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Angry German Kid: Parody Show is the 1st part of Adrenaline21's AGK Series (Both Comic and Animated) that released at 22 June 2017 as his animated form of his AGK. The comic version will be released at 1 November 2017 as he plans.


*Note: If (C) means the character will be appear on comic series and (A) means the character will be appear on animated series.

Slikk Family

Leopold Slikk (C, A)

Harold Slikk (C, A)

Gladys Slikk (C, A)

Leonard Slikk (C, A)

Leonidas Slikk (C, A)

Leopold's ally

Johnny Fort Spieler (C, A)

Jack Randolf (C)

Adrenaline21 (C, A)

Ronald Suez (C, A)

Spencer Grave (C, A)

Kaeru Otoko (C, A)

Leopold's School

Adolf Hitler (C, A)

Hermann Fegelein (C, A)

Toguro "The Younger Brother" (C)

Arcs in AGK: Parody Show

  • Pre-Johnny Fort Spieler (Chapter ???)
  • Johnny Fort Spieler (Episode 1-2, Chapter ???)
  • Barney (Episode 3-5)
  • Daily Activities (Episode 6-17, Chapter ???)
  • Supreme King of Antics (Episode 18-20, Chapter ???)
  • Adolf Hitler (Chapter ???)