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Angry German Kid.UNZIPPED



Microsoft Windows, Android



Release Date

19th July 2015 (GameJolt)

20th July 2015 (IndieDB)

Game Engine(s)

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer



Game Style


Project Status Completed!
Current Version 1.0.2
Beta Tester(s) 2
Originaly Inspired



AGK.unzipped is based from Sackboy.unzipped from LittleBigPlanet series.. (Not a clone of Sackboy.unzipped)

This game is created by The Angry German Kid XD and requested by BlueNewTon, it's the third sequel, unlike AGK.exe and Fegelein.exe, this game will have a better design such as (Realistic lavas, walk cycles, jumpscares, cutscenes).

On 24th April, he made a page for the game on GameJolt and IndieDB:

In 19th July, the game has been uploaded on GameJolt but on IndieDB, the game was uploaded the 20th July.

In 17th August, the game has been updated along with the release of the 2 DLC's. And another DLC was also uploaded.

The Android version was released but removed after a while.


-Dark Leopold


-Principal Diknoz

-Ronald (aka Angry Dominican Kid)

-Hermann Fegelein


Dark Leopold have killed Leopold.exe for some reason. He slowly drags each character to his world, killing each character! The plot before the events of Angry German Kid.exe is revealed in this game by finding the secret easter egg. Leopold was possessed by Sonic.exe turning into Angry German Kid.exe and in a similar way of Dark Leopold, he dragged his friends killing each one of them.

The cancelled plot

Leopold.exe was walking as usual in the dead zone where he find some of peoples to kill but so suddenly Dark Leopold killed Leopold.exe wanting to get revenge to him. Dark Leopold went to the dead zone and was searching for people and he saw Ronald playing Team fortress 2, Diknoz preparing for the new school year and Fegelein scared a bit.. He was suprised when he saw Fegelein is still alive, he through that he's dead. When he went to Fegelein (The dead one), it was just a Fegelein robot. He got very mad when he found this, so he kidnapped them all. Dark Leopold put Ronald, Fegelein and Diknoz on a hole to each one, all of them fell. And now they must get out of there.


Ronald will keep walking in a maze with some dead characters from Angry German Kid.exe and Fegelein.exe, once touched by Dark Leopold, the jumpscare occur.

Diknoz will have to avoid a fallen red blocks in order to win the level!

Fegelein must escape from giant Dark Leopold!

Version changelogs

1.0: First game release.

1.0.1: Ronald walk cycle has less frames, now a different way to find the Easter egg and some bug fixes and adjustments.

1.0.2: More settings! You can turn off or on the "Easy Mode" or flashing lights when you lose in Fegelein or Diknoz level.

Easter Eggs

  1. 1: In Ronald's level, if you stayed idle within 30 seconds. Luigi from Super Mario will appear in front of you!
  2. 2: In the old version, you have to press 666 to go to the story level. In the new version, you have to climb to the top of the ladder amd go thru the wall to get to the story level!
  3. 3: In the level where Dark Leopold chase you, you can find a hidden Luigi under the platform!
  4. 4: After the Dark Leopold chase, Luigi will run thru the static! Some YouTuber players mistook that it's Mario!
  5. 5: In the second phase of Diknoz level, head to the bottom-left screen and you will see a courrpted level!
  6. 6: After you're done with the first level, restart the game and the jumpscare at the start of the game will change!


-Unlike Angry German Kid.exe and Fegelein.exe, this game have both good and bad endings!

-The first AGK game to have DLC's..


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