AGK Series 1 1. AGK Goes To School 2. AGK Gets Revenge On His School 3. AGK Plays Scary Maze Game 4. AGK Plays SMB 5. AGK Plays Counter Terrorist 6. AGK'S New School 7. AGK Pranks His Dad 8. AGK vs ASK 9. AGK'S Dad Gets Bieber Fever 10. AGK And The Big Storm And Tornado AGK Series 1a 11. AGK Takes the Stupid Quiz 12. AGK vs Gio Compario 13. AGK Gets A Virus 14. AGK Watches GFE 15. AGK Cuts School 16. AGK vs KillerNinja65 Part I 17. AGK vs KillerNinja65 Part II 18. AGK Watches iMichael 19. AGK Has a Lockdown 20. AGK Plays Super Mario World AGK Series 2 21. AGK'S New Principal 22. AGK Escapes From Juvey 23. AGK Writes An Essay 24. AGK vs Stephen Quire 25. AGK Goes On Chat Roulette 26. AGK Plays Granny Chapter Two 27. AGK Plays Lester The Unlikely 28. AGK Plays SMB2 29. AGK Watches Suicidemouse.avi 30. AGK Finds Out About K-POP 31. AGK Plays Ratatouille Part I 32. AGK Plays Ratatouille Part II 33. AGK Plays Tiny Toons Adventures 34. AGK Kills The Angry Homo Kid 35. AGK Goes To Jail 36. AGK Plays Action 52 37. AGK Watches Fred 38. AGK Plays WW2 Battle Simulator 39. Hitler Bans K-POP + AGK Bans K-POP 40. AGK Plays Metal Gear ACT I: AGK Rebooted 41. AGK vs Metal Sonic 42. AGK Gets Beaten Up By Townies AGKM 43. AGK Gets Revenge On Townies AGKM 44. AGK Retakes The Stupid Quiz 45. AGK GOES To Haunted Mansion 46. AGK Installs Windows 8 47. AGK Tries Online Dating 48. AGK vs AJK 49. AGK Plays Kung Fu 50. AGK Goes To Hell Act II: The Inglorious Arrives To Germany 51. AGK Gets Impostered On YouTube 52. AGK Tries To Troll AGKsVideos 95 53. AGK Begins Summer 54. AGK'S Homework 55. AGK Watches Fat Kids On YouTube 56. AGK Goes To Little Caesars 57. AGK Returns to School 58. AGK Plays QWOP 59. AGK Watches Gingers Do Have Souls 60. AGK Plays Mega Man NOT YET EPISODES

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