Angry German Kid: Valentine's Day Special is a romantic AGK special, created by YumaSonic2016.


One day, Leopold checks his calendar to find out it's Valentine's Day in 2 days. He then decides to share it on Facebook.

The day before Valentine's Day, Sebastian and Alexis figure out what they're going to give to everyone. Yune walks to them and asks if they're ready for the next day.

Meanwhile, Stephen, Eric, Croyt, and Stefan plan out how they're going to get revenge on Leopold and his friends.

After school, Yune wants Leopold, Sebastian, and Sakura to go Valentine's shopping. Fabrice tags along to help out as well. They decide to buy candy, chocolate, and gifts before Valentine's Day.

That evening, Leonard, Harold, Yuzu, and Maria bring him gifts to give to his friends on Valentine's Day.

On Valentine's Day, Leopold and his friends are handing out gifts to their other friends and other classmates. However, when Serena and Yune are handing out gifts to kids to be nice, a stranger suddenly takes their sacks and they chase the stranger.

Leopold, Fabrice, and Sakura hear yelling and screaming, then notice Stephen, Eric, Croyt, and Stefan. Stephen's gang goes into a hideout Leopold has been to many times while in danger. Leopold and his friends eventually arrive to stop them and make them give back the girls' bags of Valentine treats, leading to a battle.

With Eric knocked out after being hit once, Leopold throws a glass at Stephen, but fails and 2 boys who recognize Leopold hear the glass breaking and they run to see Leopold and Stephen fighting.

Meanwhile, Sebastian, Alexis, Ronald, Kaeru, Yuya, and Koharu hear all the noise from Leopold and Stephen on their way home.

After defeating Stephen's gang, Leopold finally finds where Serena, Yune, Sakura, and Fabrice were waiting for him, initially to get hugged by Serena, Sakura, and Yune. Jake, Sebastian, Alexis, Ronald, Kaeru, Yuya, and Koharu arrive as well to give each other chocolate, which makes Ronald feel better after being upset for hardly getting anything.

On their way home, Leopold and Serena give each other gifts. Feeling happy about what they got, Leopold and Serena proceed to kiss. Yune, Sebastian, Alexis, and Sakura were also with them as they watch the 2 kissing. They all wave at each other as they walk home.

That night, Leopold and Serena chat on Facebook to thank each other for their gifts and wish each other good night and a great day tomorrow.


Leopold Slikk

Jake Randolf

Sebastian Taito

Alexis Kizumi

Ronald Ramirez

Kaeru Otoko

Serena Hiiragi

Sakura Takashiro

Fabrice Laroche

Pony video maker

Yune Tsukishima

Yuya Katsumi

Koharu Sakakibara

Stephen Quire

Croyt Parker

Eric Sims

Stefan Kaczyński

Harold Slikk

Leonard Slikk

Yuzu Slikk

Maria Slikk

Music Used

Atronach's Aura - Queen

Minecraft - Calm

Super Mario Galaxy - Gateway Galaxy

Sonic Adventure DX - Station Square

Kirby Air Ride - Beginner's Room

Spongebob Squarepants - Tomfoolery

Sonic Heroes - Boss 2

Soul Eater - Camellia

Atronach's Aura - Thank you


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