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He is known as the Angry German Kid. The video has been disliked by many... It makes me look stupid and the moron Leopold is to blame.”
Adolf Hitler on TheKewlOne96's AGK Series

Adolf Hitler, born on 20th April 1889 and died on 30th April 1945. Hitler was a German politician and the leader of the Nazi Party. He is the main character of Downfall and in some cases, he's either Leopold Slikk's closest ally or mortal frenemy. In real life, Hitler was a veteran of World War I. He was responsible of the deaths of millions of people (especially Jews) during the Holocaust. There are mainly 2 Hitlers, from 2 different films used in parodies.


Atarster's AGK Series

Hitler is a frenemy of Leopold and is also called "Sh*tler" by Leopold himself in the series.

  • in Episode 125, at McDonald's, Hitler wants to take his order. Surprisingly, his boss hires him.
  • in Episode 143, he brainwashes his best friend, Noah, hoping that he would defeat Leopold, but he's quickly freed.
  • Then, in Episode 144, they defeat Hitler and he is sent to Hell. A demonic parody of Donald Trump can be seen as he never tortures Hitler.

PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series

Hitler doesn't appear in his series often. But he has made a few appearances

In Episodes 12 to 14 of the original series, He sets up some robots to kill Leopold and PSF. However, Leopold destroyed them.

In Episode 16 of the original series, He comes into the thrift store Leopold is working at, along with everyone from his bunker. He only sells what Fegelein wants, causing him to get fired.

In Episode 10 of his rebooted series, Hitler goes out on purge night in a Jigsaw costume to kill Leopold, until he finds out that John (In the Freddy Fazbear suit), Henry (The Clown), Jade the Rabbit, and Ruby the Dragon already beat him to it. He gets hooked, loses his costume, and is then met by Fegelein, who gives him to a bunch of psychos that beat him with baseball bats.

AGK89's AGK series

Dolfy Hitler is a mix and match whenever he is AGK's friend or enemy.

  • In episode 20, He acknowledges he is scared of heights, Calls Jodl a dumbass and wants to see his brain fall out, Screams in Burgdorf's ear and calls him the n-word.
  • In episode 27, He sends Leopold a link to a playlist full of scary videos, which he successfully does.
  • In episode 38, He replaces Miss Clark as Leopold's teacher. He calls Leopold a "little prick" and gets angry at him screaming. He insults and threatens to beat all his students up for laughing at him, he then plays Terraria and Yukito and Leopold later catch and film him masturbating. They show this to Mr. Suxdikz and fires Dolfy. His mother later grounds him for two weeks because of this incident.
  • In episode 39, He gets angered by his generals and ignores them giving him advice on playing Five Nights at Freddy's, then he throws a big rant about the franchise and its fanbase.

AngryGermanKid82's AGK Series

Hitler was Leopold's temporary school teacher. He discovered Leopold when he tried to find a job. After quitting his job he started making several attempts on his life.

  • In episode 52, he replaced Ms. Sukscox because of Leopold's unacceptable behavior.
  • In episode 57, Harold asked him to babysit Leopold.
  • In episode 65, he sent Leopold a copy of Action 52 and Cheetahmen II in an attempt to traumatize him. Unlike most of his other attempts, this was a moderate success.[1]
  • In episode 70, he sends two Terminator robots of Mrs. Sukscox and Principal Diknoz to kill Leopold. However this attempt is thwarted thanks to Fegelein using Leonard's spare USB flash drive containing a virus.[2]
  • He was set to reappear in episode 74, where he sends Leopold a link to a game called Cat Mario.[3] This episode was never finished before the series was cancelled.

Harold For Hire

Hitler takes the role of a McDonalds customer. He complained that his burger had a bone fragment, and called Harold an "overweight ape". Angered, Harold punched Hitler and slammed the cash register on his head. Having had enough of the rude cashier, Hitler complained to Harold's boss about what he had done to him, causing Harold to get fired.

TheKewlOne96's AGK Series

Hitler is one of the protagonists of this series. He initially attempted to kill Leopold in his first appearance, but he soon gave it up. He teamed up with Leopold against Justin three separate times.

  • In episode 14, he found out that Leopold had made one of the worst parodies of him, at that point and attempted to assassinate him. However, he was spotted by a police officer and forced to flee.
  • In episode 20, after Fegelein caught Bieber Fever, he teamed up with Leopold to kill Justin.
  • In the first Angry German Kid Movie, Invasion of the Bieber Fever Army, he teamed up with Leopold and Harold against a rebuilt Justin Bieber and the Bieber Fever Army.
  • In episode 32, Leopold hired Hitler to use the Pencil of Mass Destruction to blow up his old school, then gave Hitler his broken computer as a charge. Furious, Hitler swore revenge.
  • In episode 40, Hitler used the Pencil of Mass Destruction on Leopold, killing him and sending him briefly to Hell. However, the denizens of Hell became so annoyed by the immature Leopold, Satan revived him and sent him back to his home.
  • In episode 41, Hitler became Leopold's principal after the death of the previous principal, Suckson Dikshitt, at the hands of Justin Bieber.
  • In episode 47-50, he teamed up with Leopold against Justin once again, however he was unable to assist him due to Gunsche accidentally locking them both in the office..

Another Hitler, this one from Inglorious Bastards, also appeared in the series, who played the role as the superintendent.

Margaretka4356's AGK Series

Hitler was principal of Leopold's school until episode 101, where Leopold gets expelled from his school. It is unknown if he will appear again. His voice can be heard in episode 114, when he tries to call Michelle Suxapingas on her phone, but she lost it in the elevator, but Leopold picked it up and later gave the phone to Emily, he calls Emily a stupid creature and she says she isn't a stupid creature and calls him "Moustache Prick". Before he could form a response, she hangs up.

Pauladrian360's AGK Series

Hitler was revived by Albert Wesker and became the monstrous Tyrant Hitler. He also made a cameo in AGK in the Future in the Episode "Leopold and the Iron Tager" doing Toasty parody from Mortal Kombat. He later returned in Episode 26 as Hitlesis.

NajibTheChamp's AGK Series

Hitler first appears instructing his henchmen to break Leopold's PC and PlayStation 3. He sends Burgdorf to carry out the dastardly deed, but Leopold and Captain PS injure him, infuriating Hitler.

Mario167100's AGK Series

Hitler died in 1945 but due to fact Elizabeth (yes, from BioShock) made a tear to our universe and our Hitler fell into it, while the dead Hitler from the AGK universe went to our universe. During his trek to rupture in 1954, he drank the beer of life and became immortal but he can still be killed by weapons and stuff.

TheCrazinessCat's AGK Series

He first appeared in Episode 8 where Hitler took over Mrs. Chochy+1 Puppy's place as the teacher since Mrs. Chochy+1 Puppy (the old teacher in this series) didn't feel 100%. Hitler later released Leopold's annoying & uncontrollably bad behavior and sent him to principal Cat+1 Kitty's office. Afterwards, they fought each other in a battle and both have not been getting along since.

BlueNewton's AGK Series

He first appeared in episode 18 remake by him had a Mario head which Fegelein changed his head. His voice was in the original episode 18 but with Mario head voicing him.

DrLuigiGamer2001's AGK Series

Adolf J'Dolfy Hitler was born on April 30th, 1959. He trolled his minions a lot. His favorite beverage is whiskey. He thinks that smashing Fegelein's head makes him dead but that's not true, because Fegelein made a dead ringer watch, so Fegelein will still fake his own death, even when he gets hit by the Pencil of Doom. Fegelein also stole Hitler's bank money as an Antic. He also gave Hitler a meal mixed with pepper and mint.

Fegelein called him Dolfy the Shitler. Hitler was so much racist to everyone He also called Jodl on his surname (Jodl Baldy Mcshinyhead)

I am Dead's AGK Series

Hitler first appeared in Episode 3 as Leopold's Principal he still appears regularly on the show and is the Antagonist which has the most appearances on I am Dead's AGK Series

Adrenaline21's AGK Series

The Hitler Adrenaline21 use is from Downfall. Hitler makes his debut in Episode 7. Hitler is treated by Adrenaline21 as Hitler cosplayer while Leopold Slikk and Johnny Fort Spieler are treating him as the evil teacher that makes them tortured.

In Episode 23, Togsy mentions him before he takes the fight with Leopold. During Leopold's sleep, He appears along with Barney, Indosiar and BND of Doom as Sonic.exe takes him into his house. Leopold defeats them easily just using his "Rampage".

In World Tour Arc, Hitler teams up with Togsy to do their evil plans such as destroying Leopold's crew spaceships, using Pencil of Doom when Justin Bieber tries to hypnotize the women, etc.

In Episode 37, after Justin Bieber's defeat, Hitler sends Togsy into Dark World due to their teamwork failure to ruin Leopold's life. Hitler challenges Leopold into the battle and he loses after taking the results. Then, Leopold performs "Overdrive" with Johnny to make him go away further into Führerbunker.

In Episode 60, he makes his appearance on the credits scene.

In AGK in BND of Doom's Basic Math Education (an OVA crossover between Adrenaline21 and GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series), Hitler appears as the principal for BND of Doom's school. He acts similar to Principal of the Thing from Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning as he gives Leopold and his friends detention with 15 seconds due to they break the rule.

In GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Movie: Road to Final Mix and Power Up crossover, Hitler returns again as the main antagonist along with Togsy to do exact revenge after what Leopold's crew did to them during World Tour Arc by using their ultimate weapon, Exo.

In AGK Show 2, Hitler always the main antagonist of this series and he has his forms such as:

  • Hitlercula, this form happens only in "Vampires in Berlin" as Hitler has been hypnotized by Dracula and he began to terror the city by biting an officer guy, then, Hitlercula victims bit every population into vampires until the remaining such as Leopold's crew. This form has been reverted by Johnny's anti-vampire gas.
  • Hitlernos, this form happens only in "Hitlernos" episode as Johnny and Fegelein prank him with their antics. When the "Spiel-Fegel-Super Potion" hits into him, Hitler himself transform into "Hitlernos" (a portmanteau of Hitler and Thanos) and he starts to rampage to Johnny and Fegelein. Soon, the duo runs into Leopold's house as they need him and his friends to fight the mad titan "Hitlernos" by pour the "Spiel-Fegel-Super Potion" to become superheroes such as DCD-Leopold, Bat-Noah and Wizard-Spencer. After Hitlernos' defeat, this form reverts into Hitler again alongside with the superheroes, which they revert theirselves into their normal form.

Icepenguins101's AGK Series

Hitler was a minor antagonist in Adventures before becoming overshadowed and replaced by Mannerheim. He would later return to Reloaded as a member of The Bastards to destroy The Slikks after his false death in AGK Movie, which was referenced in Unleashed episode 6 (Angry German Kid watches Osama bin Laden).

GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series





  • In 2009, parents of New Jersey tried to call their son Adolf. Unfortunately, this name got forbidden.
  • It is revealed that he loved Walt Disney's "Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs". He also drew Dopey & Sleepy.
  • He also likes painting as seen here.
  • Adolf Hitler is one of the recurring characters in AGK series other than Leopold and Jake to appear. However, there are some exceptions like AGKandRockman2001, he doesn't want to put Hitler into his AGK series because it's an offense to World War 2.
  • His GamerTag is DAHFuhrer45.