Adrenaline21's Quest is the 7th episode of Adrenaline 21's AGK series.


Leopold Slikk

Johnny Fort Spieler


DanyRoar (Voice Only, Debut)

Adolf Hitler (Debut)


Adrenaline21 hopes that Leopold and Johnny are coming to help him while the condition still rainy. Suddenly, Leopold and Johnny are arriving from the portal. Leopold and Johnny are asking to Adrenaline21 about Hitler is in his quest paper.

The next scene shows the outer of Balikpapan Plaza as Leopold and Johnny never visiting the place. Adrenaline21 introduces the place, then Johnny calls him to find Hitler immediately but Leopold asks about the path and he answers to Leopold as the shortcut path.

The next scene is Adrenaline21's discuss with DanyRoar. After DanyRoar goes into home, Leopold asks who's DanyRoar and Adrenaline21 answers to him that DanyRoar is a YouTuber like him that joined since 2017. Adrenaline21 wants himself to go find Hitler immediately and Leopold agrees.

At the behind part of Balikpapan Plaza, Adrenaline21 greets Hitler and asks about condition. Hitler answers that he's fine and Leopold shouts "Shitler!" into Hitler. Hitler gets angry from shouting his name from Leopold and he wants both of them are killed but Adrenaline21 gives the punishment to Hitler by get arrested and go into the jail. Adrenaline21 wants Leopold and Johnny are going into home and the agreements again.

Videos Used

Episode 3-5 (Intro)

Episode 6 (Outro)

Programs Used

Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 Pro

Wondershare Filmora ver 8.x

Music Used

Boss Intro (Rockman X8)

Afternoon Streets~Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ver.~

Wave of Darkness (Kingdom Hearts 0.2)

Rain SFX


  • This is the 2nd time that Adrenaline21 uploads the video more than 1 time since episode 6.
  • This is the 2nd time that Adrenaine21 delays his video to upload due to problems.
  • This is the 1st time Adrenaline21 has free from copyright claim since episode 1.
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