Angry German Kid's Computer Gets a Funky Virus is the third episode in the first season of Jeeves476's Angry German Kid series. It was posted on YouTube on 13th October 2007. In the episode, Michael retaliates on Leopold after which in the previous episode, he detonated a bomb in Michael's and Jovi's house in order to attack Jovi in revenge, blowing up the house in the process, by giving him a computer upgrade that improves his computer's performance. Leopold happily purchases it although it turns out to be a harmful computer virus, ensuring disaster.


The episode first recaps on important segments of the previous episodes. A screamer of Jovi suddenly appears after Leopold takes a colour blind test, scaring him strongly, coming up to Jovi's house to retaliate and is beaten in their fight and is taken away to the hospital. Later that day, he comes to the house and sets a bomb there before the house subsequently blowing up and Jovi simultaneously although her head lands on his keyboard, much to his shock. The episode then begins.Leopold wakes up one morning as his computer wakes him up by an alarm sound. It also alerts him for sausage eggs, a dish he is very fond of. He hears a knock on the front door and goes downstairs to answer it. It is Michael who knocked and of a computer upgrade that improves the performance of his computer. He happily purchases it although is unaware that it is actually a computer virus that Michael had tricked him to retaliate as he blown up his and Jovi's house the previous episode.

Leopold then installs the upgrade to his computer, anticipating its features. The true features then unfold when it plays increasingly loud music of Tunak Tunak and more and more error messages as well as modifications of the GUI that he is not controlling, culminating at a Blue Screen of Death message. Leopold then throws his computer out of his window out of anger and stress although soon becomes worried when confronted by Bill Gates, of whom he is angered of what Leopold done to his computer. Gates then punishes him as he had clearly abused his computer. He claims that a self destruct chip has been implanted on every computer, an abused computer would detonate if abused by a user. The more it is abused, the more powerful the detonation will be. He predicts the level of abuse Leopold had used on his computer is equivalent to a nuclear bomb. Gates then teleports away, aware that it will explode while Leopold stays, fearfully awaiting the explosion before a nuclear bomb explosion then occurs.



  • The sound that was heard in the end of this episode is heard in Angry German Kid Gets Owned by the Internet when the loading meter goes down.
  • The song heard in the virus are Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot and Tunak Tunak Tun by Daler Mehndi reversed.
  • The scary tone that has been heard in Fake Blue Screen of Death is un-named. Don't force yourself to hear it.
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