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Angry German Kid's Bizarre April Fools Madness is an Angry German Kid Special based on April Fools Day created by YumaSonic2016. This Special is Planned to be Aired on April 1, 2019.


It's March 31st, so Leopold writes down his list of pranks, so does everyone else.

The next day, Leopold pranks his dad by pretending he got lost, making Harold scared. Maria comes and calms Harold down and tells Leopold not to prank him like that again.

Leonidas make rice cakes. Leopold takes one and eats it only to cough and gag until he vomits a white fluid (possibly mayonnaise) which disgusts Leonard and Yuzu. The same thing happens to Leonard and Yuzu when they take rice cakes. Leonidas tells them what the mayonnaise actually was and gets pummeled by all his siblings, only to get yelled at by one of his neighbors.

Later at Jake's house, as soon as Leopold walked in, Jake told him to get down, scaring Leopold and making him think he was going to shoot an arrow at him, but Jake actually was playing archery.

Meanwhile, Yune gets an Email to watch a music video, only to eventually get her ears blasted while watching the music video she was enjoying. Yuki opens Yune's door shouting,"GOTCHA!" Initially jumpscared, she ends up having a laughing fit.

At The Füher Bunker, Hitler plans to ignite his ultimate prank on Fegelein for all his antics done, even on all the previous years of April Fools Day.

At Sebastian's house, Alexis is wondering why Sebastian hasn't woken up, so she opens his bedroom door, only to get scared and start freaking out when she sees blood on his bed, thinking he damaged his nose. Sebastian eventually wakes up to first see a pillow with a blood stain, then rushes to the mirror only to see that he was okay and gets hugged by a terrified Alexis. He tells her a prank, and she tells him she'll get him back later.

At Stephen's house, Jack makes a shortcut to World of Warcraft on the computer. When Stephen clicks on the shortcut, a bunch of pop-ups start appearing until the Blue Screen of Death appears on screen, causing Stephen to freak out. Stephen over hears Jack and chases him around the house.

To be continued...


Leopold Slikk

Leonard Slikk

Harold Slikk

Sean Slikk

Yuzu Slikk

Leonidas Slikk

Julius Schindler

Maria Slikk

Jake Randolf

Daniel Randolf

Ronald Ramirez

Rodney Ramirez

Darrell Tama Rodriguez

Kaeru Otoko

Raesu Otoko

Sebastian Taito

Alexis Kizumi

Fabrice Laroche

Pony video maker

Yune Tsukishima

Yuki Tsukishima

Stephen Quire

Jack Quire

Eric Sims

Roger Sims

Adolf Hitler

Hermann Fegelein

Videos Used

Hatsune Miku - Ievan Polkka

Audio Used

Herb Albert - Spanish Flea

Ji PyeongKyeon - Sad Romance

Initial D - Gas Gas Gas (Bass Boosted)

Spongebob Squarepants - Tomfoolery

Dragon Ball Z Kai - Requiem (Those Who Meet Their End)

Kirby Air Ride - Item Bounce

Super Mario 64 - Bob-Omb Battlefield

Programs Used

MAGIX Vegas Pro 16