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Angry German Kid: Final Mix is the 2nd series of Adrenaline21's. AGK Series. Which the story connects to both comic and animated series and this considered as an OVA series. This is the 3rd season to use caption style by Adrenaline21 and the exception is battle scene which using animation, also this OVA serie is inspired from Deviantville, Kingdom Hearts 2, etc.


In comic series of AGK Originals, Nova-Toguro has been defeated by Adrenaline21 and Leopold by survive themselves from Nova-Toguro's End of The World. Defeat of Nova-Toguro triggers to Hitler's failure to plan the world domination and goes into Downfall Universe again to do his peace. Then, the contents of Dark World will be absorbed by Dark World's hole which all of the protagonists returned into their respective worlds.

After the portal into Dark World gone, all of the protagonists are doing their peace that ends forever also this marked as the end of comic series.

In animated series of AGK Original Trilogy, Nova has been defeated by Adrenaline21 by Johnny Fort Spieler's life drain to him which himself stronger in HP scale. Defeat of Nova triggers to the elimination of Dark World and all of them have escape first before getting eliminated. After Dark World has been eliminated, AGK and Friends are bid their farewell to Adrenaline21, Vanessa and Alisa to go their own respective worlds. The end of AGK Original Trilogy marks as the road to 2nd series.

Adrenaline21 and Alvaro walking each other with opposite direction to tell flashback stories of their friends. For Adrenaline21's case, he starts with himself, then Leopold, Jack, Johnny, Vanessa and Alisa, while for Alvaro's case, he starts with his parents, his brother and himself, Togsy and his former son/current daughter. When their flashback stories ended, Adrenaline21 and Alvaro meet together in white room, creating a rule for the game including teams, how to win, equipments are allowed or not allowed, hiding spots, etc.

After the rule has been created, Adrenaline21 and Alvaro will go into Original World together to discuss their team, while the others are doing their own hobbies or something.

To be continued...


*Note: This episode will be released at December 2018

No Episode Summary Release Date
OVA 1 AGK: New Prologue *Note: This episode has been inspired from Deviantville Season 1 Episode 1 (Arnold and Brian "The Beginning") and AGK's Stupid Quiz 1 December 2018
OVA 2 AGK's Return *Note: This episode has been inspired from Kingdom Hearts 2 (Roxas' last summer vacation on a week) and AGK's Stupid Quiz. 8 December 2018
OVA 3 Game Start *Note: This episode has been inspired from Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth by Sleep Final Mix (Unversed/Mushroom 13 Mission) 15 December 2018
OVA 4 AGK's Last Preparation *Note: This episode has been inspired from Pokemon Origins (Red's Training to be Strongest Pokemon Trainer) 22 December 2018
OVA 5 Game Over *Note: This episode has been inspired from Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix (Sora, Donald and Goofy vs Terra), Kamen Rider Decade x Double: Movie War 2010 (All of Kamen Riders bidding their farewell to Decade), happened again in "AGK: FM~The Movie~" 29 December 2018


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Johnny Fort Spieler
  • Slikk Family (Leonard, Leonidas, Harold and Gladys)
  • Fort Spieler Family (Brad, Derek, Zeke and Amy)
  • Randolf Family
  • Jack Randolf
  • Adrenaline21
  • Vanessa Nakamura
  • Alisa von Dreissig
  • Ronald Suez
  • Spencer Grave
  • Grave/De Vance Family (Raven, Katie, Amelia and Alfonso)
  • Kaeru Otoko
  • Cauliflo
  • Togdude (only mentioned by Alvaro)
  • Togsy
  • Victor/Victoria De Vance
  • Unnamed wife of Alvaro De Vance
  • Alvaro De Vance
  • Valkyria (exclusive to the movie)


"I'm create the rule of our own reality game by making the team, remembering the instructions of the game, and ways to win the game."

~Alvaro's words about creating own reality game~

"So, Uncle Alvaro, you forget something about where's the hiding spot for each team?"

~Adrenaline21's asking a question~

"Our team have been created, so the hiding spot of my team is my family's mansion while for you, Al... Where?"

"Uncle, My team's hiding spot is in the basement of unused building."

~Alvaro and Adrenaline21 are discussing about the hiding spot~


Angry German Kid: Final Mix~The Movie~ (Crossover with Icepenguins101's AGK Reloaded and GBL's AGK Power-Up).


  • This installment will be marked as the last installments to be canon for the storyline for Adrenaline21's AGK Series.
  • This is the only installment which the episodes are different than usual.
  • This is the 1st time to feature Jack Randolf aka Angry Sims Kid into animated form of Adrenaline21's AGK Series.
  • This installment's movie is the only collab between himself, GeneBernardinoLawl and Icepenguins101.
  • This installment is the 2nd collab after Adrenaline21 with GeneBernardinoLawl as GBL's 1st movie
  • This is the 3rd time Toguro "The Older Brother" aka Togsy makes his fully-appearance on Adrenaline21's AGK Series.