At Leopold's house, he lets Arda Aydın watch A.T.O.M together with him until several episodes finished. When Indosiar "The Town İsland" Demir gets injured the screen, Leopold goes İstanbul and Arda Aydın gives the direction to his house for Özhan Sargın, who used his antics instead of him. Finally, Leopold smashes Özhan's head and run into his house own house again.


AGK watches The Town İsland in İstanbul/Gallery

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  • Leopold Slikk
  • Arda Aydın
  • Özhan Sargın
  • Adil Akyüz
  • Harold Slikk
  • Leonard Slikk
  • Mahmut Akyüz
  • Ayşe Akyüz
  • önder
  • Pony Video Maker
  • Killerninja65
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