AGK goes to KFC is the 9th episode of Adrenaline21's AGK series.


After Leopold and Johnny finish their chores, Ronald being chased by Hitler while Leopold and Johnny are discussing. Hitler successfully handcuffs Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru but Hermann Fegelein comes to ask him what's he doing. Leopold and Johnny are arrive at Hitler's class shortly, an angry Hitler faces Leopold and Johnny by questions and answers. After Hitler denies Johnny's question, he'll being sent by Fegelein to his office that makes Leopold and Johnny laughs hardly.

Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru are needing some help from anyone, Leopold and Johnny are untying the rope from Spencer and Kaeru's hand, they thanked to Leopold for help them also Johnny himself. Ronald starts the discuss about KFC with Leopold, Spencer, Johnny and Kaeru until Johnny ends the discuss.

At KFC, Leopold asks about the price after he picks drumsticks, cheese burgers, french fries and colas to cashier, the price will be 9 Euros to Leopold and he waits until his order finished. Leopold and friends are eating KFC meals together shortly, they then leaving Europa Center mall from Kaeru because of his dad. Leopold will plan to read his comics in his house and Johnny involves about reading comics.

Programs Used

  • Microsoft Office 2013 Pro
  • Wondershare Filmora ver 8.x

Music Used

  • Journey through the Decade~Orchestra ver.~
  • Boss Intro (Rockman X8)
  • Afternoon Streets~Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ver.~
  • Wave of Darkness (Kingdom Hearts 0.2)
  • Door open and closed SFX
  • His World


  • This is the 1st time to change The End title screen from episode 7.
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