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Character not mentioned in a parodist's AGK Series
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Leopold and Leonard are introduced playing "Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2", a game of Classics reality, in order to enhance their Games Collection. When the two brothers decide to put their practice to use, they fly in a successful mission that intercepts a supply ship from Smog. Afterwards, they continue to play the game, only to run into a rival, Roger Y. Knot. Roger Y. Knot states that he is a programmer for the game and offers to give Leopold and Leonard two updates. After downloading the second one, however, Roger Y. Knot reveals that he is, in fact, Smog in disguise. He then reveals that he plans on using the updates to trap the two Slikks in the virtual universe and permanently kill them. Once the Classical danger of the game becomes a reality, it is up to Sarah to play the game to save her brothers. They are going to House. Harold is very happy. Leopold is talking to Nick Russel, Because he's going to dinner in house.


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Leonard Slikk
  • Sarah Slikk
  • Roger Y. Knot
  • Smog
  • Harold Slikk
  • Nick Russel