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AGK Universe was a parodist from Australia. His first episode AGK's Birthday was uploaded on December 9th 2014. After his first three episodes were uploaded, he left the series for 6 months before returning to AGK. On March 19th 2016, he announced on YouTube that he would retire for two reasons: 1. He had a change in opinion in the rest of the AGK community and what it now consists of, and 2. he lost interest in making parodies. you can see the video here:

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  1. AGK's birthday
  2. AGK watches Shrek is love, Shrek is life
  3. AGK films his dad at work
  4. AGK watches MLG
  5. AGK makes his own MLG montage (DELETED)
  6. AGK watches Where the Dead Go to Die
  7. AGK's nightmares
  8. AGK plays Hong Kong 97
  9. AGK goes to school
  10. AGK watches Casper Part 1/2
  11. AGK watches Casper Part 2/2
  12. AGK and the Stupid Quiz
  13. AGK babysits his brother
  14. AGK watches Greatest Freakout Ever
  15. AGK gets a virus
  16. AGK watches Australia in 2 minutes
  17. AGK watches Blinky Bill
  18. AGK watches Stevecomedian2001
  19. AGK eunites with Leonidas
  20. AGK watches Ratchet and Clank
  21. AGK moves to Australia (Parts 1 & 2; Part 3 cancelled after retirement)

1st Anniversary Special - AGK sees himself on Youtube

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