Angry German Kid Gets His Revenge on the Evil (although titled "Angry German Kid Gets His Revenge" in the video) is the second episode of Season 1 of Jeeves476's Angry German Kid series. It was uploaded on YouTube on 30th September 2007.

Leopold remembers that he had been scared a lot from a girl a few days ago and as a result, he is playing on revenge to get her, with problematic results.


Leopold remembers an unfortunate incident that he got extremely scared by a little girl a few days ago, which he decides for revenge a result. Taking his keyboard as a weapon, he proceeds to go to Jovi's house.

He arrives and rings the doorbell. Her brother, Michael opens the door. Leopold agitatedly asks where is Jovi, which Michael says that she is upstairs.

He storms into the room, which is where she is. Despite her not looking like the inverted image that scared Leopold, he still recognizes her and attacks her. However, Jovi eventually gets the upper hand in their fight, which it is revealed in the aftermath that an ambulance has come to send an injured Leopold to the hospital and a broken window while Jovi is uninjured.

Later, he wakes up in a hospital and is sent an expensive medical bill of $16,777,216, the same amount as how many colours a 32bit computer can generate, $1 per colour, much to his dismay. After released from the hospital, he steals money from Bill Gates to pay for the bill and plans another idea for revenge on Jovi.

At dusk, he sets a bomb at Jovi's house, laughingly running back home. 42 seconds later, he asks his computer to view her house. It presents a view of her house, stating the bomb is armed and ready for detonation for the target i.e. the house.

Leopold proceeds to detonate the bomb. After a 5 second countdown, the house is destroyed by a big explosion. He is delighted that she is destroyed, however, her severed head breaks through his window and lands on his keyboard, still alive, much to his shock.


  • This is the first time a song is heard in the credits.
  • The song heard at the end of the episode is also used in Angry German Kid Gets Owned by the Internet.
  • This is the first appearance of Mike, who represents the main character in Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness.
  • Many references to Pokemon games are made.
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