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Example of an AGK Parodist

AGK parodists (mostly known as parodists or slikkers by the community) are Youtube video makers who make videos out of the main protagonist of the parody universe, Leopold Slikk.

From nowadays, most of the parodists are inactive due to some reasons and the remaining ones are active depending on their lives as parodists.

List of parodists

Main article: Generations

NOTE: Each parodist is sorted alphabetically.

1st Generation (2004-2007)

  • Jeeves476

2nd Generation (2008-2012)

  • AngryGermanKid82
  • pauladrian360 
  • SicksTeaPhoar
  • TheDrApocalypse
  • TheKewlOne96

3rd Generation (2013-2017)

  • Adrenaline21 (season 1)
  • AGKandvideomaker2000 (formerly, he now makes original ideas)
  • AGKFan640 (season 1-5)
  • Atarster
  • BlueNewton
  • Cansin13 (Before AGKC13)
  • GeneBernardinoLawl/CasperTheLawlBro2001 (season 1-3)
  • Icepenguins101
  • Ivan187
  • Peter Sundler (former pauladrian360)
  • Pingasman25 (Before MrSolarSun)
  • PrinceStickFigure
  • PVMAGKVIDEOS (formerly, he now makes original ideas)
  • Red Bloony
  • Tanzim K
  • The Angry German Kid XD
  • UsefulAGKHelper (formerly)
  • Zerty TV

4th Generation (2017-present)

  • Adrenaline21 (season 2 onwards)
  • AGKandvideomaker2000
  • AGKC13 Videos
  • AGKFan640 (season 5 onwards)
  • Dipsy57_YT
  • FourFanatic7889
  • GeneBernardinoLawl/CasperTheLawlBro2001 (season 4 onwards)
  • Ivan187
  • MrSolarSun
  • ShiyamaSaleem
  • Travrinity
  • UsefulAGKHelper (episode 4 onwards)
  • YumaSonic2016