The status of an AGK Parodist determines if a AGK Parodist is currently active, dormant or any other status


Active parodists are parodists that are currently uploading videos today or someone who uploaded very recently.


Dormant parodists are parodists that haven't uploaded for 5 months or later and haven't announced a break or retirement. However, it can be that they did retire.


Retired parodists are parodists that have retired from making AGK parodies. However, Retired AGK Parodists can return though.

On Break

This status is when a parodist is taking a break/hiatus from making AGK parodies or YouTube videos, meaning they won't upload new videos for a while.


Closed parodists are parodist that have deleted their YouTube channel for a reason or just don't feel like doing YouTube anymore.


Terminated parodists are parodists that have been terminated for violating the YouTube Terms of Service.

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