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Message from Angry German Kid Generations:
"It's been almost a year since my retirement, I told you I'm not coming back, but you Downfall parodists/fans can still look forward for my Downfall parodies!""

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  1. REDIRECT Template:ParodistAngry German Kid Generations ​was a  AGK parodist from April 2014 to October 2015, who kept watch of the AGK Wiki. He had an old account called gameboy2468, created on July 2013, in the Happy Wheels Wiki. He made a few edits on the Red Crucible Wiki. He obviously got demoted as a admin due to inactivity.

Unlike other AGK parodists, his series were quite unique because as of now, he decided to avoid making common parodies told over and over, (such as Angry German Kid smashes his keyboard, AGK gets grounded, etc.) and decided to create originals instead (such as his Angry German Kid finds out Windows XP Support has ended! or his Harold Slikk World Cup 2014 Series).

October 7th, 2015 was the last time he had gotten to AGK activity on YouTube. He still watches other parodies, however. The only thing is that he won't make AGK episodes again. Rumored he might consider putting AGK in some of his RC videos.....he also does Downfall parodies now! You can check them in his videos....then another game he plays is called Heroes & Generals. He also plays Terraria but does not make videos for it.

The criticism of the new AGK community may be why he retired.




  • It was revealed shortly that AGKGenerations, in 2012, made 6 RC2 gameplays without AGK (since he did not start AGK until 2014).
  • He had an account all known in order: alex park, German Kid Minutes, The Leopold Slikk Misadventures, AGKGenerations, TheAGKGenerations2000, and Angry German Kid Generations.The reason why you won't find those videos anymore is because he had deleted them due to unpopularity shortly after he made his Season 1 Trailer. Known true fact was that the video even mentioned the deleted videos. The same happened to his ROBLOX videos.
  • In his series, the Slikk family only had 4 household members including Leopold himself, Harold, Mary, and Leonard. Other universal family members were never mentioned.
  • He did not like new AGK, which may be why he retired.
  • Even though he doesn't like AGK anymore, for some reason in some of his in-game names as well as Google+/YouTube account, his name has the name Leopold (or Leopold Slikk) in it. There's not a confirmed reason of this, but he had wanted to take German classes in real life.