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Alexandra "Alexis" Madrona Fukuda-Kizumi (アレクシス・マドロナ・福田木済 ;Arekushisu Madorona Fukuda-Kizumi|Alt. 木済 アレクシス; Kizumi Arekushisu) is a female magical butterfly girl who likes to be with her cousin Sebastian Taito, be with her friends, use social media, and more.


Born 1 year after her older cousin, she loved to watch Dora, Barbie, My Little Pony, and other girl shows when she was little. Sebastian has been very close to her throughout their lives.

In 2007, she met a cat girl who thought she was very cute and they both became friends.

They met a German kid, but because of his attitude at the time, she didn't like him, neither did Sebastian until 2014. Later on she and Leopold started getting bullied by another kid who acted much worse. Her older cousin had to threaten the bully revealed to be Stephen Quire to make him stop bullying. She has gone through depression and anxiety in the past due to being bullied back in March 2015, but went away by August of 2015. Alexis also used to go to Puerto Rico during the summer with one of her aunts from 2007-2017.

She almost died in 2018 after a bully shoved an insect down her throat, causing her to collapse 30 seconds later due to violent disease caused by the insect.


Alexis is an energetic and very caring teenage girl with many friends who care about her. Alexis loves being with her cousin Sebastian since he's been with her throughout her life. She likes to use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, watch Spongebob, iCarly, Pokémon series, etc. She also loves songs by Ariana Grande and BTS. She gets quite stressed out during quizzes, tests and reading, much like Sebastian. Alexis prefers to make herself look very cute around others due to having anxiety over planning to look sexy in any way possible. She also fears pedophiles because it makes her heavily worried about herself or her friends or family being raped.


Ichigo (イチゴ) is Alexis' talking butterfly. She has the same personality as Alexis, but more energetic and not even bossy. She is a major part of Alexis' battles and will usually fuse with Alexis before a battle starts.

Ichigo's Appearance


Alexis has midnight blue hair (sometimes in twin tails), tan skin, pink eyes, and usually wears a lavender shirt, an ice blue jacket, black pants, and hot pink shoes.

Ichigo has pink hair (always in twin tails), pale skin, green eyes, and is usually seen wearing a dress primarily consisting of dark shades of blue, purple, and pink.

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Power Abilities

Alexis's attacks consist of Light

  • Atomic Sun
  • Star Shower
  • Camellia Pistol
  • Shadow Moon


  • Butterfly - this form will cause her to have a higher-pitched voice.



"Give me a break!" - When Alexis gets frustrated or doesn't want to deal with stuff she doesn't like.

"OOF!" - When Alexis hears something crazy, stupid, or unamusing. (Similar to Sebastian)

"Bitch..." - When Alexis starts to get annoyed at someone or something. (Usage based on American culture since the 2000s)

"I'M 15 (YEARS OLD)!" - Alexis when someone assumes her age, usually younger based on her appearance. (Season 1 only)

"Un/una idiota/pendejo." - Alexis calling someone an idiot in Spanish.

"かわいい です! (KAWAII DESU!)" - Alexis describing something as adorable in Japanese.


  • The nickname "Astrogirl" is caused from being a magical girl with solar and lunar powers.
  • Alexis' personality has similarities to characters like Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons, Anri Hiiragi and Haruhi Kamisaka from Happiness!, Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Maka Albarn from Soul Eater etc.
  • Alexis' hair heavily resembles Vocaloid Hatsune Miku.