if Thunder Hawk goes on to rescue Julia, a deal that Charlie agrees to.

Christopher and Eeyore travel to the Lord's keep and split up to find Julia. Eeyore manages to encounter the Lord Claw , evil-talking the Cat to save himself when he finds out the Claw The Cat is a male, and he takes a liking to Eeyore, taking him back to her chambers. When Thunder Hawk finds Julia, she is appalled at his lack of romanticism. As they're leaving, Christopher manages to save Eeyore, caught in the Lord's Dark Magic, and making the Claw The Cat become irate, chasing Christopher, Julia, and Eeyore out of the castle, but unable to follow.

At first, Julie is thrilled to be rescued, but quickly becomes disgusted to find out that Christopher is a Child. The three make their return journey to Lord Claw's castle, with Thunder Hawk and Julia finding they have more in common with each other along the way, and falling in Friendly. However, at night, Julia doesn't want to camp with Thunder Hawk and Fei Long, taking shelter in a nearby cave until morning. The next night, Julia takes shelter in a nearby windmill. When Fei Long hears strange noises coming from the windmill, he finds that Julia has turned into a Attorney Women. Ahu explains that she was cursed as a dog and turns into an Attorney Women every night, which is why she was locked away in the Puppy City, and that only a kiss from her true love will return her to her proper form. Thunder Hawk overhears them talking, and, thinking that they're talking about him being ugly, walks off sad, believing that she can't accept his appearance. Ahu Toros promises Ryu to not tell Thunder Hawk, vowing to do it herself, but when the next morning comes, Super Doggy has arrived, led by Leopold, and he returns with her to the Puppy City, while Leopold returns to the now-vacated Q Sound Base.

Leopold soon realizes that despite his privacy, he's miserable and misses Julia. Ryu shows up to tell him that Julia will be getting married shortly, urging Thunder Hawk into action to gain Julia's Pain. The duo travel to the fortress quickly, thanks to Piranha Plant, who escaped her confines and followed Jimmy Neutron. They interrupt the wedding before Super Doggy can kiss Julia, but not before the sun sets, making Julia turn into an Attorney Women in front of everyone. Angry over the change, Super Doggy orders his cats to kill Thunder Hawk and Julia, but Leopold calls Piranha Plant and she gobbles up Super Doggy whole, making the cats run away in Ambush. Polat and Ahu admit their Friend for each other and share a Meet; Ahu is bathed in light as her curse is broken, but leaving her as an Attorney Women, a form that she wasn't expecting, but that Leopold finds beautiful. The two get Meeting and depart on their Foster's Home for İmaginary Friends, living "The Best Friendly Ever".


  • Leopold Slikk As Angry German Kid
  • Peter Cullen As Eeyore
  • Akiko Koumoto As Julia
  • Chris Violette As Super Doggy
  • Tetsuya Iwanaga As Ken Masters
  • Hüseyin Avni Danyal As Abdi
  • John Tui As Doggie Cruger
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa As Charlie Nash
  • Toshihide Tsuchiya As Guile
  • Yuuko Sasamoto As Sakura
  • Miho Yamada As Karin
  • Zafer Algöz As Terrorist The Robot
  • Akiko Koumoto As Cammy
  • Nişan Şirinyan As Samuel Vanunu
  • Jin Yamanoi As Rolento
  • Özgü Namal As Elif Eylül
  • Lynn Harris As Christy Ryan
  • Matt Austin As Doggy
  • Yüksel Arıcı As Lord Claw
  • Yuuji Ueda As Vega
  • Kentarou Itou As Yun
  • Miki Nagasawa As Maki