AgkVoiceActor is an Angry German Kid parodist who makes AGK videos and Voice act.


Born in Chicago Mexican September 22 2006 known for being annoying, taking out smf and pizza pie, being a voice actor for atarsters series, and making a rap. Inspirations are ozzypippin, xAgk, Atarster, PrinceStickFigure, and Jeneziz. Agk style 21st century and classic agk likes watching One Piece and Bnha, likes to play games, Voice for atarster, xAgk, and other parodist.

Join this community on april 22 2019

28th Member of the AKM Family.

Owner of another Subgroup called the Blue AKM. (Discontinued)


Leopold Slikk

Who plays a lot of games, beating people up

Harold Slikk

The abuser

Leonard Slikk

The annoying brat

Leonidas Slikk

Goofy man child


# Title Uploaded Watch
1 AGK Checks his classes 8/12/2020
2 Leopold goes to school 8/13/2020
3 AGK plays sonic 1 8/26/2020
4 AGK plays sonic 2 8/27/2020
5 AGK plays UFC mobile 8/27/2020
6 AGK plays sonic CD 8/28/2020
7 AGK plays sonic 2 part 2 8/28/2020
8 AGK plays sonic 2 part 3 8/28/2020
9 AGK plays baldi's basics 8/28/2020
10 AGK plays sonic.exe 8/29/2020
11 AGK plays sly cooper 8/30/2020
12 AGK plays sonic.exe part 2 8/31/2020
13 Leopold plays knuckles chatoix 11/16/2020



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