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Adrenaline21 is an underrated AGK parodist who has joined into the AGK Community since June 2017.

The original user of Adrenaline21 has been owned by someone before he/she retired and Adrenaline21 (AGK parodist) took that name.


Prior to his AGK career

Before he made an episode of AGK Series, he started to open YouTube on 1st April 2015 as his current Google account that had been made.

On 10th January 2017, Adrenaline21 made a video of "Evil BND" on Filmora, which he exported to YouTube for the 1st time. Later, Adrenaline21 made few of "annoying things".

On 16th June 2017, he made another Viacom BND of Doom's variations with Sonic.exe of Doom.

During his AGK career

6 Days later, on 22nd June 2017, as he joined into the Angry German Kid wiki as Adrenaline21. By the name of it, Adrenaline21 changed the Google account name and he made the 1st AGK episode as "AGK meets Johnny Fort Spieler" on Filmora but he released his 1st episode to YouTube on 23rd June 2017.

He made the later episodes (2,3,4 and 5) until ended on 2nd July 2017. Adrenaline21 was planning to make new episodes, characters and seasons before he went into his 1st year of Senior High School.

On 6th August 2017, Adrenaline21 made the 6th episode and he got another copyright claim. Because of the copyright claim, Adrenaline21 made a solution to avoid the claim by putting the un-copyrighted music and videos like he did with episodes 3 and 5. The fixed ones would due on 8th August 2017.

Adrenaline21 couldn't finish his season 1 episodes because he had his trouble with his new school until he ended his season 1 episodes at Episode 19 & 20 (although episode 19 had been created earlier before 20) on 25th December 2017 (Christmas 2017).

On 18th January 2018, he made the preview of his season 2 premiere episode on Vegas Pro. The actual release of his season 2 premiere was on 20th January 2018.

The 22nd episode was released on 2nd February 2018 (As "AGK: Christmas Special Re-release", he put the wrong date as 1st February 2018) because of his YouTube release date.

After February 2018 Incident, he went on a short hiatus for 3 months to make AGK episodes again.

In June 2018, Adrenaline21 got many copyright claim for his Season 1 episodes.

On 11th July 2018, he released his "AGK meets Johnny Fort Spieler (Remake)" as his return to the AGK career.

After his Episode 1 remake's release, Adrenaline21 went back into his hiatus again due to his school things and recently, his laptop got broken by the appearance that made him couldn't work as he planned. So, Adrenaline21 would return after the repairment of his laptop depending on his chance.

After his laptop repairment has done in the 2nd week of December 2018, Adrenaline21 would announce the deadline for his Episode 23's release on a day before Christmas but unfortunately, Episode 23's release got delayed again.

Because of his current condition, Adrenaline21 wasn't motivated at all as an AGK Parodist. So, he would take a year of hiatus in order to finish all of episodes from Season 2 and 3.



  • Fabrice Laroche (Season 2)



  • DanyRoar (in "The Transferred Students" remake, he's shown as Fugo with BND of Doom on his shirt)
  • Bullies
  • Bully #1 (Indonesian senior high school student with Okuyasu's head)
  • Bully #2 (Okuyasu's body with BND of Doom's head)
  • Waiters/Waitresses
  • Waiter #?? (A waiter with Polnareff's head)
  • Waiter #?? (A waiter with Trussardi's head)
  • Waitress #1 (An anime waitress with Narancia's head)
  • Waitress #2 (An anime waitress with Trish's head)
  • Akira Otoishi Fangirls
  • Fangirl #? (A fangirl with Yukako's head)
  • Man #? (A man with Hitsugaya's body and Koichi's head)
  • News Reporters
  • N. Reporter #?? (A reporter that shown on TV with Lisa Lisa's head)
  • Fugo Kurosaki (Pannacotta Fugo + Ichigo Kurosaki)


Season 1 (AGK Parody Show)

Note: This is just the summary, all of remaining episodes are created as soon.

No Title Summary Link Release Date
1 AGK meets Johnny Fort Spieler
  • Original: 06/23/2017
  • Remake: 07/11/2017
2 Original:

Leopold joins Johnny to watch Madan Senki Ryukendo in his PC but he tells Leopold about copyright permissions about the show they watch. After several episodes end, Leopold gets angry until he smashes Fegelein's head.


Leopold has an email sent by Johnny to watch all of MGM Lions from 1917-present (2011). How Leopold reacts to all of them? Find out.

  • Original: 06/23/2017
  • Remake:
3 Vs Barney part 1 Similar to Episode 2, Leopold watches JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with Johnny in his house. After the show has changed into Barney,

he comes from the TV that makes them shocked. Then, Johnny goes to outside with Leopold and Barney to fight on outside of his house. Until the end, Johnny says "that damn dinosaur" has high HP

(100000 HP).

4 Vs Barney part 2 In episode 3, Leopold and Johnny are trying to prevent Barney from their 0 HP with their weapons. Before the end of this episode,

Johnny successfully tricks him with his Viacom BND of Doom antic prank (Mentioned from Episode 1) from Barney's hug to Leopold and himself.

5 Vs Barney part 3 After Episode 4, Barney (now, in BND of Doom form) scares Leopold and Johnny in the garage. Then, Johnny joins Leopold to finish

him with their Overdrive. Next, Leopold wants Johnny finishes him off with Spiel-Exploder. On their victory, they'll go to the TV room.

6 AGK meets Adrenaline21 Adrenaline21 has his activities from his school while Leopold and Johnny, they're enjoying JoJo comics from Johnny's house. What happen if Adrenaline21 meets both Leopold and Johnny in 2011 using time portal?
  • Original: 08/06/2017
  • Updated: 08/08/2017
7 Adrenaline21's Quest Opposite from Episode 6, Leopold and Johnny are travelling to 2017 using Spiel-Portal for a quest from Adrenaline21.
  • Original: 08/27/2017
  • Updated: 08/28/2017
8 AGK meets The Newcomers in his school Similar to PrinceStickFigure's AGK Rebooted Episode 3 but the story is different a bit. After all of A21's quest are finished, Leopold and Johnny are going back to 2011 World. Next day of 2011 World, Leopold and Johnny are greeted by AKs (Spencer, Ronald and Kaeru) in Platanus School. 09/02/2017
9 AGK goes to KFC Leopold and Johnny are tired after they finish their chores. Principal Fegelein comes to bring Hitler into his office. Ronald, Spencer, Kaeru, Leopold and Johnny are going into KFC together at afternoon (probably 3 PM or 4 PM). 09/09/2017
10 AGK reads Bleach After eating KFC, Leopold and Johnny are go into his house by reading comics. Viacom BND of Doom scares him and beaten by Harold. Then, Leopold apologizes Harold and go to dinner. 09/15/2017
11 World Tour Concert of Harold Slikk Harold says bye to his sons and his wife (Gladys) when he gets his world tour concert in 2011 World. So, Leopold and all of AKs are invited to Johnny's house to watch Harold's world tour concert on his TV. 09/20/2017
12 Reactions of Scary Logos from AGK and Friends/Reactions of Sonic Mania from AGK and Friends (Icepenguins101's AGK Episode) When Harold still has his world tour concert until 20 December 2011, Leopold and friends are going to A21's house for watching Scary Logos on his laptop. 09/26/2017
13 AGK makes Baumkuchen After many horrible reactions of all boys about Scary Logos, Leopold wants himself to make baumkuchen but there's no oven in Adrenaline21's house, so Johnny helps Leopold to make Baumkuchen with Spiel-Food Scanner Box. 10/01/2017
14 The Antic Games 10/08/2017
15 The Return of Harold Slikk Description from YouTube. 10/12/2017
16 Adrenaline21's Birthday 11/05/2017
17 AGK's Winter Vacation After Leopold and his friends celebrate their christmas (Merry Christmas, Leopold OVA), Leopold must find the way to enjoy his Winter Vacation. 12/06/2017
18 The Truth about Supreme King of


19 Vs Supreme King of Antics part 1 In this episode, Johnny teleports Leopold, Adrenaline21, Spencer, Kaeru and Ronald into the ruined stadium (References to KoF

96). Both of them are trying to defeat him with their own weapons.

20 Vs Supreme King of Antics part 2 After episode 19, Kaeru, Adrenaline21, Spencer and Ronald got Knocked Out by Johnny. Until the last part of their fight,

Leopold remembers about the flashback about Overdrive then he performs it alone.


Season 2 (The AGK Show)

Pre-World Tour Arc Episodes

No Title Summary Link Release Date
21 Meet PrinceStickFigure After Leopold and friends are celebrating their New Year 2018 in 2017 World, suddenly PrinceStickFigure from 2014 World arrives in 2017 World along with Steve and Jade 01/20/2018
22 The Transferred Students After Leopold asks Adrenaline21 about his girlfriends, Adrenaline21 meets Alisa and Vanessa on his school. 02/02/2018
23 AGK's Nightmare After Adrenaline21 has a date with Vanessa at OTW restaurant, Adrenaline21 decides to meet Leopold bring his girlfriend while Leopold has been haunted by nightmare.

Will Leopold solves?

24 A Fox in the Forest After Leopold meets Jack and taking breakfast, all Leopold's crew members are discuss to decide who wants to go. Later, Team Johnny decides to go to the forest.

Inside the dark forest, there's an echo voice that represents Nick Wilde.

Will Nick accepts to become a crew member? Find out.

25 Case Breaker On the other side, Team Leopold will investigate around Zootopia CIty. The criminal named Duke Weaselton who stole the bootlegged DVDs inside the suitcase, being arrested by Jack and Vanessa. When the "Officer Judy Hopps" comes into them, Team Leopold escapes before being arrested for taking the suitcase.

What happened to Team Leopold? Find out.

26 AGK's Girlfriend Note: This episode inspired from Atarster, PrinceStickFigure and GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series.

After Team Leopold succesfully defeat Judy Hopps, they return to 2014 World Berlin Cafe and already eaten their lunch, except for Leopold Slikk.

When Leopold orders his food to waiter, a female Saiyan named Cauliflo wants to take him a date. Will the date happen? Find out.

World Tour Arc Episodes

No Title Summary Link Release Date
27 Leopold's crew in America part 1 After Leopold accepts Cauliflo to join into his crew and Justin Bieber's evil plans, Leopold's crew decide to go vacation on Canada, USA, Republic of Dominica (Ronald Suez's hometown) and Mexico (AGK&Videomaker2000's hometown) while the season is still Winter until 21st March 2016.

Meanwhile, Hitler and Togsy, inside their "Super Sentai/Power Rangers" robot alike, are planning to destroy Leopold's spaceships and Justin Bieber sneaks to kidnap the women by hypnotize them before Leopold's crew know his actions.

Will Leopold's crew stop Hitler, Togsy and Bieber's evil plans? Find out.

28 Leopold's crew in America part 2 After the winter ends on 21st March 2016 in Mexico, AGK&Videomaker2000's hometown, Leopold's crew decide to go into Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina to take vacation and follow the traces of Justin Bieber. Meanwhile, Hitler and Togsy's evil plans are failed due to their annoyance by Leopold's crew presence. Their evil plans will continue again.

Will the cycle continues? Find out.

29 Leopold's crew in Middle East and Africa
30 Leopold's crew in Oceania
31 Leopold's crew in Asia part 1 *Note: This episode has a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Josuke Higashikata's hair insult)
32 Leopold's crew in Asia part 2
33 Leopold's crew in Europe part 1
34 Leopold's crew in Europe part 2
35 Vs Justin Bieber part 1

Nova Arc Episodes

No Title Summary Link Release Date
36 Vs Justin Bieber part 2
37 Hitler's return
38 Vs Nova part 1
39 Vs Nova part 2
40 The Missing Slikkers After Nova's defeat from the 1st battle, Nova sends Leopold's crew to 2017 World Berlin. Nova calls Ugandan Knuckles tribe to kidnap the Slikkers from various worlds.

Will Leopold's crew find the Missing Slikkers? Find out.

Season 3 (The AGK Finale Show)

No Title Summary Link Release Date
41 Vs Atarster part 1 After Leopold's crew makes its seperate team, Team Leopold consists of Leopold himself, Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru are going to find Noah Riegel aka Atarster inside the Dark World.

When Spencer steps on the stair that leads into Noah's guard area, Noah appears in front of them and then, engage into the battle.

Will Team Leopold wins against Noah? Find out.

42 Vs Atarster part 2 After Team Leopold reduces Noah's life bar into half-yellow section, Noah still doesn't give up to defeat Team Leopold.

Will Team Leopold wins against Noah? Find out.

43 Vs GeneBernardinoLawl part 1 After Team Leopold's victory over Noah, Leopold speaks to his crew with Spiel-Communicator that his team will go into Gene Bernardino as its target.

Will Team Leopold wins against Gene? Find out.

44 Vs GeneBernardinoLawl part 2 Will Team Leopold wins against Gene? Find out.
45 Vs AGK82
47 Vs Joey Slikk
48 Vs AGK&VM2000
49 Vs Jayden Montoya
50 Vs PrinceStickFigure part 1
51 Vs PrinceStickFigure part 2
52 Vs AGKandRockman2001 After Team Steve wins against James, Steve speaks to Johnny with Spiel-Communicator that there's a member remaining named Fabrice. Then, Johnny decides his team-mates who will fight Fabrice.

After the decision, Adrenaline21 aka Al is the one who fight him alone. So, Jack and Johnny give their weapon to Adrenaline21, then, he enters into the portal that leads into the similar place as Kingdom Hearts' "Dive to the Heart".

An emotional battle between Al and Fabrice inside the Dark World begins.

Will Al solve the battle alone? Find out!

53 AGK vs Togsy After Fabrice's defeat by Al, all of Leopold's crew members gather into Adrenaline21's place.

Note: This episode has been inspired by GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK vs Aladdin.exe Trilogy.

54 Doppelgänger match part 1
55 Doppelgänger match part 2
56 Ugandan Knuckles Everywhere!! Note: This is a reference to "Toy Story" meme as Buzz points something to Woody as "X everywhere".

After Leopold's crew defeat their doppelgänger selves, they continue their trip into Nova's Throne but there's a tribe full of Knuckles' clones named Ugandan Knuckles. They always speak goofily and chase Leopold's crew. Will they escape from Ugandan Knuckles tribe? Find out.

57 Vs God Robot Nova Part 1 After Leopold's crew escape from Ugandan Knuckles tribe, they finally reach into Nova's Throne. Nova starts the battle without talk as his female form. Will they win against Nova's female form for the last time? Find out.
58 Vs God Robot Nova Part 2 After Nova loses the fight as the humanoid female form, Nova transforms himself into his true form, God Robot form. Will they endure before their lives being eliminated instantly? Find out.
59 Vs God Robot Nova Part 3 After some members of Leopold's crew are heavily injured and can't fight into the end, the remaining members are still endure. Will Leopold's crew finish Nova off into pieces and save the souls of Slikkers? Find out.
60 Epilogue After Leopold's crew victory over God Robot Nova and the successful rescue, the Slikkers and Leopold's crew are dispart to enjoy their peace.

The End.

The Angry German Kid: Final Mix

Alvaro De Vance Arc Episodes

No Title Japanese Translation Summary Link Release Date
61 The New Prologue 新プロローグ, Shin Puroroogu (The New Prologue)
62 Mission Start
63 Mission Still Continues Part 1
64 Mission Still Continues Part 2
65 Mission Still Continues Part 3
66 Mission Still Continues Part 4
67 Mission Still Continues Part 5
68 Last 10 Missions Part 1 十のファイナルミッション (パートワン) Juu no Finaru Misshon (Paato Wan) (10 Final Missions Part 1)
69 Last 10 Missions Part 2 十のファイナルミッション (パートツー) Juu no Finaru Misshon Paato Tsuu (10 Final Missions Part 2)
70 Mission Complete ミッションコンプリート, Misshon Konpuriito (Mission Complete)

The AGK Remastered Show

This show is different than the original series. This series usually remasters from other AGK Parodists, also he remasters his original AGK series episodes.


  1. This show's episodes are taken from Adrenaline21's AGK Show 1, Icepenguins101, Atarster, PrinceStickFigure, GeneBernardinoLawl, UsefulAGKHelper, AGK Megaman, TheKewlOne96 and AGK82
  2. The footages that Adrenaline21 will use are original for his own AGK Series while other AGK Series are fully-remastered
  3. For IP101's case, his AGK Episodes will be rendered on 1080p (Full HD) because of him switching his OS from Windows 10 to macOS Sierra, due to him becoming anti-Microsoft.
  4. All of the episodes in AGK: RS are 1080p (Full HD)
  5. In AGK: Remastered, there are an additional footages in video when Leopold and friends watch and after the show is over.
  6. Adrenaline21 uses Final Distance (M-Flo Remix) for the Adrenaline21, Atarster, GeneBernardinoLawl and PrinceStickFigure's footage trailer, opening, Final Distance (PlanitB Remix) for a replacement only and any Electronic Dance themed musics for ending in this show.

Angry German Kid: Remastered Show

No Episodes Summary Link Release Date
2 Problems in AGK's School This episode is taken from the 3rd episode in Angry German Kid Rebooted by PrinceStickFigure.
3 AGK vs The Annoying Chicken This episode is taken from 2nd series by Icepenguins101 and the footages are fully remastered.
4 AGK makes Sausage Eggs This episode is taken from 3rd series by Icepenguins101 and the footages are fully remastered.
5 AGK and Friends' reaction to Sonic Mania This episode is similar with the 12th episode of Adrenaline21's AGK Series but he gives this episode as Icepenguins101's AGK Series episodes.
6 AGK vs Pokegamerz9185 This episode is taken from 3rd series by Icepenguins101 and the footages are fully remastered.
7 AGK plays Minecraft. This episode is taken from the 3rd series by Icepenguins101 and the footages are fully remastered.
8 AGK's Computer Quest This episode is taken from the 12th episode of 2nd AGK Series by PrinceStickFigure.
9 AGK goes to McDonald's This episode is taken from the 125th episode of Atarster's AGK Series.
10 The transferred students This episode is taken from the 23rd episode of Adrenaline21's AGK Series
11 AGK in the concert This episode is taken from the 30th episode of Adrenaline21's AGK Series.
12 AGK babysits his brothers This episode is taken from the 79th-81st episode of Atarster's AGK Series.
13 The Horror and The Purge Story of AGK. This episode is taken from the 10th episode of 2nd AGK Series by PrinceStickFigure.
14 Antic Games This episode is taken from the 14th episode in AGK Season 1 (AGK: Parody Show).
15 AGK vs Zoey the Dog This episode is taken from the 13th and 14th episode of PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series.
16 AGK in Hell This episode is taken from the 131st episode of Atarster, 29th episode of Adrenaline21 and 5th episode of PrinceStickFigure's 2nd AGK Series.
17 Leonard Slikk's birthday Similar to the 17th episode of the 1st season in Adrenaline21's Original AGK Series but this episode takes the 48th and 49th episode of Atarster's AGK Series.
18 AGK's Nightmare This episode is taken from the 2nd episode in AGK Season 2 (AGK: Show) by Adrenaline21.
19 AGK vs Johnny Fort Spieler's Data Replica This episode is taken from the 4th episode in Angry German Kid: Final Mix by Adrenaline21
20 Happy New Year 2020 This episode is taken from the final episode in Angry German Kid: Finale Show by Adrenaline21.

Angry German Kid: Remastered Show 2

No Episodes Summary Link Release Date
1 AGK and Friends are playing in the bunker Episode 1 part 2
2 AGK in Asia part 1
3 AGK in Asia part 2
4 Case Breaker
5 AGK Escapes from his jail (GBL ver.) This is the 1st episode of GeneBernardinoLawl's episodes in AGK: Remastered Show Series.
6 AGK: Lost in Space part 1 (GBL ver.) 89 and 90
7 AGK: Lost in Space part 2 (GBL ver.) 91 and 92
8 AGK vs Max Headroom and Aladdin.exe part 1
9 AGK vs Max Headroom and Aladdin.exe part 2
10 AGK vs Max Headroom and Aladdin.exe part 3
11 AGK, Noah, Ratchet and Dante's Excellent Adventure part 1
12 AGK, Noah, Ratchet and Dante's Excellent Adventure part 2
13 AGK, Noah, Ratchet and Dante's Excellent Adventure part 3
14 AGK, Noah, Ratchet and Dante's Excellent Adventure part 4
15 AGK vs ASK IV: Roads to the Tomorrow AGK Reloaded
16 Leopold vs Harold AGK Reloaded
17 The Bastard's Main Bunker AGK Reloaded
18 AGK vs Mannerheim: The 1st AGK Reloaded
19 AGK vs Mannerheim, The Finale This episode will be the last Icepenguins101's episodes of AGK Remastered and taken from S4EP22m.
20 Final Episode After all of them ended their own requests, to be continued...

Angry German Kid Quiz


No Title Summary Release Date
1 The Common AGK Series
2 Atarster's AGK Series
3 AGK Megaman's AGK Series
4 PrinceStickFigure's AGK Series
6 AGKandVideomaker2000's AGK Series
7 Icepenguins101's AGK Series
8 PaulAdrian360's AGK Series
9 GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series
10 Adrenaline21's AGK Series

Story Arcs

  • Pre-World Tour Arc
  • World Tour Arc
  • Nova Arc
  • Final Arc

OVAs and Movies

  • Merry Christmas, Leopold
  • AGK in BND of Doom's Basic Math Education (crossover with TDAGK2000's AGK Series)
  • AGK in BND of Doom's Camping (crossover with TDAGK2000's AGK Series, the sequel OVA)
  • Adrenaline21 x TheDankAGK200's AGK Series
  • Leopold's Crew in Bikini Bottom
  • AGK vs Sonic.exe
  • Angry German Kid Movie (GBL ver.)

What he Likes/Hates

What Adrenaline21 Likes

  • Kingdom Hearts (since his childhood)
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (current and he always using JoJo characters to make minor characters by his edit)
  • Popeye (since his childhood)
  • 2013 version of Mickey Mouse (he likes it since he was on junior high school age)
  • YuYu Hakusho (since his childhood)
  • Hunter x Hunter (since he was a 5th grader although he never watch it)
  • Hokuto no Ken (since his childhood)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! (since his childhood)
  • Good Slikkers (like Atarster, PSF, GBL, IP101, etc.)
  • Hanging out with Alisa and Vanessa (his AGK Series)
  • Dragon Ball (since his childhood)
  • Naruto (since his childhood)
  • 1 Piece (since his childhood)
  • Bleach (since his childhood)
  • TMNT (since his childhood)
  • Shonen Jump
  • Disney
  • Mario Series (only Mario Party series and SNES/GBA version of Super Mario Bros 3.)
  • Doraemon (since his childhood)
  • Crayon Shinchan (since his childhood)
  • Bima Satria Garuda
  • Kamen Rider
  • Super Sentai
  • Gintama
  • Sket Dance
  • Sonic Series
  • Boboiboy
  • Upin and Ipin
  • Tom and Jerry (since his childhood)
  • Hitler Parodies
  • Zootopia
  • Detective Conan (although he never watch or read the entire series, he's still like)
  • Pixels
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Shaun the Sheep
  • The Emoji Movie
  • Captain Underpants (both Novel and Movie)
  • Deviantville (his own series)
  • Learns foreign language (other than English) such as German and Italian.
  • Kingdom Hearts series
  • Mobile games
  • Annoying Orange (funny gore 3D cartoon to him)
  • AVGN
  • NC
  • His YouTuber friends in his school
  • Called as Al from now
  • Listening to music from some games and anime
  • Doing some personal things.
  • His new older brother figure
  • Frollo Show
  • Watching some good movies
  • Some subjects (like English and Biology)
  • Maths (formerly)
  • Cells at Work (due to related to Biology)
  • Minuscule (due to related to Biology)

What Adrenaline21 Hates

  • Drugs
  • Indonesian TV Shows (especially like Dahsyat and Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala due to the shows don't have good morals and less value of entertaining)
  • Indosiar (he hates the flying fish of doom, because the flying fish of doom gave him nightmares during his childhood)
  • Some children shows (he hates them due to he has no interest and the shows are too childish)
  • His grandmother's language (maybe she was unable to learn "Indonesian" although he shared the tribe with her, some of words he likes and some of words he hates)
  • Viacom BND of Doom (this is neutral to him)
  • Some scary logos
  • Exo (his series) [link, source or proof needed]
  • Something bad happens on his phone and Laptop
  • His retarded cigarette abuse uncle (since his childhood)
  • Japanese Alphabet (usually the dakuten "U" and small "U" for the "To"/"Do" letter combination, those 2 would make him sick than the pronunciation ones)
  • Bad parodists [link, source or proof needed]
  • Haris18 and his bunch of sockpuppets (like everyone else) [link, source or proof needed]
  • GoAnimate (formerly, when he was between a 7th and an 8th grader, he liked it. As from now, Adrenaline21 hates it due to he has no interest on GoAnimate like everyone else)
  • Anyone yell and getting mad at him (ex. His mom getting angry because he didn't finish school tasks earlier)
  • 5 Nights at Freddy's series (just like Atarster, only soundtracks he hates because he doesn't have interest to use its soundtracks)
  • Salty Spitoon meme (his worst meme on opinion)
  • Constant Emotional
  • Indonesian's pronunciation system of numbers (sick of shortened, except vehicle plate, phone and decimal numbers, etc. Its pattern should be same as English and other languages but they misuse it)
  • Some annoying class/schoolmates (he hates them due making noise, make him as their bait, act delinquent and swearing)
  • MM/DD/YYYY (He mostly hated this in alphanumeric format and he always prefered DD/MM/YY in alphanumeric form).
  • Small animals who makes him scared and act like a coward sometimes (such as cockroaches and centipedes).
  • Treated by someone as having mental disorders such as autism, schizophrenia, psychopath, ADHD, Asperger, etc.
  • Looking himself wearing glasses (not black lens aka shades) in front of the mirror, screens of electronic devices (such as TV, Phones, and Laptops).

Comparison with other AGK Parodists

A21 GBL Atarster PSF JM YS2016 AGK&R2001
A21 used classic style for episode 1 and 2 and modern style for episode 3 onwards GBL using modern style for all of his episodes. Atarster used classic style, then he shifted into modern style by episode 13 onwards. PSF used classic style for his AGK original series and modern style for AGK Rebooted Series JM used mixed style for both classic and modern YS2016 originally used classic style prior to Episode 3, most notably in "AGK Short #2".
Leopold's best friends are Jack Randolf (ASK) and Johnny. Leopold's best friends are 40T10, Jake, Hoppus. Leopold's best friends are Noah, Ratchet and Dante. Leopold's best friend is Jake Same as PSF. Leopold's best friends Jake Randolf, Sebastian Taito, and Alexis Kizumi
Leopold can transform into various forms through Keyboard Master Leopold can transform into various forms through Super KeyPower Leopold can transform into his demonic form only through "The Creator" N/A N/A Leopold and his allies can create Fusions or transform based on their elemental powers
2017 Parodist 2016 Parodist 2014 Parodist 2012 Parodist 2014 Parodist 2016 Parodist
Leopold's girlfriend is Cauliflo from Dragon Ball Super series. Leopold's girlfriend is Tailsko, a genderswap version of Tails from Sonic series. Same as GBL. Leopold's girlfriend is Katrina, a female counterpart of him. None of Leopold's girlfriend can be shown. Leopold's girlfriend is Serena Hiragi Same as GBL and Atarster
Has 4 series:

AGK Show 1 (Seasons 1-4)

AGK Show 2 (Seasons 1-3)

AGK Quiz

AGK: Remastered Show (Seasons 1-2)

Has 6 series:

Series 1 (Season 1-3)

Series 2 (Season 4-5)

Powered Up (Season 6)

Remastered Show

(Season 2-5 Remake)

NEXT (Season 7)

Has 2 series:



Has 2 series:



Has 4 series:





Has 4 Series:

Insane Adventures, Insane,

Insane Adventures 2,


Adventures: Director's Cut,

Insane Adventures: 4K Edition

Has ??? OVAs/Movies Has 3 OVAs/Movies Has 1 OVA/Movie Has 1 OVA/Movie Has 3 OVAs/Movies Has ??? OVAs/Movies
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Main antagonist in this series are Adolf Hitler, Supreme King, Nova, Exo, Alvaro De Vance, Paradox and Valkyria Main antagonist in this series are Barry (We Bare Bears), ???, To be continued..., ???, etc. ??? ??? Main antagonist in this series are Mannerheim, Annoying Chicken, ??? Main Antagonists are Adolf Hitler, Scarlet, Weegee, Master Hand, and Crazy Hand


  • Script: AGK Meets Johnny Fort Spieler

Pre-World Tour Arc (Season 2)

World Tour Arc

  • Script: Leopold's Crew in America Part 1
  • Script: Leopold's Crew in Europe Part 2
  • Script: Vs Justin Bieber

Nova Arc (Part 2)

  • Script: Vs GeneBernardinoLawl
  • Script: Vs Jayden Montoya
  • Script: Vs PrinceStickFigure

Nova Arc (Part 3)

  • Script: AGK vs Sonic.exe
  • Script: Vs God Robot Nova
  • Script: Epilogue

Final Arc


  • Script: AGK in BND of Doom's Basic Math Education
  • Script: AGK in BND of Doom's Camping


Songs He Used



  • Sonic Rebooted (2006)-His World, Episode 1-2, 6-17
  • Tales of Destiny-I Miss You~Director's cut ver.~, Episode 3
  • Rockman X5-Zero Space, Episode 4
  • Masked Rider DCD-Journey through the Decade, Episode 5
  • Zootopia-Try Everything, Episode 5
  • Tales of Phantasia-I Miss You~PSX ver.~, Episode 18
  • Rockman Zero 2-Awakening Will, Episode 21
  • Rockman Zero 2-Clover, Episode 22-36
  • Rockman Zero 3-Everlasting, Episode 37-39, Episode 41-52
  • Rockman Zero 4-Freesia, Episode 54-59
  • Rockman ZX-Innocence, Episode 61-70, AGK Movie: RtPU&FM, YS2016 x A21: Leopold meets Len Hirosaka, Leopold Slikk vs Johnny Fort Spieler: Final Battle OVA
  • ???-YS2016 x A21: Crossover OVA 2
  • Kingdom Hearts 2-Fantasia alla Marcia~HD 2.5 ver.~, Episode 20
  • Rockman Zero: Resonnant Vie-Awakening Will, Episode 40
  • Kingdom Hearts: World Tour Orchestra-The Other Promise, Episode 60
  • Sonic Forces-Double Boost, Episode 71-75 and AGK Show 2
  • Sonic Forces-Light of Hope, AGK: FM~The Movie~
  • Dearly Beloved-Reprise~HD 2.5 ver.~, Episode 20

Song Description

OP 1 (Episode 1-20):

Start as Adrenaline21 Parodies in Episode 1-5 (Adrenaline21 Presents in Episode 6-20) with simple animation and gradient of dark blue colored background (in Episode 6-20, the light leaks included).

Video clips from episode 3-5 are taken for Episode 6-11 and new video clips are added into the opening for Episode 12-20.

At the finishing scene, Wallpaper 1 shown up into the screen (Wallpaper 2 for Episode 16-20, Black screen with AGK: Parody Show logo for Episode 10-15)

Season 2 Premiere Special (Episode 21):

Start from the intro of GBL's AGK Series, then A21's AGK Series with the new ones and the clips from Season 1 Episodes, end at A21 says "Welcome to the Angry German Kid Show".

OP 2 (Episode 22-26):


OP 3 (Episode 27-34):


AGK vs Justin Bieber Special (Episode 35 and 36):


OP 4 (Episode 37-40):


OP 5 (Episode 41-52):


OP 6 (Episode 53-60):


OP 7 (Episode 61-70):


Final Mix~The Movie~:

  • All of the Multiverse Alliance members from Adrenaline21's AGK Series are looking at the clouds
  • Text (Face My Fears, Song by: Utada Hikaru feat. Skrillex (Cover by Family Jules feat. Adriana Figueroa)
  • The flame covers the screen
  • Logo (Angry German Kid: Final Mix~The Movie~)
  • The flame fades into the scene
  • The sky becomes darker and the thunderbolts appear everywhere as Valkyria activates "Universe Merger"
  • The thunderbolts soon become the universe sucking hole
  • Different characters from different AGK Series begin to have the same fate as Adrenaline21's (being sucked into a giant hole)
  • All of the characters from different AGK Series will have arrived at the entrance gate of Multiverse Battlefield
  • All of the characters from different AGK Series interact each other, then forming into the greater "Multiverse Alliance"
  • The entrance gate of Multiverse Battlefield opens
  • The 11 members from both Team Valkyria and Multiverse Alliance charge together in an opposite direction
  • Tanner summons his "Zombie Masks" towards Monika
  • Yuya reflects the masks that Tanner summoned as he protects Monika from danger
  • Hoppus jumps and attacks Tanner from above
  • Tanner reflects Hoppus' Carrot Magisword with his "The Lion of Terror" sword
  • Johnny attacks Tanner from behind with his "Spiel-Sword"
  • Yuya then slashes Tanner in an uppercut style
  • Exo launches his "Shockwave Energy Balls" on Leopold
  • Leopold slashes on Exo's Shockwave Energy Balls
  • Then, Leopold uses Keyboard Laser on Exo
  • Puccinort throws his disks on Hitler and Togsy
  • Togsy throws his Death Axe into Puccinort's disks
  • Hitler helps Togsy with his Monster Tank's energy balls
  • The disks that Puccinort threw at Hitler and Togsy, reflected back on him
  • Valkyria and his supporters appear
  • The 11 members of Multiverse Alliance notice at Valkyria and his supporters' appearance
  • Leopold begins to finish Valkyria and his supporters with Final Blow
  • All of Team Valkyria members vanished quickly as Leopold's Final Blow is powerful to them
  • The screen flashes
  • The screen goes into Leopold's face, then zoom out and the other characters appear around him at the "Blue Garden"

Which characters he can dub?

Adrenaline21's AGK Series

  • Adrenaline21
  • Leopold Slikk (AGK vs Sonic.exe, Season 4)
  • Johnny Fort Spieler (Season 4)
  • Jack Randolf (AGK vs Sonic.exe, Season 4)
  • Ronald Suez (AGK vs Sonic.exe, Season 4)
  • Spencer Grave (Season 4)
  • Kaeru Otoko (Season 4)
  • Steve Fort Demir (Season 2-3)
  • Jade "Adelia" Hopper (Season 2)
  • Sui von Dreissig (Season 2 and AGK: FM~The Movie~)
  • Cauliflo (Season 2-4 and AGK: FM~The Movie~)
  • Togsy (Season 2-4 and AGK: FM~The Movie~)
  • Narrator (Season 2-4, AGK: FM~The Movie~)
  • Nova (Season 2-4)
  • Exo (GBL's AGK Movie: RtPU & FM)
  • Valkyria (AGK: FM~The Movie~)
  • Zangetsu (Season 4)
  • Alvaro De Vance (Season 4)
  • Victoria De Vance (Season 4)

GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series

  • Roger Sims
  • Narrator (Both his series and AGK: FM~The Movie~, except AGK vs Fabrice: The Aftermath OVA with Travrinity's voice and AGK's Girlfriend with AGK&Rockman2001's voice)
  • Leopold Slikk (AGK: Christmas Special Re-Release, AGK Remastered Show)
  • Jake Randolf (AGK Remastered Show)
  • Jack Randolf (AGK Remastered Show)
  • Grizzly Bear (AGK: Christmas Special Re-Release, AGK Remastered Show)
  • Milo Prower (AGK: Christmas Special Re-Release, AGK Remastered Show)
  • Hoppus (AGK: Christmas Special Re-Release, AGK goes to camping (Remastered Only))
  • Max Headroom
  • Croyt
  • Barry (We Bare Bears)
  • Seller
  • Stephen Quire
  • Ronald Ramirez (AGK Remastered Show)

TheDankAGK2000's AGK Series (only in the crossover OVA)

  • Len Hirosaka
  • Jaden Mitsuki
  • Johnny Fort Spieler
  • Adrenaline21
  • José Suez
  • Spencer Grave
  • Yuto Kazuma


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  • Adrenaline21 is the Indonesian AGK Parodist that came out in 2017.
  • Adrenaline21 is the only one who released the AGK Comics of his series, GeneBernardinoLawl (since the comic version of "AGK helps(?)" was scrapped) and Icepenguins101's AGK Reloaded Series.
  • Adrenaline21 has delayed episodes like episode 6, 7, etc. in his AGK series.
  • Formerly, he had his dad since his birth. However, he died after he met him due to a potential disease (possibly, diabeetus).
  • In Episode 21 onwards, Adrenaline21 uses Vegas to animate.
  • As of March 2018, Adrenaline21 was busy due to school tasks and made him having short hiatus. So, he would return at his 11th grade. The July 2018 incident had the same issues for him. So, he would've gone hiatus again for the 2nd time.
  • Adrenaline21 has myopia since 4th grade. He used the glasses at 6th grade with scale 1.5. (2 for 7th-9th grade, 3 for 9th grade, 3.5 for 9th-10th grade, 3.75 and 4 for his current status).
  • Adrenaline21 is one of the only parodists that doesn't include Jake Randolf, the other is Privateer Bouncher.
  • As of late 2019, Adrenaline21 is recreating his AGK series, planned to be released by October 2021.