AGK and the Ice Cream Truck is the newest episode in Jeeves476's AGK series. After a long 2 year hiatus from making AGK, Jeeves finally decided to make this new episode.


On a nice summers day, Leopold is sitting on his computer, playing a unspecified action game.

Leopold is starting to get excited and is enjoying playing his online action game. Suddenly he dies in the game, and smashes the keyboard out of rage.

The POV switches to outside of Leopold's house, where a ice cream truck passes, followed by loads of kids from Leopold's neighborhood.

Leopold hears the truck and runs outside to catch it. The truck stops, all of the kids (except Leo of course) get their ice cream. The truck starts to leave just as AGK sprints out of the house, and Leopold cant catch it. All of the kids return happily to their houses, while our hero is left there, extremely pissed off.

The following day (Tuesday) Leopold is playing a addicting puzzle game. The ice cream truck passes by the house again and Leopold jumps off his chair and starts a mad dash to catch the truck.

Just when he gets downstairs and turns the corner leading towards the door,his dad calls him.He tells Leopold that he is ungrounded and is getting an allowance raise.

Why you ask? Because Leopold saved the world in the last episode,and he was on the news along with Captain Falcon and Mr. Game&Watch,who also helped out.

Leopold is very happy, but finds out that while he was talking to his dad, the ice cream truck left,and he again sees the happy kids running back to their homes.

On the next day (Wednesday),Leopold is a tad bit more prepared, as he is standing outside his house, waiting for the ice cream truck to stop by his house. But it speeds past him, leaving our hero confused and angry.

On Thursday, Leopold is hiding in a manhole in the street,waiting. The ice cream truck rolls along and Leo jumps out of the hole. But he gets run over by the other kids who were running just behind the truck.

Leopold rages and accidentally throws his keyboard at a window,breaking it,then he runs away in fear of getting busted.

Now it is Thursday night,and Leopold is getting frustrated of not getting ice cream,so he decides to upgrade his keyboard into some sort of device that will help him in his troubles.

Leo works all night on it,occasionally getting yelled at by his dad. The next morning Leopold is outside his house, and the truck passes, followed by the kids. But Leopold does not give chase, instead he says "Yeah,that's right.

Keep running. I'm coming right after you." He materializes a electric black keyboard (the Power Keyboard v1.0 as he calls it) out of thin air, and jumps on it.

The keyboard turns on the jets (literally,it has jets on the back of it) and starts flying Leopold towards his goal.

The children get their ice cream and leave,and the truck keeps going. Suddenly,behind it,Leopold is catching up with his keyboard. He charges it up and electricity envelops him. This allows him to keep at the same speed, while not on his keyboard. He throws it at the truck a few times,hoping to make it stop,but it doesn't work. Leopold flies to the top of the truck and gets on the windshield.

He starts pounding on the front glass with his keyboard,while the driver screams in terror and starts loosing control of the truck.

The camera switches to two smurf policemen talking to each other how they hate Jovi and didn't really mean to do anything bad to Leopold.

The truck speeds by,and the policemen start driving after it. The car keeps going,but crashes into a misplaced block of pixels,and falls off a bridge.

Leopold survives the crash,and goes to the car,hoping to kill the driver and get his ice cream. But the driver says he can explain. He says that it all started when he left Sinnoh prison,he was a part of team Galactic,but it is no more as their previous boss has disappeared.

For months, the person had no job, but he heard about the hole in the sky Leopold opened in AGK vs Jovi (Part 2) and thought that it was a hole to another universe.

Then he went undercover as an ice cream salesman in hopes of raising enough money to make an army that could invade the dimension.

The smurf police come and arrest the guy and say sorry to Leopold, but Leo does not believe them. They leave and our hero starts leaving, but comes back to scavenge the truck and hopefully get some ice cream. The truck explodes and Leopold is left there crying.

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