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Summary Smash Keyboard

This script is made for Episode 76 and 77 of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series. Written by Adrenaline21 and GeneBernardinoLawl, created by GeneBernardinoLawl. This episode is inspired from Adrenaline21's AGK Series Episode 3-5

Characters Smash Keyboard

  • Leopold Slikk
  • Jake Randolf
  • 40T10
  • Hoppus
  • Fabrice Laroche
  • Sean Slikk
  • Stephen Quire (debut, voiced by Adrenaline21)
  • Narrator (voiced by Adrenaline21)

Script Smash Keyboard

Part 1: Episode 76 Smash Keyboard

*Warning Screen*

*Parallel Universe Screen*

*AGK Season 4 and 5 Intro*

*Title Card Theme*

Hoppus: AGK vs Stephen Quire part 1

Leopold: Rabbit-Slut! *Escapes*

Hoppus: *Screams (with Harold's voice)*

*Fades into the episode's content*

Narrator: In Leopold's house...

Leopold: Hello, Jake. How's the meal on my house?

Jake: Your house's meals are good today.

Sean: *appears* Leopold, Jake. I'm here to show you something. *shows his Laptop*

Leopold: Like what?...

Sean: This is the most exciting cartoon ever.

Jake: What's the cartoon's name?

Sean: Steven Universe.

Leopold: That cartoon sounds good and let's play from Cartoon Network South Asia website.

Sean: I agree with you.

*Footage of Steven Universe Intro*

*TV Static (Similar to Adrenaline21's AGK Series Episode 3)*


Jake: Hey, Sean. What's happening with your laptop?

Sean: Perhaps I don't know.

*A message appears*

Stephen's voice (echoed): Leopold, Jake and Sean. I hope you'll watch the 1st episode of Season 5 in Steven Universe. Sincerely, Stephen Quire.

Sean: Stephen Quire, what an asshole.

Leopold: I hope this is the new episode of Steven Universe.

Sean: Let's click the link.

*Viacom Sonic.exe of Doom*

Leopold and Sean: *SCREAMS*


*At outside of Leopold's house*

Stephen: Hahahaha, that stupid swearing german kid has been jumpscared by Viacom Sonic.exe of Doom.

Sean: Hey, Leopold. I hear Stephen's voice from the outside and I wonder if his goal is we're being killed.

*Enters the house*

Stepehen: Hahahaha, you got tricked.

Leopold: SEAN! That's Stephen Quire.

Sean: OK, Leopold, he's here. *turn around* Stephen, what's your goal in my house?

Stephen: Just what I say, Sean Slikk. All of you will be killed.

Sean: Nothing than that, World of Warcraft ass! *throw the CD*

Stephen: *being hit by fast-speed CD Throw* SHIT!

Jake: Leopold, did you know how to solve this?

Leopold: *idea* Jake, in Adrenaline21's Universe, Johnny invites me and Barney, the fucking purple nightmare dinosaur into the outside of Johnny's house.

Jake: Sounds good, Leopold.

Leopold: Jake, Sean. Let's go into the outside of my house to fight.

Sean and Jake: YEAH!

*Leopold, Jake, Sean and Stephen are going into the outside of the house*

*Loading screen (Taken from Adrenaline21's AGK Series Episode 7-15)*

Cue: Sonic and the Secret Rings-It Has Come to This (Erazor Djinn's Theme)

*Similar HUD to Episode 56 of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series*

*Stephen's HP down into 50%*

Stephen: Heh, quite good enough to take me down. So, I'll go rampage!

Cue: Sonic Unleashed-Egg Dragoon

Sean: SHIT! Stephen will rampage like Hulk. *escapes with Leopold and Jake*

Leopold: Sean, we'll go to Fabrice's house for help.

Jake: Good idea, Leopold.


Hoppus: WTF!? Is that Stephen Quire goes mad?

40T10: Yes, Hoppus and how about we follow him to track?

Hoppus: I agree with you, Gene.

*Both Hoppus and 40T10 are following Stephen Quire*

Narrator: After Leopold, Jake and Sean got chased by rampaging Stephen, Gene and Hoppus are trying to follow him. What's happening with Leopold, Jake and Sean if they'll eventually safe from Stephen Quire? Find out on The Angry German Kid: Season 5.

*Credits (using the same music)*

*After Credits*

Hoppus: *SCREAMS* *escapes*

Leopold: Come back here, rabbit-slut! Carrot Juice is fucking delicious, you know. *runs while swearing*

Part 2: Episode 77 Smash Keyboard

*Warning Screen*

*Parallel Universe Screen*

Cue: Rockman Zero 3-Apocalypse Now

Narrator: Previously on The Angry German Kid: Season 5.

*Clips from Episode 76*

*AGK Season 4 and 5 Intro*

*Title Card Theme*

Hoppus: AGK vs Stephen Quire part 2

Leopold: Rabbit-Slut! *Escapes*

Hoppus: *Screams (with Harold's voice)*

*Fades into episode's content*

Cue: Sonic Unleashed-Egg Dragoon

Leopold: Sean, watch out!

Sean: Watch what? Leopold.


*Sean stops*

Leopold: *pant* Ronald, I'm sorry because that Stephen Quire goes rampage like Hulk and carrying a microwave to throw into us.

Ronald: Stephen Quire, I don't know with him.


Ronald: OK, Leopold. That mockery sounds like you're hurting me enough.

Sean: Ronald! Escape or being smashed by Stephen.

Ronald: I'll agree with you, guys. *escapes with Leopold, Sean and Jake*


Hoppus: Hey, we found him, Gene.

40T10: Yeah, Hop- *smacked by Stephen's Microwave*

Hoppus: Are you OK, Gene?

40T10: *stands* I'm fine, Hoppus.

Narrator: At Fabrice's house...

Cue: Kingdom Hearts 2-Magical Mystery~HD 2.5 ver.~(Extended edition)

Fabrice: What's happening with you, guys?

Leopold: We're chased by Stephen Quire the ranting guy.

Sean: He's rampaging like Hulk with Microwave on it.

Fabrice: Eeww... Sounds violent enough.

Jake: Yeah, because we're fighting with Stephen Quire.

Fabrice: Really, Jake.

Jake: Yeah, Fabrice.

Leopold: We're just waiting that asshole Stephen into your house.

Sean: Fabrice, do you agree with Leopold's opinion?

Fabrice: I'm agree with you, guys. Just let me wait at the terrace.

Ronald: Whatever.

*back to 40T10 and Hoppus' location*

Hoppus: *calls Fabrice* Hello, Fabrice.

Fabrice: *phone ringing* What do you want to me, Hoppus?

Hoppus: Are Leopold, Jake, Sean and Ronald is in your house?

Fabrice: Yes, they are.

Hoppus: OK, Fabrice. I'll end the conversation. *conversation ends*

Fabrice: Yup, Hoppus.

Hoppus: Gene, Leopold, Jake, Sean and Ronald are finally escape from Hulk Quire.

40T10: Is that so?

Hoppus: Yes, and Stephen will be out of nowhere to find them.

40T10: Hahaha, I really agree with you.

Cue: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)-Wishing Upon Chaos Emeralds

Stephen: *walks* *strangles Hoppus* Where's Leopold!? Rabbit-Slut!

Hoppus: He's going into Fabrice's house.

Stephen: Got it! *release Hoppus*

Hoppus: *screams*

Stephen: *runs towards Fabrice's house*

*Stephen on Fabrice's vision*

Fabrice: DAMN! Stephen Quire is incoming. Prepare to face him again.

Leopold: Fabrice, how about 3 of us are going into outside?

Fabrice: Whatever and just finish him already!

Stephen: *I'M GONNA KILL YOU! I... WILL... KILL... YOU!! (Stephen's Original Voice)*Throws his microwave into Sean*

Sean: *evades* Ha! Stephen. Your attack got missed.

Stephen: GRRRR!

Sean: Leopold, Jake. Use the Overdrive to finish him!

Leopold: I'm agree with you, Sean. Just let we do this. *transforms into Powerful Wind Form* *Performs Overdrive* (similar scene with Leopold and Johnny in Adrenaline21's AGK Series with slow motion and dramatic animation. The video's timeline start from 02:23 and end at 03:30, unlike in AGK and Leorich vs Leonard which uses fast motion).

Leopold: *pant* Are we successfully defeat Stephen Quire?

Jake: Yes, actually we did, Leopold.

*screen turns into white*

*turn into black*

Stephen: *Screams* (Original)

*Critical Hit*

*Stephen's HP into 0*

*Leopold, Jake and Sean leveled up*

*Leopold learned Keyboard of Doom Form*

*Loading Screen (from above)*

Cue: Kingdom Hearts 2-The Other Promise~HD 2.5 ver.~

Stephen: *pant* *pant* *pant* I'll have my revenge on you after my defeat. *walks*

Sean: YES, WE WON. *appears at Leopold and Jake*

Leopold: Yeah, Sean. Let's give 3 of us Hi-5. *performs Hi-5 at Jake and Sean*

Jake: Thank you, Fabrice for helping us to guard from Stephen enters into your house.

Fabrice: No problemo and thanks to Leopold for find my house as the safe spot from Stephen.

Leopold: OK, guys... Perhaps we'll go into our respective houses.

Jake: I'll agree with you and let's go.

*Leopold, Jake, Sean and Ronald are going into house*

Narrator: After Stephen's defeat, Leopold's crew will have their peace and will Stephen returns again? To be continued...

*Credits (Adrenaline21 will work on this part)*

*After credits*

Hoppus: *SCREAMS* *escapes*

Leopold: Come back here, rabbit-slut! Carrot Juice is fucking delicious, you know. *runs while swearing*

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