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AngryGermanKidParodist534, or just simply AGKParodist534, is an AGK parodist that makes AGK videos since June 18, 2015. Between June 18 and September 21, 2015, he has made 12 AGK episodes. He was planning to make Episode 13 in September 22, 2015, but the day before that, he got terminated. He created a new channel in November 14, 2015, but he has to start the series all over again. He was taking from AGK after January 22, 2016. He took a break from YouTube in June 19, 2016. 1 year later, he came back to YouTube. In August 6, 2017, he came back to AGK, and he promises to take a long break from AGK again.


Slikk Family

Randolf Family

Ramirez Family

Campe Family

  • Daniel Campe - Also known Angry Florida Kid. - Episode 20
  • Frank Campe - Daniel's father. - Episode 20
  • Jan Campe - Daniel's younger brother. - Episode AFK babysits his brother

Ivanov Family

  • Andrei Ivanov - Also known Angry Russian Kid. - Episode 22
  • Vadim Ivanov - Andrei's father. - Episode 22

Wang Family

  • Nick Wang - Also known Angry Chinese Kid. - Episode 28
  • Jiao-long Wang - Nick's father. - Episode 28


  • Principal Diknoz - Leopold's principal. - Episode 02
  • Principal Asdik - Leopold's new principal. - Episode 20
  • Ms. Bulkrap - Leopold's new teacher. - Episode 22




  1. AGK goes to
  2. AGK goes to School
  3. AGK and the Prank Messages
  4. AGK plays Cards
  5. AGK does the Coke & Mentos Challenge
  6. AGK Gets Revenge On His Dad
  7. AGK plays Halloween for the Atari 2600
  8. AGK takes a Math Test
  9. AGK's Birthday
  10. AGK makes YouTube Poops of his Dad
  11. AGK plays Cat Mario
  12. AGK Gets RickRoll'D
  13. AGK writes an Essay
  14. AGK's Christmas
  15. AGK goes to McDonald's
  16. AGK makes a downfall parody
  17. AGK microwaves Peeps
  18. AGK plays Pac-Man
  19. AGK cuts School
  20. Angry German Kid vs Angry Florida Kid
  21. AGK goes to Summer School
  22. Angry German Kid vs Angry Russian Kid
  23. AGK can't move the CD's
  24. AGK watches my videos
  25. AGK makes an AGK episode
  26. AGK watches Zelda CD-i Cutscenes
  27. AGK pranks his dad
  28. Angry German Kid vs Angry Chinese Kid
  29. AGK plays the Scary Maze Game
  30. AGK gets false flagged
  31. AGK watches iMichael
  32. AGK gets busted
  33. AGk's good dream
  34. AGK Christmas Special (2019)
  35. AGK makes more parodies of his dad


  1. AGK tries to order Sausage Eggs Online
  2. AGK's Birthday
  3. AGK's Dad gets Crazy
  4. AGK plays Sonic.exe


  • AGK watches Arthur.exe

Angry _______ Kid Parodies

  • Angry Florida Kid goes to School
  • Angry Florida Kid goes to School (New Version)
  • Angry Russian Kid goes to School
  • Angry Florida Kid babysits his brother
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