“My pony ass is so fucking sexy!”
AGKandvideomaker2000, as his pony OC: Pony video maker
“Some people consider AGK as a funny meme, others as a dead meme, some AGK makers as a job but for me...I consider it a fun video making hobby.”
AGKandvideomaker2000's thoughts on the AGK meme and parodies
“I'm not an eternal AGK maker, I already planned my retirement in 2018 or 2019?... yeah, the year is still unknown about that but I will be ending the series in the 200th episode, so still, plenty of episodes need to be made! and make them the most NOSTALGIC, MEMORABLE, FUNNIEST, ORIGINAL and mostly FUN so future generations know my part on the history of AGK parodies.”
AGKandvideomaker2000's future plans on the AGK parody genre
“AGK is more fun when you use new ideas, originality and features.”
“Creativity is the key for GOOD or even GREAT videos.”

AGKandvideomaker2000 is a popular Angry German Kid parodist who has been making AGK videos since 2011.

There was a period of time where he stopped making them but resumed in 2012. His old account got terminated, so he created another account (this one) and a backup account in 2014. In 2015, he created another account that contains video archives of his terminated account, which is here.

Back in 2013, he had positive feedback and a certain amount of subscribers because of his form of making videos.

On September 2019, he uploaded his official face reveal, where the video starts off with him working on a video, then he turns his head to the camera and asks the audience "Can I help you?"


Take note that this user isn't just an AGK parodist, but also an Unterganger (Downfall Parodies) and a Pivoter (Pivot/Stick videos). and might get mentioned.

The first video created out of boredom

While bored one day, on November 11th, 2011, an 11-year-old AGKandvideomaker2000 decided to do an AGK video inspired after hours of watching and loving AngryGermanKid82/SkilesTV. His first attempt on an AGK episode was made on Windows Movie Maker; it was rather so bad, that he decided not to upload that episode because then people wouldn't like it.

Second try on AGK

On September 21st, 2012, a 12-year-old AGKandvideomaker2000 decided to give another shot at an AGK video, this time with Sony Vegas Pro 8. The results were better as there were more characters and a better story, and it inspired the young AGKavm2000 to make 10 more AGK videos and a couple of Downfall Parodies, but he didn't upload the videos until early 2013.

Welcome to YouTube!

On March 3rd, 2013, a 13-year-old AGKandvideomaker2000 opened his first YouTube account and uploaded the videos he made back in September 2012 - February 2013. His videos were successful enough to achieve 100 subscribers in a couple of months, and from that point, it increased faster and faster.

Laptop accident

In July 2013, AGKandvideomaker2000 accidentally spilled a drink over his laptop, which caused the keyboard to malfunction, thus forcing him to send it to get it repaired, and setting his video production on hiatus for 1 week.

December 2013, a great time for the channel

In December 2013, it was a big time for the channel, it reached 400 subscribers and was close to 500, the feedback became stronger and he created a pony OC, which within 2 years it would be known as the Pony video maker.

The shocking and disgusting surprise

On the morning of January 5th, 2014, the nearly 14-year-old AGKandvideomaker2000 woke up and discovered that his channel got unfairly terminated; he felt so broken from the inside due to almost 1 year of work getting taken down from the platform. He tried to have his termination appealed, but was unsuccessful. Luckily, he could still log in to YouTube, because an account was created because of the Google+ update, which allowed him to restart from scratch. However, he took a break of a week and a half to recover after the suspension of his account and take a vacation from everything.

AGK rebooted

On February 4th, 2014, AGKandvideomaker2000 uploaded the first episode of the current AGK series of this (new) account. However, he said that most of the characters and changes from the previous AGK series were going to be removed or given a minor change:

  • In the old AGK series, Leopold started as a 7th grader and passed to 8th grade, while in the new series, Leopold starts as an 8th grader and passes to 9th grade.
  • Leonidas and Sarah were introduced as characters that were released from the mental hospital/prison but in this series they were already living with Leopold, his parents and little brother.
  • Leopold had multiple teachers within' the subject on the old series, while in the new series, he only has one teacher for all subjects (Mr. Fuxface).
  • Leopold met Stephen Quire and Ronald Ramirez during 7th and 8th grade on the old series, while in the new one, Leopold already knew and met them.
  • Harold's workmate in the old series was named John, while in the new one he is called Randy Randolf (Jake's dad).
  • In the old AGK series, Leopold and his family moved to a new house, while in the new one, Leopold and his family had already lived in the new house for a long time.

The only characters that were never removed for the new series were Stephen Quire, Ronald Ramirez, Sarah, Leonidas and Drunkass, and changes like Leopold moving to a new house on the old series was never changed with the old house or a new one in this series.

2014, the December 2013 of the current channel

After the termination of the old channel, the current channel AGKandvideomaker2000 owns now, could get the number of subscribers the old one had, but it didn't stop there! The actual channel became more successful than the previous one, the feedback became, even MORE, stronger which allowed AGKavm2000 to improve a lot! The channel reached 1000 subs before 2015, and as of June 27th, 2016, it's at a whopping 4800.

New computer, faster production

On August 31st, 2014, AGKandvideomaker2000 got a new computer, which was faster and had a ton of memory. The perfect PC for a content creator, which allowed him to make videos faster from 1 day - 1 week, and thus keeping his fans more often entertained while also making AGK videos.


Between January to May 2015, the release rate of AGKandvideomaker2000's videos went from one day to a week, to one day and 3 days, not only on Downfall Parodies, Pivot videos or a random video, but AGK videos were also being released one day, and the next day the next episode is also released. Even crazier, 2 AGK videos a day or even more of a half hour video were released!

Another shocking and disgusting surprise

On May 29th, 2015, AGKandvideomaker2000 got one video flagged, he got this time a Community Guidelines strike which put his channel on bad standing. He was forbidden from uploading videos longer than 15 minutes and use custom thumbnails, and thus changed the release rate of videos from 1 day - 3 days to an unknown date. He tried to appeal against the strike, but it was rejected and he was forced to deal with the strike for 6 months, but it didn't stop him from making videos.

From middle school to high school

In August 2015, AGKandvideomaker2000's studies passed to a new level; he became a high school student. During the time his old channel was still up, and the current channel during 2014 to the first half of 2015, he was a middle school student and when he passed to 9th grade, he feared that his time for making videos was going to be consumed, but instead he got MORE free time, but his time did get consumed when he passed to 10th grade, and AGK Episode 88 had to be delayed for over a month due to schoolwork.

Mayday! MAYDAY! Inspiration down!

On the verge of November 2015, AGKavm2000's CG strike had expired, but something else would affect his channel. His inspiration for making videos went totally downhill and it was a really big deal; there were no videos uploaded during November, only 3 videos were uploaded on December (1 unlisted), 2 videos on January 2016, and ALMOST no videos on February, plus the delay of AGK Episode 89 went from 1 month to 5 months!

The comeback

On February 23rd, 2016, AGKandvideomaker2000's inspiration kind of came back and this time, his interest on videomaking was getting stronger! While the production on videos was still slow, the dedication on new videos was cranking up gradually, that maybe 2016 won't be a really strong year for production, but in terms of quality, it's otherwise!

Lackluster AGK Era

In 2017, AGKandvideomaker2000 only uploaded 3 AGK videos at all, this has to do mostly with many factors like the episodes becoming more ambitious to make, AVM's final high school year and college admission process. as of now AGKandvideomaker2000 is pulling through to keep on making more episodes and releasing them as soon as he can.

This history is subject to expand with more future events, so check back regularly.


  • Leopold Slikk - A 14-year-old kid who doesn't care about his family & life and only cares for Unreal Tournament.
  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's father, he likes to give beatings to Leopold and loves slacking off.
  • Mary Slikk - Leopold's mom, she wants Leopold to have a good life.
  • Leonard Slikk - Leopold's younger brother, a 10-year-old kid who is the opposite thing of Leopold.
  • Leonidas Slikk - Leopold's older brother, a 16-year-old kid who is crazier than Leopold.
  • Sarah Slikk - Leopold's older sister, an 18-year-old girl who likes to listen to Justin Bieber.
  • Mr. Fuxface - Leopold's 8th-grade teacher, who likes to do his teaching job and he hates Leopold.
  • Drunkass - Leopold's school principal. He gives Leopold punishments for misbehaving in class.
  • AGKandvideomaker2000 - (The creator of the series): A pony who is Leopold's rival and likes to make videos.
  • KillerNinja65 - Another pony who is also Leopold's rival and also likes to make videos.
  • Dimitri - Known as the Angry French Kid, he's one of Leopold's enemies, who always wants to see him fail.
  • Jake Randolf - Leopold's best friend who will help him with good and bad things.
  • Randy Randolf - Jake's father, he's Harold`s best friend but sometimes likes to annoy the crap out of him.
  • Leon Slikk - Leopold's older cousin, he is a 15-year-old kid who loves to make Leopold's life a living hell.
  • Adolf Hitler - Another one of Leopold's enemies, he only wants him dead.
  • Hermann Fegelein - Leopold's friend, he will also help Leopold on the good and bad things and make Hitler's life a living hell.
  • Ronald Ramirez - Leopold's friend, he will also help Leopold on the good and bad things and likes to play TF2.
  • Stephen Quire - Leopold's rival, he only likes to play World of Warcraft.
  • Esperanza - Leopold's girlfriend, she will help Leopold on the good and bad things and love him.
  • Diego - Esperanza's father; he didn't find Leopold to be good to his daughter but he changed his mind when Leopold saved Esperanza from her ex-boyfriend
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders - (Episode 107)



Title Description Date Story by Written by YT Alt
1 AGK gets suspended Leopold goes to school, behaves so badly and gets suspended for that. 4/2/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
2 AGK plays Crazy Bus Leopold plays a pirated but awfully made Sega genesis game called crazy bus. 10/2/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
3 AGK plays Scary Maze Game Harold sends Leopold a link to a game that results to be the infamous "Scary maze game" that makes Leopold crap his pants and throw his PC out of the window. 17/2/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
4 AGK gets a job After the scary maze game made him throw his PC out of the window, Leopold is forced to get a job to replace his computer. 23/2/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
5 AGK and the fake NES emulator Leopold gets bored and decides to download a NES emulator, but that emulator has alot of mistakes that no other emulator can execute...on purpose. 28/2/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
6 AGK plays Medal of Honor Leopold gets bored and decides to play a PS1 classic...Medal of honor. 22/3/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
7 AGK makes an imposter account out of me Leopold feels so offended of AGKandvideomaker2000 making videos out of him so he decides to imposter him in order to put him on shame on his friends and get him terminated...However, his plan doesn't go as planned. 30/3/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
8 AGK vs. Angry French Kid The angry french kid, Dimitri insults Leopold after feeling superior...but one of the rules of an AGK series (or cliche) is that NOBODY MESSES WITH THE AGK ! 6/4/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
9 AGK watches creepy commercials After being called a coward, chicken, pussy, etc; Leopold decides to watch creppy commercials to feel brave, from creepy laughing dolls to scarier and brutal japanase ghosts. 19/4/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
10 AGK tries to upgrade his computer Leopold feels tired of Vista so he decides to upgrade to windows 8.1...however, he downgrades from old OS to shitty OS. 1/5/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
11 AGK plays Einhander Refusing to do math problems, Leopold decides to play another PS1 classic...Einhander. 7/5/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
12 AGK makes a Downfall Parody Leopold discovers about parodies out of Hitler AKA downfall parodies and decides to have a take on it...however, his take turns out awful. 28/5/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
13 Hitler finds out about AGK After so many insults of people and copyright strikes from youtube because of his downfall parodies, Leopold regets to ever making those parodies, it can go worse for Leopold right?...well...Hitler...finds out about his parodies and decides to wipe him out of the map...but as Leopold, he fails at it. 7/7/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
14 AGK plays Tetris After a visit of his cousin Leon and being forced to leave his PC, Leopold finds an old copy of tetris. 10/7/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
15 AGK takes the Stupid Quiz Leopold takes a test that grades how smart or stupid you are, take a guess what are gonna be his results! 14/7/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
16 AGK pranks his dad After being tired of his dad, Leopold decides to prank him as a revenge, however, as the quote says "Parents know everything", shit goes down. 18/7/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
17 AGK gets a virus Leopold has plans for his PC today but gets ruined by a virus that cause more damage than the "iloveyou" virus can do. 22/7/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
18 AGK cuts school Leopold decides to cut school to avoid his responsabilites. 30/7/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
19 AGK gets false flagged Leopold gets false flagged by other users and companies. 31/7/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
20 AGK goes camping Leopold (that is forced) and his family goes camping. 2/8/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
21 AGK's nightmare Leopold accidentaly watches a screamer and gets nightmare of it. 3/8/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
22 AGK has a lockdown drill The school has a lockdown drill and Leopold freaks out about it. 5/8/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
23 AGK gets babysat Leopold and his brothers gets babysitted by AGKavm2000 and KN65 for a night when his parents leave to revive their passion...However, Hitler sends Krebs and Burgdorf after Leopold to wipe him off the map...again. 6/8/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
24 8/8/2014
25 11/8/2014
26 AGK goes to the movies Leopold sneaks to the movies after his dad grounded him and can't see the movie for being young. 12/8/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
27 AGK watches funny videos After getting a severe punishment, Leopold watches funny videos to cheer up. 13/8/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
28 AGK stays late at school When his dad gets stuck in traffic, Leopold stays in school for a while...or day. 15/8/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
29 AGK does drugs A mysterious drug dealer, sells Leopold all kinds of drugs. 23/8/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
30 AGK goes to Detention Leopold gets sent to detention after misbehaving on his class. 29/8/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
31 AGK goes on Leonard tricks Leopold to go to a website that can damage your PC. 1/9/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
32 AGK goes to a Coke Freestyle Machine Leopold goes to a Coke Freestyle Machine to get some good ol'coke...but the machine doesn't takes his request. 4/9/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
33 AGK pulls the fire alarm Leopold gets dare to pull the fire alarm. 7/9/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
34 AGK falls in love  Leopold gets a girlfriend. 16/9/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
35 AGK pranks his family  Leopold gets pranked by his dad and little brother so he decides to give them back the prank...but goes wrong his revenge. 16/9/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
36 AGK tries to watch porn  While his family is not in home, Leopold tries to watch lesbian porn...but finds disgusting stuff. 16/9/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
37 AGK gets trapped in his closet Leonard traps Leopold in his closet. 25/10/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
38 AGK vs. Stephen Quire After getting framed by something he didn't do, Leopold tries to get revenge at Stephen Quire or the freakout kid...or could be other ? 27/10/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
39 AGK and the thunderstorm Leopold gets stuck in home during a thunderstorm. 5/11/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
40 AGK plays Outlast Leopold plays a creepy game called Outlast. 7/11/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
41 AGK gets pranked Leopold gets pranked. 14/11/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
42 AGK rants on things Leopold decides to have a take on rants...but his rants turns out worse than a VGCP rant. 17/11/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
43 AGK sees his life Leopold gets shocked by his keyborad and sees what are the causes of his anger and consecuenses if he keeps going on with that. 25/11/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
44 AGK plays Team Fortress 2 Leopold plays TF2 but encounters players that don't want him in the server. 29/11/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
45 AGK gets revenge on his dad After getting banned of playing TF2 by his dad, Leopold decides to get revenge at him by mocking him on Youtube. 8/12/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
46 AGK destroys the Go!Animate headquarters After getting tired of the godawful grounded videos, Leopold decides to destroy the go!animate headquaters...but even a shitty thing can have fanboys...and really rabid ones. 19/12/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
47 AGK plays Flappy Bird Leopolds plays a phone game called Flappy bird. 23/12/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
48 AGK's essay Leopold makes an essay but fails at his homework. he is given another chance to pass but instead of making one, he steals another essay from somebody. 29/12/2014 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
49 AGK tries to download Sony Vegas Pro Leopold tries to install Sony vegas but his bad luck betrays as always. 2/1/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
50 AGK's dad returns Harold comes back from Jail and a scared Leopold tries to hide somewhere. 3/1/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
51 AGK tries to sneak into the Team Underground Nightclub Leopold tries to sneak into the team underground nightclub after getting banned and tries to avoid getting caught by Pony captain and Pony leader. 4/1/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
52 AGK plays Crash Twinsanity After getting his games taken away, Leopold finds his lost copy of Crash Twinsanity for PS2 and completes it 100% 5/1/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
53 14/1/2015
54 30/1/2015
55 3/2/2015
56 4/2/2015
57 AGK vs. Angry Sims Kid A new kid called Sim moves to Leopold's school, A battle between him and Leopold breaks out. 23/2/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
58 AGK skips school Leopold skips school to avoid his responsabilities. 1/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
59 AGK pulls antics on Hitler Fegelein is going a vacation and Leopold replaces him to make antics on Hitler. 2/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
60 AGK plays Gunblood Leopold plays a flash game called Gunblood. 2/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
61 AGK blows up Harold's office After getting worried by Harold for some reason, Leopold blows up his office building. 3/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
62 AGK makes a YTP Leopold tries a take on always, turns out horrible. 4/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
63 AGK plays Happy Wheels Leopold plays a flash game called Happy wheels. 5/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
64 AGK goes on Xbox Live Leopold plays on Xbox live but other players trolls him on the servers. 6/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
65 AGK goes on Omegle Leopold tries to make friends on Omegle but finds people from known ones to...perverts. 8/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
66 AGK goes on Username 666 Leopold goes to a youtube user called Username god with you Leopold. 10/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
67 AGK plays Ultimate Maze Part of a new plan of Hitler, he sends 2 games that will make Leopold crap his pants, the first game he plays a sequel for the scary maze. 11/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
68 AGK plays Five Nights At Freddy's For the second game, Leopold plays the overrated game called FNAF. 13/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
69 AGK's new teacher After Fuxface goes insane, Leopold gets a new and temporal teacher...that turns out to be a familiar face. 14/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
70 AGK goes to hell Leopold dies and instead of going to heaven, he goes to hell. 15/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
71 AGK starts a foodfight at school Getting annoyed by a random student, this causes Leopold to start a foodfight. 17/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
72 AGK gets hacked Leopold gets hacked by someone mysterious, not only his social networks... 22/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
73 AGK starts a fight at school Leopold accidentaly starts a fight between the school bully and is forced to fight him. 28/3/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
74 AGK takes the Stupid Quiz again Leopold takes the stupid quiz again, is going to be an upgrade on his test ? 3/4/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
75 AGK plays Hong Kong 97 Leopold plays one of the worst games of all time, Hong Kong 97. 7/4/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
76 AGK watches 2 girls 1 cup A desperate Leopold forces Leonard to give his UT game back but as always, Leonard has a trick on his sleeves and tricks him into watching one of the grossest videos of all time. 10/4/2015 Mr. Trollinator AGKavm2000
77 AGK plays GTA V With no school today but responsabilities to avoid, Leopold plays GTA V. 3/5/2015 Mr. Trollinator AGKavm2000
78 AGK steals his dad's car After getting his PS4 destroyes, Leopold goes to stealing his dad's car. 15/5/2015 Christian Moehrle AGKavm2000
79 AGK hosts a wild party With no parents or brothers and sister on home, Leopold hosts a wild party on his house. 22/5/2015 Christian Moehrle AGKavm2000
80 AGK goes to military school After getting tired of Leopold's behaviour, Harold sents him to military school. 15/6/2015 Christian Moehrle AGKavm2000
81 AGK does a spelling test As part of a final test before summer, Leopold takes a spelling test so he can get a better the grade on his final test. 21/6/2015 Dat Andross Guy AGKavm2000
82 AGK watches the Psycho series With no new videos of his rival freaking out, Leopold watches the viral series called the Psycho series. 23/6/2015 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
83 AGK goes to the Internet Café After being force to let his little brother to use his PC, Leopold goes to a cybercafe to spend his time. 21/7/2015 Tanzim K AGKavm2000
84 AGK nukes his school A new school year is around the corner, and to avoid it Leopold blows his school...but life can turn "article-table fullwidth"s in the most unexpected time. 23/7/2015 Mr. Trollinator AGKavm2000
85 AGK vs. a stickfigure Leopold gets tricked to go to the park only to fight against a stickfigure. 25/7/2015 Kevin Valdez AGKavm2000
86 AGK vs. Jeff the Killer Leopold gets captured by Jeff the killer, now is time to Leopold to fight an even more powerful enemy. 30/7/2015 Mr. Trollinator AGKavm2000
87 AGK ignites a riot at school (AKA AGK's new school year) A new school year starts and Leopold gets so pissed that nothing around what happens on school change (Even in 9th grade) so he ignites a riot against his school. 9/8/2015 Christian Moehrle AGKavm2000
88 AGK goes to Chuck E Cheese's Leopold gets forced to go to Chuck E Chesse's for his little brother's birthday. 20/9/2015 Mr. Trollinator AGKavm2000
89 AGK gets a british nanny When Military school didn't worked, Harold resorts to a plan B to change Leopold's behaviour...get him a nanny. 28/2/2016 Christian Moehrle AGKavm2000
90 AGK goes to After getting told about a website called winterrowd, Leopold visits it to play fun games...not until a good scare happens to realize what is happening. 6/3/2016 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
91 AGK watches the K-Fee commercials After a rough evening being on the winterrowd website, Leopold gets a message sent to him to watch a couple of relaxing commercials to help him to deal with his nightmares...or make them worse. 30/3/2016 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
92 AGK gets his report card Leopold gets his report card with his failed grades, so he tries to hide the truth from his father 27/5/2016 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
93 AGK tries to fix his computer After the events of the report card, Leonard makes Leopold's PC useless which forces our angry kid to try to fix his PC...or make it even useless 24/6/2016 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
94 AGK makes a pivot video After being inspired by the platinum age of animation of youtube on 2007, Leopold makes his own pivot know what is gonna happen. 29/6/2016 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
95 AGK runs away After getting tired of a cruel, unfair and boring life, Leopold runs away from his home to start a new one, will he get the life he is wishing for? 25/7/2016 Tyler Bowman


96 AGK plays Slender Hitler (Under a mail of Gabe Newell) sends Leopold a fake message that he got a TF3 demo but in reality, it´s actually the popular 2012 horror game, Slender 27/7/2016 WrathriumXFears AGKavm2000
97 AGK vs Stephen Quire...Again After his little brother´s friends took one of his UT games to annoy him which causes a chase and destroys Stephen Quire´s gameboy in the progress, Leopold has to fight the WoW fanboy once again. 14/8/2016 AGKavm2000 AGKavm2000
98 AGK watches Fred Leopold watches one of the oldest and probably big annoyance and mockery icon youtuber: Fred. How is he going to react? 19/12/2016 Wyvern Wing AGKavm2000
99 AGK plays Trackmania After an awful experience with Fred, Leopold plays the addicting, high speed and fun racing game: Trackmania. 11/1/2017 mrdavidatify AGKavm2000
100 AGK's school bans computers Leopold´s school director, Drunkass gives the order to ban and forbid computers and technology from the school, which cause people to get punished for unfair reasons, now is up to Leopold to find a way to unban the computers! 25/3/2017 Simon Seal AGKavm2000
101 AGK plays ET for the Atari Leopold is forced by some weird force to play what's considered as one of the worst games of all time: ET for the atari 2600 15/6/2017 Simon Seal AGKavm2000
102 AGK tries to make a good video Getting tired of not getting that youtube fame, Leopold resorts to bandwagon into different youtube genres 4/1/2019 Simon Seal AGKavm2000
103 AGK plays Action 52 Hitler forces Leopold to play the worst game on the NES library: Action 52, will he make it through?
Simon Seal AGKavm2000
104 AGK goes to Buffalo Wild Wings Leopold goes to Buffalo Wild Wings but the service denies him service, will he manage to get his order?
Austin 3:16 AGKavm2000


105 AGK bills random credit cards Leopold uses Harold's various credit cards to buy random junk on Ebay.
Asuka Pickett
106 AGK serves community service After an incident involving the law, Leopold now has to server community service, will he be able to serve the community?
Tyler Bowman


107 AGK watches more creepy commercials After an incident on school, a classmate challenges to watch more creepy commercials, will Leopold survive a bigger marathon of creepy and disturbing commercials?
108 AGK plays No one can stop Mr. Domino Leopold plays one of the most bizarre yet challenging games on the PS1: No one can stop Mr. Domino
109 AGK vs Angry Japanese Kid Leopold, Jake and Ronald attempt to get back at the new student: Kaeru Otoko AKA Angry Japanese Kid
110 AGK false flags people on YouTube After getting jealous of other youtubers, Leopold attempts to flag down videos and channels
111 AGK, the documentary Balin The Wolf documates about the most interesting species: The Angry German Kid.
112 AGK plays cat mario

113 AGK gets a deadly virus

114 AGK gets another job

115 AGK takes the Stupid Quiz once again

116 AGK makes a deviantART account

117 AGK runs out of sausage eggs

118 AGK stays at home with his brothers

119 AGK gets annoyed by the cutie mark crusaders

120 AGK gets sick

121 AGK gets locked in his room

122 AGK watches ghost videos

123 AGK has a bad day

124 AGK cheats on his test

125 AGK does his homework

126 AGK opens a lemonade stand

127 AGK and Fegelein pull an antic on Hitler

128 AGK annoys people on Facebook

129 AGK tries to order a pizza

130 AGK's deathly nightmare

131 AGK watches Daxter5150

132 AGK gets another revenge on his dad

133 AGK vs his dad

134 AGK´s paranormal night

135 AGK tries to make a loquendo video

136 AGK vs AGK

137 AGK and the future

138 AGK has a weird dream

139 AGK and the bus hijack -
141 AGK plays Mario Party

142 AGK plays on a football game

143 AGK starts streaming

144 AGK's hangover

145 AGK clones himself

146 AGK's school dance

147 AGK takes a tough challenge

148 AGK's city gets attacked

149 AGK vs AGK, the final round

150 AGK's last stand

151 AGK in the void

152 AGK returns

153 AGK gets late for school


Number Title Date Watch
1 AGK the movie TBC
2 AGK the movie 2 TBC


Number Title Date Watch
1 AGK's Halloween special 31/10/2014
2 AGK's Christmas special 24/12/2014
3 AGK's Christmas special 2 24/12/2015
4 AGK's Halloween special 2 31/10/2016
5 AGK's Thanksgiving special 27/11/2016
6 AGK's Christmas special 3 24/12/2016
7 AGK's Halloween special 3 31/10/2017
8 AGK's Thanksgiving special 2 27/11/2017
9 AGK's Christmas special 4 24/12/2017


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Progresses and sneak peaks



  • Some of his old 2013 episodes got filled with comments from a troll who imposters Leopold and Hitler.
  • AGKavm2000's favorite AGK episode so far is #100 and #102 due to not only being funny and well edited but because shows how far he has come as a parodist.
  • AGKavm2000's least favorite AGK episode so far is #41: Angry German Kid gets pranked due to it being a lazy episode with no story. He attempted to disown the episode but because it's continuity nod in episode 91, it can't no longer be possible to do
  • His most popular AGK episode is #10: Angry German Kid tries to upgrade his computer.
  • His least popular AGK episode is #55: Angry german kid plays Crash Twinsanity (part 4).
  • AGKavm2000 got a CG strike back on May 29th, 2015. He got another one back in December 4th, 2018.
  • AGKavm2000 is always optimistic about things, even if someone or something tries to ruin his day, he knows that the next day will be better.
  • AGKavm2000 created his first account back when he was 13 (today he is 20).
  • AGKavm2000's original mascot was a stickfigure, however, due to the character not being interesting, he decided to replace him with a pony OC, now known as the beloved Pony video maker in December 18th, 2013. 4 years later (December 18th, 2017), AGKavm2000 decided to create a 2nd mascot, A Sonic/Furry OC by the name of Balin The Wolf.
  • AGKavm2000 takes his time to make his videos so he can deliver quality content
  • AGKavm2000 HATES GoAnimate for obvious reasons.
  • AGKavm2000 is a huge gamer, from being fan of franchises like Mario, Sonic, Crash, Halo, Portal, etc. to knowing unknown games like Einhander, Tomba! and No one can stop Mr. Domino
  • AGKavm2000 dislikes FNAF. He only considers the first game to be the most tolerable one due to aleast it's original concept (BACK THEN!)
  • The way AGKavm2000 gives the spotlight to Pony video maker and Balin The Wolf is by creating art on his DeviantART, Character's twitters and Tumblr. He gives them their occasional video on the channel
  • AGKavm2000 has a burning passion for the UTTP and VGCP
  • One of the few parodists to reach 100 episodes.
  • Most involved parodist on the AGK community
  • Won the parodist award, 3 times
  • Won an Unterganger award
  • One of the four burecrats of the AGK wiki (The other one is UsefulAGKvideos, Fabrice Rockman and Travrinity)
  • Current owner of the AGK discord server

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