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AGK takes a history test is an concept and recently released episode made by UsefulAGKHelper. The concept takes place in episode 4 of Useful's AGK series. The idea originally belongs to AGKandvideomaker2000.



In the episode, Leopold wants to use his pc to use the internet as usual, however his father prevents him from doing so, threatening him to go to school.

In the school

Leopold gets in the school only to find out that he's 5 minutes late. The teacher tells Leopold (along with the class) that they have to do a history test.

Because of this, Leopold unknowingly blames the teacher for not telling the test. She said that she "already" told that to the students, and also said that Leopold was distracted by "sleeping" in her class.

Jake is telling Leopold that Mrs. Sukscox told the students the test while Leopold was sleeping. A flashback of Leopold sleeping appears, illustrating what happened one week ago in Leopold's school. Leopold was sleeping in the class while the teacher was reminding the students about the test.

After Leopold remembered the flashback, he calms down and hopes that the test won't be "that bad". After the teacher gave the testsheet to him, Leopold started to work on his test.

But he changes his mind one minute later. He becomes nervous and confused because finds the test to be "difficult". However, later on he manages to finish the questions, in the contrary the answers he wrote are discriminating and not even related to the question.

When Mrs. Sukscox looked on Leopold's worksheet, she gives him an F for writing "insulting" answers instead of the correct ones. She also decides to call Leopold's parents. Because of this, Leopold is in boiling rage and smashed his worksheet with his keyboard and yelled at the teacher.

At home

When Harold finds out about what Leopold did in the test, he decides to ground Leopold for "the rest of the week". He also said that Leopold has to do some chores.


After Leopold intrerupts Harold by yelling at him, Leonard comes in to the room and complains about his "loud" yelling.

Leorich also enters in the room but he decides to confront Leonard by saying that Leopold "doesn't care" about that. This angers Leonard so much that he wants to beat up Leorich again.

Because of this, Leopold puts his head in the keyboard and says in his mind that it's "hard to imagine how a jerk Leonard is!".