==  Summary== AGK reviews AGK's Girlfriend (all of 4 versions) is the special episode of Adrenaline21's AGK Series during the run of Season 2 with the 4 parodists' versions he choose including himself. The release date maybe between Episode 26 and 27

Episodes that Leopold Review

  • AGK's Girlfriend (PSF ver.)
  • AGK's Girlfriend (Atarster ver.)
  • AGK's Girlfriend (GBL ver.)
  • AGK's Girlfriend (A21 ver.)



In Leopold's house, Leopold wakes up from his bed and playing computer as his routine but there's a message from Johnny Fort Spieler which he sent all of the 4 versions of AGK's Girlfriend episodes into him and he clicks immediately, start the review as the PSF ver. came 1st.

PSF ver.

In this version, Leopold reviews about the story, the errors and lack of subtitles for english speaking characters. Leopold reviews PSF ver. of AGK's Girlfriend is good although the mistakes from the episode itself.

Atarster ver.

The next version of AGK's Girlfriend is Atarster ver., which Leopold reviews about the story and laugh during some moments. The results of Atarster ver. of AGK's Girlfriend is better than the 1st one because Atarster is a unique version.

GBL ver. 

Another version of AGK's Girlfriend, Leopold reviews throughout the episodes and the results is Leopold's over-ranting for 5NAF Soundtracks and the little bit plot-twisting story.

A21 ver.

The last version of AGK's Girlfriend, Leopold reviews again and the results is favorable.


After all versions being reviewed by Leopold, he sends a message to Johnny for his good reviewing of all versions of AGK's Girlfriend and Johnny replies to Leopold's message as the thanks. Leopold ends up the special episode and plays Point Blank on the giant phone.

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AGK's Girlfriend

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