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  • Leopold Slikk
  • Johnny Fort Spieler
  • Harold Slikk
  • Leonard Slikk


At evening which Leopold has an idea to read comics and Johnny asked, they'll soon go to Leopold's house. Before going into Leopold's house, he wants Johnny being allowed into his house to Harold and agrees but not scream in the house.

Johnny is waiting Leopold for the comics that he stored. He founds the comic shortly and bring the comics into living room. By turn, Leopold is reading the 1st volume and then Johnny reads the 2nd volume until they finished.

Johnny gives Viacom BND of Doom and he leaves from Leopold's house. Viacom BND of Doom jumpscares and pushing him into the ground. Then, Leopold goes into something and knocks Harold's feet. Leopold wants to apologize the fault he has and being beaten by Harold and laughed by Leonard. Harold tells to Leonard its unfunny and command him to eat the dinner while Leopold will eat together with Harold.

Programs Used

  • Microsoft Office 2013 Pro
  • Wondershare Filmora ver 8.x

Audio Used

  • Journey through the Decade~Orchestra ver.~
  • Afternoon Streets~Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ver.~
  • ???
  • Door open and closed SFX
  • His World


  • To be continued...