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AdibMusic HQ (Adib Ilmiawan) is an Indonesian music enthusiast, Celestia add-on creator, cartoonist, and video maker. He is underrated YouTuber due to view


Originally joined in 2016-2017 (As NeptunePro), 2017-2018 (As NeptunePro GamerTV), 2018-present (As AdibMusic HQ)\


When he joins social media

In 2013-2015, he had a wish to make his YouTube. His first creation was Size Comparison with Powerpoint 2007. In 2016, his account was created, and released his first Size Comparison video.

On January-June 2017, his name is NeptunePro, because due to his favorite planet because a pro user. He makes video out of his enemies, random Buddypoke video, and Doupai face. But in June 2017, his account got terminated.

It was also began to create his plushie video due to after watching TheSuperPlushybros' video.

On 2017, he began to create his DeviantArt account, due to many deactivate account, he didn't verify e-mail first. Until late 2017.

On July 9th, 2017, his account was created back. Called "NeptunePro EDCP Returns". His video contains size comparison video, and random videos.

On October 2017, he create his main account called NeptunePro Official. But in June 2018, he closed his account due to being hated by all users for complaining about HTF icon.

Started from 2018, it was also began obssessed with HTF due to looking for Bea Koretkii's art in Google+ and his character cannot be drawed by her.

On June 22, 2018, he create his account back to apologize to other people at Google+. He lost his friends due to people who denied his apologize, maybe Milwaukeeroadfan 2001 can be accepted his apology.

On July 19, 2018. He made a news about he changed his way to changed his look for 2018 since it was July 20.

When Google+ was shut down, he decide to open MeWe since 2019.

On late 2019, his Instagram account was create.

On Mid 2020, he began to be music enthusiast during he loves music and watches younger days video since late 2019.

On late 2020-2021, he began to create Evolution of music due to his obsession.

Now he had 2 different active account from YouTube, one of inactive and for the upload some videos on Google Drive (AdibMusic Others)

AGK Career

On 2014, he began to watch Angry German Kid plays Scary Maze Game.

On 2016, he was upload Angry German Kid watches Illusion of Bias, but failed to upload during his behavior.

On 2021, he began to create his AGK episodes due to obsession after watches PVMAGKVideos and Santiago Reveco Lepe's video.





Season 1

All AGK Series
No Title Summary Release Date
1 AGK Watches Final Surgery 2.0
2 AGK Plays Geometry Dash
3 AGK Plays Chipper & Sons Lumber Co