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AngryGermanMaker is a upcoming Australian AGK parodist, who has just started making AGK parody's and blooper His confirmed for his channel to released in April 2019

AngryGermanMaker has been watching AGK parody's ever since the early 2011/2012. He then thought of making parody's on this current account. Back in 2014, AngryGermanMaker had an account used for gaming such as PS4 games like Call Of Duty and Minecraft.

He's currently in grade 8 and is making progress in his videos. He sometimes has a hard time rendering his videos and is always active on Discord and much more.

Due to things going on in real life, his decided to postpone his channel's release to 2019.


A italic text means that the following episode is upcoming, an bold text means that the episode is WIP.

# Episode Length Release date Video
1 AGK Goes Back To School TBA 9/02/2019
2 AGK and Friends Go Camping TBA TBA
3 AGK's New Computer TBA TBA
4 AGK Goes to McDonalds TBA TBA
5 AGK And Friends Sleepover TBA TBA


  • His most loved music genre is Vaporwave.
  • His very active on Discord.
  • He hates jump scares.
  • He has other Youtube channels.
  • He programs in Python.