AGK and Friends VS Nelson and His Gang is the 45th and 46th episode of YumaSonic2016's AGK series.


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Harold Slikk
  • Sakura Takashiro
  • Hatari Takashiro
  • Joseph Torres
  • Elena Torres
  • Kite
  • Jake Randolf
  • Ronald Ramirez
  • Kaeru Otoko
  • Sebastian Taito
  • Alexis Kizumi
  • Serena Hiiragi
  • Yune Tsukishima
  • Yuya Katsumi
  • Koharu Sakakibara
  • Mrs. Diknet
  • Nelson Armani
  • Raymond
  • Antonio
  • Raphael
  • Joey
  • Stephen Quire
  • Croyt Parker
  • Principal Fuxloleez
  • Nurse Cherry
  • Johnathan Antonio Taito
  • Darrell Tama Rodriguez
  • Lamp (Object Havoc)
  • Pony video maker


The Rise and Attack of Nelson Armani

Leopold was about to play Unreal Tournament, but is told by his dad that his granduncle passed away.

Meanwhile, Sakura wakes up and gets ready for school. She also has breakfast and talks a little bit with her younger brother.

At school, Sakura notices Leopold is missing. Jake tells him Leopold had to miss because of personal reasons.

In class, Ronald and Sakura feel nervous about the new students. As the new student was walking, he attacked Sebastian and Alexis, then surround Sakura, leaving her scared. The gang wants Sakura to be their new friend, but she declines. Serena and Yune comment on the gang's rude behavior and complain why they are bothering Sakura. Nelson and his gang eventually decides to sexually attack Sakura. With everyone else shocked, Yuya, Kaeru, Koharu, Ronald, Darrel, Sebastian, Jake, and Alexis agree to report the situation to Diknet. Raphael then smashes Sakura's iPad Air, leaving her increasingly enraged. Antonio then snatches Yuya's tablet and breaks it, making Yuya furious as well. Sakura tries to punch Nelson, but gets grabbed by the shirt before all 6 get sent to the principal's office and get detention.

In detention, Nelson and co. insult Sakura and wish she would die. Stephen tells everyone to shut up. Sakura asks Stephen why he got sent to detention, and he rudely tells him that he broke one of the computers over World of Warcraft and told her to mind her own business. Croyt starts screaming next and calls Nelson the N-word when they tell him to shut up. Croyt then tells Sakura why he got sent to detention. Next thing, Nelson and his gang sneak out of detention to fight Leopold's friends. Sakura shows up as well.

In the nurse's office, Sakura is traumatized when she lost the fight while Sebastian and Alexis were trying to stop Nelson and co. Sebastian tries to cheer her up, but she leaves to walk home.

Serena and Yune ask what happened, but she ignores them. Sebastian, Alexis, Yuya, and Koharu explain what happened to Sakura. Nelson suddenly appears behind Sebastian. Sebastian yells at Nelson for getting Sakura in trouble earlier. Yune is shocked at Sebastian's anger, and Nelson walks towards her and Serena to rant about Sakura. Koharu explains what friendship is since she realizes she wasn't doing the right thing in the past. They all make Nelson's gang apologize to Sakura. Nelson is immediately triggered after hearing Yuya insulting him and snaps at them leaves along with Raymond, Raphael, Antonio, and Joey. Sebastian makes a plan to defeat Nelson. However, Serena gets upset after reading a text from Sakura. She tells everyone that Sakura is calling in sick the next day due to what happened. Serena also mentions Leopold, making herself cry. Sebastian and everyone else worries about Sakura committing suicide.

Later, a depressed Sakura makes it home, only to be banned from her computer, PS4, social media, and have her laptop and Nintendo Switch taken away for 1 week. In Sakura's room, Sakura feels ashamed of herself because of how everyone is treating her, then weeps and wishes revenge on Nelson and his gang for what they did to her.

Meanwhile, Nelson and his boys make a plan to eliminate Leopold and Sakura's friends next.

Sakura Strikes Back!

Plot to be written...

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