Leopold is positive that Barry is in that ship, so he decides to use the I.D. Mask they stole earlier to disguise himself as a DNAlien. Gwen grabs a mining cart so that they can all sneak past the DNAliens. Once they're away from the other DNAliens, Ben takes off the mask to return to normal and asks Zeynep to use her magic to see if Grandpa Barry is inside the spaceship. She tells Leopold that Barry may have been there a couple weeks ago, but he's not there now. Murat asks him if they should just leave, but Leopold tells him they're not finished yet. He remembers the time when Grandpa Barry taught him how to ride a bike when he was a kid, so he wants to finish the mission first. As they walk inside the spaceship, Murat finds an arsenal where all the laser lances are kept, so Zeynep uses her strengthened pink-magenta glowing colored magic to destroy them. However, the explosion made too much noise, for soon they're attacked by the DNAliens. Leopold uses the Omnitrix once more and transforms into another new Hero, Batman, and he, along with Murat and Zeynep, begin attacking the DNAliens until they're all defeated. Now that the DNAliens have been defeated and the alien weapons have been destroyed, Zeynep suggests that they should leave, and Batman agrees. However, before they can leave, they are confronted by a Highfloated, who orders them to get off his ship. Murat and Zeynep try to defend themselves against the Highfloated, but he's too strong. Batman tells them to escape while he keeps the Highfloated busy. Zeynep wants to stay and help, but on Batman's command, Murat grabs her and takes her outside.

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